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[403] left arm, the ball passing through it entering his side, while one of the men close by Col. Connor was shot from his horse. Soon the Indians were completely broken, and in full retreat, but very few of them escaped.

We have learned nothing more definite with regard to the number of Indians killed than what we stated last week. From two hundred and fifty to three hundred were undoubtedly killed in the fight, or in the river in the attempt to escape. The chiefs, Bear-Hunter, Sag-Witch, and Lehi, were among the slain.

A thousand bushels of wheat, and a large amount of beef and provisions, together with an abundant supply of powder, lead, bullets, and caps were found in the encampment. There were numerous evidences of emigrant plunder, such as modern cooking utensils, looking-glasses, combs, brushes, fine rifles and pistols, and such things as the Indians were likely to consider worthy of preservation, when they had attacked and robbed the emigrants. Wagon-covers, with the names of their unfortunate owners, were also lying around, and patching up their wick-i-ups. What the command thought worth bringing to camp they took, and destroyed the balance, leaving enough only for the preservation of the squaws and papooses. Among the trophies of war were one hundred and seventy-five ponies that the Indians had tied up to the willows during the fight.

On the side of the volunteers, the following is a carefully prepared

list of killed and wounded and casualties.

Second cavalry, company A.--Killed: Privates James W. Baldwin and George German.

Mortally wounded: Private John W. Wall.

Badly wounded: Privates Jas. S. Montgomery, John Welsh, and Wm. H. Lake.

Slightly wounded : William Jay.

Feet frozen badly: Corporal Adolphus Spraggle and private John D). Marker.

Feet frozen slightly: Bugler I. Kearney; privates Samuel L'Hommedieu, R. McNulty, and G. Swan.

Company M.--Killed: Wagoner Asa F. Howard; privates George C. Cox and Geo. C. Hoton.

Seriously wounded: Sergeant Anthony Stevens; Corporal L. W. Hughes; privates W. H. Hood, L. D. Hughes, J. Legget, E. C. Chase, T. Barcafar, and Wm. Davis.

Slightly wounded: Sergeant Lorin Robbins; privates R. Miller, M. Forbes, and P. Hunbert; bugler A. Hoffner.

Feet frozen: Sergeant John Cullen; Corporals A. P. Hewett and Wm. Steel; privates W. W. Collins, James Dyer, and John McGonagle.

Hand frozen: Private A. J. Case.

Company H.--Killed: Privates John K. Briggs and Charles L. Hollowell.

Seriously wounded: Captain Daniel McClean; Sergt. Jas. Cantellon; Corporals Philip Schaub, Patrick Frauley; privates Michael O'Brian, H. L. Fisher, John Franklin, Hen. Connor, Joseph Clowes, Thompson Ridge, James Logan.

Slightly wounded: Privates Barbele, C. Hutchinson, Frank Farley.

Company K.--Killed: Privates Lewis Anderson, Christian Smith, Shelburne C. Reed, Adolphus Rowe, and Henry W. Trempf.

Seriously wounded: Lieutenant Darwin Chase; private Wm. Slocum.

Slightly wounded: Privates Albert N. Parker, John S. Lee, Walter B. Welton, Nathaniel Kensley.

Slightly wounded: Sergt. Sylvanius S. Longley, Corporal Benjamin Lauds; privates Patrick H. Kelly, Eugene J. Brady, Silas C. Bush, John Daley, Robert Hargrave, Morris Illig, Alonzo A. P. V. McCoy.

Frozen feet: Sergt. Wm. L. Beach; Corporals William L. White and James R. Hunt; privates Stradge Ansley, Matthew Armone, David Briston, Fred. W. Becker, Nathaniel Chapman, Samuel Caldwell, Joseph Chapman, John G. Hertle, Chas. B. Horse, Joseph Hill, George Johnston, Jefferson Lincoln, Arthur Mitchell, James McKown, Alonzo R. Palmer, Charles Wilson.

Third infantry, company K.--Killed: Privates John E. Barker, Samuel W. Thomas.

Seriously wounded: Sergeant A. J. Austin, E. C. Hoyt; privates John Hensley, Thos. B. Walker.

Frozen feet: Sergeants C. J. Herron, C. F. Williams; Corporals Wm. Bennett, John Lattman, John Wingate; privates Joseph German, James Urquhart, Wm. S. John, Algeray Ramsdell, James Epperson, A. J. F. Randell, William Farnham, John Baurland, Giles Ficknor, Alfred Peusho, B. B. Bigelow, J. Anderson, F. Bouralso, F. Brouch, A. L. Bailey, William Charleton, D. Donahue, C. H. Godbold, J. Heywood, C. Heath, J. Manning, Wm. Way.


Co.Regiment.Killed.Wounded.Feet frozen.Total.
A,Second cavalry,25714
H,Second cavalry,2111629
K,Second cavalry,5142140
M,Second cavalry,315826
K,Third infantry,242733

died after the battle.

Private William Davis, company M, Second cavalry, February 2, at Ogden.

Lieutenant Darwin Chase, company K, Second cavalry, February 4, at Farmington.

Sergeant James Cantillon, company H, Second cavalry, February 5, at Camp Douglas.

Private William Slocum, company K, Second cavalry, February 5, at Camp Douglas.

Sergt. A. Stevens, company M, Second cavalry, February 6, at Camp Douglas.

Private M. O'Brian, company H, Second cavalry, February 6, at Camp Douglas.

Corporal P. Frawley, company H, Second cavalry, February 8, at Camp Douglas.

Private W. Wall, company A, Second cavalry, February 8, at Camp Douglas.

The moment the battle was over, the first attention

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Michael O'Brian (2)
William Davis (2)
P. Edward Connor (2)
Darwin Chase (2)
Wingate (1)
Charles Wilson (1)
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William L. White (1)
Walter B. Welton (1)
John Welsh (1)
William Way (1)
W. Wall (1)
John W. Wall (1)
Thomas B. Walker (1)
James Urquhart (1)
Henry W. Trempf (1)
W. Thomas (1)
G. Swan (1)
William Steel (1)
Adolphus Spraggle (1)
Christian Smith (1)
Philip Schaub (1)
Samuel (1)
Adolphus Rowe (1)
Lorin Robbins (1)
Thompson Ridge (1)
Shelburne C. Reed (1)
A. J. F. Randell (1)
Algeray Ramsdell (1)
Alfred Peusho (1)
Patrick (1)
Albert N. Parker (1)
Alonzo R. Palmer (1)
Nathaniel (1)
James S. Montgomery (1)
Arthur Mitchell (1)
R. Miller (1)
R. McNulty (1)
James McKown (1)
John McGonagle (1)
A. P. V. McCoy (1)
Daniel McClean (1)
J. Manning (1)
Sylvanius S. Longley (1)
Logan (1)
Jefferson Lincoln (1)
J. Legget (1)
John S. Lee (1)
Benjamin Lauds (1)
John Lattman (1)
William H. Lake (1)
Samuel L'Hommedieu (1)
Patrick H. Kelly (1)
I. Kearney (1)
George Johnston (1)
William Jay (1)
Henry James (1)
Morris Illig (1)
C. Hutchinson (1)
D. Hunter (1)
James R. Hunt (1)
P. Hunbert (1)
L. W. Hughes (1)
L. D. Hughes (1)
E. C. Hoyt (1)
Asa F. Howard (1)
George C. Hoton (1)
W. H. Hood (1)
Charles L. Hollowell (1)
A. Hoffner (1)
J. Heywood (1)
A. P. Hewett (1)
John G. Hertle (1)
C. J. Herron (1)
John Hensley (1)
Hen (1)
C. Heath (1)
Robert Hargrave (1)
C. H. Godbold (1)
Joseph German (1)
George German (1)
P. Frawley (1)
John Franklin (1)
Frank (1)
M. Forbes (1)
H. L. Fisher (1)
Giles Ficknor (1)
William Farnham (1)
Farley (1)
James Epperson (1)
James Dyer (1)
D. Donahue (1)
John Daley (1)
John Cullen (1)
George C. Cox (1)
W. W. Collins (1)
Joseph Clowes (1)
E. C. Chase (1)
Chas (1)
William Charleton (1)
Nathaniel Chapman (1)
Joseph Chapman (1)
A. J. Case (1)
James Cantillon (1)
James Cantellon (1)
Samuel Caldwell (1)
Silas C. Bush (1)
F. Brouch (1)
David Briston (1)
John K. Briggs (1)
Eugene J. Brady (1)
F. Bouralso (1)
B. B. Bigelow (1)
William Bennett (1)
Frederick W. Becker (1)
William L. Beach (1)
John Baurland (1)
John E. Barker (1)
T. Barcafar (1)
Barbele (1)
James W. Baldwin (1)
A. L. Bailey (1)
A. J. Austin (1)
Matthew Armone (1)
Stradge Ansley (1)
Lewis Anderson (1)
J. Anderson (1)
Alonzo (1)
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