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[191] maintenance of constitutional liberty. He hoped it would be the pleasure of the House to elect Mr. McDonald, which would be an evidence on the part of the House, in its organization, to disregard former political opinions in the selection of its officers.

A member from Missouri nominated Mr. Thos. B. Johnson, of that State, and sustained his nomination by an appropriate and touching allusion to the sacrifices made by her citizens, and the sufferings she had endured to release herself from the oppressive thraldom of the Abolition Government. Mr. Johnson was a gentleman of eminent qualifications, and the State of Missouri would accept as a high compliment his selection as the Clerk of the first Congress under the new government. The Clerk then proceeded to call the roll, with the following result: First vote — Dixon, thirty-six; Clusky, twenty-eight; Johnson, twenty-one; McDonald, seven. Mr. Lyons withdrew the name of Mr. McDonald, and the House proceeded to a second vote, as follows: Dixon, forty-one; Cluskey, twenty-seven; Johnson, nineteen. There being no election, a third and final vote was had, which decided the contest in favor of Mr. Dixon. Third vote — Dixon, forty-four; Cluskey, twenty-six; Johnson, seventeen.

Mr. Dixon having received a majority of the votes cast, was duly declared elected Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Russell, of Virginia, moved that the House proceed to the election of a Doorkeeper, and the choice fell upon Mr. R. H. Wynn, of Alabama.

“Confederate” Congress.

The following is a list of the members of the first Congress of the permanent government of the confederate States.

Those marked with an asterisk (*) are members of the provisional Congress.


C. C. Clay, Jr.James Phelan.
William L. Yancey,A. G. Brown,
Robert W. Johnson,*J. B. Clarke,
C. B. Mitchell.R. L. E. Payton.
James M. Baker,George Davis,*
A. E. Maxwell.William T. Dortch.
Robert Toombs,*R. W. Barnwell,*
B. H. Hill.*James L. Orr.*
H. C. Burnett,G. A. Henry,
William E. Sims.L. C. Haynes.
Edward Sparrow,Lewis T. Wigfall,
T. J. Sommers.W. S. Oldham.*
R. M. T. Hunter,
William B. Preston.

House of Representatives.

 Alabama. North-Carolina.
Dist. Dist. 
1.T. J. Foster,1.W. N. H. Smith,*
2.W. R. Smith,2.R. R. Bridgers,
3.J. P. Rawls,3.O. R. Keenan,
4.J. L. M. Curry,*4.T. D. McDowell,
5.F. S. Lyon,5.A. H. Herington,
6.W. P. Chilton,*6.J. R. McLean,
7.D. Clopton,7.-----Ashe,
8.J. L. Pugh,8.William Lander,
9.E. S. Dargan.9.B. S. Gaither,
Arkansas.10.A. T. Davidson.*
1.G. A. Garland,South-Carolina.
2.James M. Patterson,1.John McQueen,
(Incomplete.)2.W. P. Miles,*
Florida.3.L. M. Ayer,
1.James B. Dawkins,4.M. L. Bonham,
2.R. A. Hilton.5.James Farrow,
Georgia.6.W. W. Boyce.*
1.Julian Hartridge,Tennessee.
2.Chas. S. Munnerlyn,1.J. B. Heiskill,
3.Hines Holt,2.W. G. Swann,
4.A. H. Kenan,*3.-----Tibbs,
5.D. W. Lewis,4.J. B. Gardenshire,
6.W. W. Clark,5.H. S. Foote,
7.R. P. Trippe,6.Meredith P. Gentry,
8.L. J. Gatrell,7.G. W. Jones,
9.Hardy Strickland,8.-----Menses,
10.A. R. Wright.9.J. D. C. Atkins*
Kentucky.10.J. V. Wright,
(Not yet elected.)11.D. M. Currin.*
Louisiana.1.J. A. Wilcox,
1.C. J. Villere,2.C. C. Herbert,
2.Charles M. Canrad,*3.P. W. Gray,
3.Duncan F. Kedner,*4.F. B. Sexton,
4.L. J. Dupre,5.M. D. Grapham,
5.J. L. Lewis,6.B. H. E. P. Person.
6.J. Perkins, Jr.*Virginia.
Mississippi.1.M. R. H. Garnett,
1.J. W. Clapp,2.J. B. Chambliss,
2.Reuben Davis,3.J. Tyler,
3.Israel Welch,4.R. A. Pryor,*
4.H. C. Chambers,5.T. S. Bocock,*
5.O. R. Singleton,6.J. Goode, Jr.,
6.E. Barksdale,7.J. P. Holcombe,
7.John J. McRae.8.D. C. De Jarnette,
Missouri.9.William Smith,
1.W. M. Cook,10.A. R. Boteler,
2.T. C. Harris,11.J. B. Baldwin,
3.C. W. Bell,12.W. R. Staples,*
4.A. H. Condon,13.Walter Preston,*
5.G. G. West,14.A. G. Jenkins,
6.L. W. Freeman,15.Robert Johnson,*
7.-----Hyer.16.C. W. Russell.

--Brandon (Miss.) Republican.

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Thomas B. Johnson (5)
Emmett Dixon (5)
James McDonald (3)
C. W. Russell (2)
Dist (2)
M. W. Cluskey (2)
William L. Yancey (1)
R. H. Wynn (1)
J. V. Wright (1)
A. R. Wright (1)
J. A. Wilcox (1)
Lewis T. Wigfall (1)
G. G. West (1)
Israel Welch (1)
C. J. Villere (1)
J. Tyler (1)
R. P. Trippe (1)
Robert Toombs (1)
Tibbs (1)
W. G. Swann (1)
Hardy Strickland (1)
W. R. Staples (1)
Edward Sparrow (1)
T. J. Sommers (1)
William Smith (1)
W. R. Smith (1)
W. N. H. Smith (1)
O. R. Singleton (1)
William E. Sims (1)
F. B. Sexton (1)
J. P. Rawls (1)
J. L. Pugh (1)
R. A. Pryor (1)
William B. Preston (1)
Walter Preston (1)
James Phelan (1)
H. E. P. Person (1)
J. Perkins (1)
R. L. E. Payton (1)
James M. Patterson (1)
James L. Orr (1)
W. S. Oldham (1)
Charles S. Munnerlyn (1)
C. B. Mitchell (1)
W. P. Miles (1)
John J. McRae (1)
John McQueen (1)
J. R. McLean (1)
T. D. McDowell (1)
A. E. Maxwell (1)
Lyons (1)
F. S. Lyon (1)
J. L. Lewis (1)
D. W. Lewis (1)
William Lander (1)
A. H. Kenan (1)
O. R. Keenan (1)
Duncan F. Kedner (1)
G. W. Jones (1)
Robert W. Johnson (1)
Robert Johnson (1)
A. G. Jenkins (1)
D. C. Jarnette (1)
Hyer (1)
R. M. T. Hunter (1)
Hines Holt (1)
J. P. Holcombe (1)
R. A. Hilton (1)
B. H. Hill (1)
A. H. Herington (1)
C. C. Herbert (1)
Gustave A. Henry (1)
J. B. Heiskill (1)
L. C. Haynes (1)
Julian Hartridge (1)
T. C. Harris (1)
P. W. Gray (1)
M. D. Grapham (1)
J. Goode (1)
Meredith P. Gentry (1)
L. J. Gatrell (1)
M. R. H. Garnett (1)
G. A. Garland (1)
J. B. Gardenshire (1)
B. S. Gaither (1)
L. W. Freeman (1)
T. J. Foster (1)
H. S. Foote (1)
James Farrow (1)
L. J. Dupre (1)
William T. Dortch (1)
James B. Dawkins (1)
Reuben Davis (1)
George Davis (1)
A. T. Davidson (1)
E. S. Dargan (1)
J. L. M. Curry (1)
D. M. Currin (1)
W. M. Cook (1)
A. H. Condon (1)
D. Clopton (1)
C. C. Clay (1)
J. B. Clarke (1)
W. W. Clark (1)
J. W. Clapp (1)
W. P. Chilton (1)
J. B. Chambliss (1)
H. C. Chambers (1)
Charles M. Canrad (1)
H. C. Burnett (1)
A. G. Brown (1)
R. R. Bridgers (1)
W. W. Boyce (1)
A. R. Boteler (1)
M. L. Bonham (1)
Thomas S. Bocock (1)
C. W. Bell (1)
R. W. Barnwell (1)
E. Barksdale (1)
J. B. Baldwin (1)
James M. Baker (1)
L. M. Ayer (1)
J. D. C. Atkins (1)
Ashe (1)
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