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[583] in the advance, as he approached the town, formed his line of battle in two lines, the first composed of the brigades of Pender, Gregg, and Thomas, under the command of General Gregg, and the second, of Lane's, Archer's, and Brockenbrough's brigades, under command of General Archer. General Early, with the brigades of Early, Trimble, and Hays, took position in the wood on the right and left of the road leading to the ford. The Federal infantry lined the high banks of the Virginia shore, while their artillery, formidable in numbers and weight of metal, crowned the opposite heights of the Potomac. General Hill's division advanced with great gallantry against the Federal infantry, in the face of a continuous discharge of shot and shell from their batteries. The Federals, massing in front of Pender, poured a heavy fire into his ranks, and then extending with a view to turn his left, Archer promptly formed on Pender's left, when a simultaneous charge was made, which drove the enemy into the river, followed by an appalling scene of the destruction of human life. Two hundred prisoners were taken. This position, on the bank of the river, we continued to hold that day, although exposed to the enemy's guns and within range of his sharpshooters, posted near the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Our infantry remained at the river until relieved by cavalry under General Fitzhugh Lee.

On the evening of the twentieth, the command moved from Shepherdstown and encamped near the Opequon, in the vicinity of Martinsburg. We remained near Martinsburg until the twenty-seventh, when we moved to Bunker Hill, in the County of Berkeley.

The official list of casualties of my command, during the period embraced in this report, will show that we sustained a loss of thirty-eight officers killed and one hundred and seventy-one wounded, of three hundred and thirteen non-commissioned officers and privates killed, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine wounded, and fifty-seven missing; making a total loss of two thousand four hundred and thirty-eight killed, wounded, and missing.

I am, General, very respectfully,

Your obedient servant,

T. J. Jackson, Lieutenant-General. Official: Charles J. Faulkner, Lieutenant-Colonel and A. A. G.

Headquarters of Lieutenant-General Ewell, July, 1863.
Major: I herewith forward to you the last of General Jackson's official report. I found the two missing pages, and had the whole re-copied. You will now oblige me by having my resignation approved by General Lee and forwarded to the Secretary of War.

I am truly yours,

I certify that the above is an authentic report by Lieutenant-General Jackson of the operations of his command from the fifth to the twenty-seventh September, 1862; that, after undergoing his last revision, he had directed it to be copied, with a view to its being signed and forwarded by him, which purpose was interrupted by movements of General Hooker, resulting in the battle of Chancellorsville. There is an omission of that customary notice of his staff, which he was in the habit of inserting in the final copy of his reports previous to its being forwarded.

Charles J. Faulkner, Assistant Adjutant-General.

List of Casualties in the Fights at Boonsboroa, Crampton's Gap, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, and Shepherdstown, in September, 1862.
First VirginiaKemper's,Pickett's, 88
Seventh VirginiaKemper's,Pickett's,21012
Eleventh VirginiaKemper's,Pickett's,33841
Seventeenth VirginiaKemper's,Pickett's,63036
Twenty-fourth VirginiaKemper's,Pickett's, 22
Eighth VirginiaPickett's(old)Pickett's,4913
Eighteenth VirginiaPickett's(old)Pickett's,53843
Nineteenth VirginiaPickett's(old)Pickett's,73744
Twenty eighth VirginiaPickett's(old)Pickett's,85462
Fifty-sixth VirginiaPickett's(old)Pickett's,11920
Twenty-fourth North CarolinaRansom's,Walker's,204464
Twenty-fifth North CarolinaRansom's,Walker's,21315
Thirty-fifth North CarolinaRansom's,Walker's,32326
Forty-ninth North CarolinaRansom's,Walker's,166177
Branch's BatteryRansom's,Walker's,235
Thirtieth VirginiaWalker's,Walker's,39121160
Forty-sixth North CarolinaWalker's,Walker's,56065
Forty-eighth North CarolinaWalker's,Walker's,31186217
Twenty-seventh North CarolinaWalker's,Walker's,31168199
Third ArkansasWalker's,Walker's,27155182
French's BatteryWalker's,Walker's,112
Eighth GeorgiaAnderson'sHood's,21719
Ninth GeorgiaAnderson'sHood's,21416
Seventh GeorgiaAnderson'sHood's,3912
Eleventh GeorgiaAnderson's,Hood's, 1010
First GeorgiaAnderson's,Hood's,12930
Fourth AlabamaLaw's,Hood's,73744
Sixth North CarolinaLaw's,Hood's,8117125
Second MississippiLaw's,Hood's,27127154
Eleventh MississippiLaw's,Hood's,896104
Eighteenth GeorgiaWofford's,Hood's,137285
First TexasWofford's,Hood's,45141186
Fourth TexasWofford's,Hood's,1097107
Fifth Texas,Wofford's,Hood's,57782
Hampton LegionWofford's,Hood's,64753
Reilly's BatteryWofford's,Hood's,2810
Garden's BatteryWofford's,Hood's, 99
Bachman's BatteryWofford's,Hood's,224
Seventeenth GeorgiaToombs's,Hood's, 1212
Twentieth GeorgiaToombs's,Hood's,44448
Second GeorgiaToombs's,Hood's,63743
Fifteenth GeorgiaToombs's,Hood's,63036
Sixth South CarolinaJenkins's,Hood's,75158
Palmetto SharpshootersJenkins's,Hood's,95564
First South CarolinaJenkins's,Hood's,23739
Second South CarolinaJenkins's,Hood's,21416
Fifth South CarolinaJenkins's,Hood's,52631
Holcombe LegionEvans's,Hood's, 1818
Eighteenth South CarolinaEvans's,Hood's,33942
Twenty-second South CarolinaEvans's,Hood's,86472
Twenty-third South CarolinaEvans's,Hood's,146680
Seventeenth South CarolinaEvans's,Hood's,184967
Washington Artillery Hood's,42630
Fifteenth South CarolinaDrayton's,McLaws's,2684110
Fiftieth GeorgiaDrayton's,McLaws's,2997126
Fifty-first GeorgiaDrayton's,McLaws's,178
Thirteenth MississippiBarksdale's,McLaws's,85563
Twenty-first MississippiBarksdale's,McLaws's,65682
Eighteenth MississippiBarksdale's,McLaws's,107363
Seventeenth MississippiBarksdale's,McLaws's,118293
Second South CarolinaKershaw's,McLaws's,177794
Third South CarolinaKershaw's,McLaws's,77380
Seventh South CarolinaKershaw's,McLaws's,23117140
Eighth South CarolinaKershaw's,McLaws's,21719
Read's BatteryKershaw's,McLaws's,41014
Tenth GeorgiaSemmes's,McLaws's,156984
Sixty-third GeorgiaSemmes's,McLaws's,116374
Thirty-Second VirginiaSemmes's,McLaws's,155772
Fifteenth VirginiaSemmes's,McLaws's,116374
Georgia LegionCobb's,McLaws's,186886
Twenty-fourth GeorgiaCobb's,McLaws's,13145158
Sixteenth GeorgiaCobb's,McLaws's,2383106
Fifteenth North CarolinaCobb's,McLaws's,16143159
Forty-eighth GeorgiaWright's,Anderson's,14647
Third GeorgiaWright's,Anderson's,95766
Twenty-second GeorgiaWright's,Anderson's,21921
Forty-fourth AlabamaWright's,Anderson's,46569
Fifty-third VirginiaArmistead's,Anderson's,3811
Fifty-seventh VirginiaArmistead's,Anderson's, 11
Fourteenth VirginiaArmistead's,Anderson's, 77
Thirty-eighth VirginiaArmistead's,Anderson's,21416
Eighth AlabamaWilcox's,Anderson's,126375
Ninth AlabamaWilcox's,Anderson's,124254
Tenth AlabamaWilcox's,Anderson's,105363
Eleventh AlabamaWilcox's,Anderson's,32629
Fourteenth AlabamaPryor's,Anderson's,24345
Third VirginiaPryor's,Anderson's,31619
Eighth FloridaPryor's,Anderson's,135669
Second FloridaPryor's,Anderson's,64349
Second Mississippi BattalionFeatherston'sAnderson's,55560
Twelfth MississippiFeatherston'sAnderson's,65359
Sixteenth MississippiFeatherston'sAnderson's,27100127
Nineteenth MississippiFeatherston'sAnderson's,65258
Twelfth VirginiaMahone's,Anderson's,33639
Sixteenth VirginiaMahone's,Anderson's, 55
Sixth VirginiaMahone's,Anderson's,41923
Forty-first VirginiaMahone's,Anderson's,189
Fourth VirginiaWinder's,Jackson's,32124
Fifth VirginiaWinder's,Jackson's,22628
Twenty-seventh VirginiaWinder's,Jackson's,358
Thirty-third VirginiaWinder's,Jackson's,31619
BatteriesWinder's,Jackson's, 99
Twenty-third VirginiaTaliaferro's,Jackson's,83543
Forty-seventh VirginiaTaliaferro's,Jackson's,63036
Forty-eighth VirginiaTaliaferro's,Jackson's,53338
Thirty-seventh VirginiaTaliaferro's,Jackson's,94554
Danville ArtilleryTaliaferro's,Jackson's,235
Second LouisianaStarke's,Jackson's,104959
Ninth LouisianaStarke's,Jackson's,255782
Tenth LouisianaStarke's,Jackson's,173451
Fifteenth LouisianaStarke's,Jackson's,41519
First LouisianaStarke's,Jackson's,144963
BatteriesStarke's,Jackson's, 88
Thirteenth GeorgiaLawton's,Ewell's,48169217
Thirty-first GeorgiaLawton's,Ewell's,113950
Sixtieth GeorgiaLawton's,Ewell's,114859
Sixty-first GeorgiaLawton's,Ewell's,1691107
Thirteenth VirginiaEarly's,Ewell's, 55
Twenty-fifth VirginiaEarly's,Ewell's,22123
Thirty-first VirginiaEarly's,Ewell's,21012
Fifty-second VirginiaEarly's,Ewell's,33639
Forty-fourth VirginiaEarly's,Ewell's, 2222
Forty-ninth VirginiaEarly's,Ewell's,57378
Fifth LouisianaHays's,Ewell's,104050
Sixth LouisianaHays's,Ewell's,182947
Seventh LouisianaHays's,Ewell's,66369
Eighth LouisianaHays's,Ewell's,78491
Twelfth GeorgiaTrimble's,Ewell's,134962
Fifteenth AlabamaTrimble's,Ewell's,97584
Twentieth North Carolina D. H. Hill's,113041
Third North Carolina D. H. Hill's,46207253
Second North Carolina D. H. Hill's,116172
First North Carolina D. H. Hill's,18142160
Twenty-third North Carolina D. H. Hill's,183553
Fourth North Carolina D. H. Hill's,65258
Thirtieth North Carolina D. H. Hill's,106373
Thirteenth North Carolina D. H. Hill's,41149190
Fourth Georgia D. H. Hill's,22119141
Sixth Georgia D. H. Hill's,101323
Forty-fourth Georgia D. H. Hill's,176582
Twenty-first Georgia D. H. Hill's,47276
Jones's Battery D. H. Hill's,12526
Twenty-third Georgia D. H. Hill's,146478
Twenty-seventh Georgia D. H. Hill's,1589104
Twenty-eighth Georgia D. H. Hill's,116273
Nineteenth Georgia D. H. Hill's,137689
 Rodes's, 70409479
  A. P. Hill's,113818931
General Anderson and A. D. C.   22
General Garland  1 1
General Starke  1 1

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