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[592] Fifth Alabama; Colonel C. A. Battles, Captain E. S. Ready, (badly wounded,) Lieutenant J. J. Lake, (killed,) Lieutenant E. L. Randle, (wounded,) Sergeant N. M. Howard, Sergeant William Taylor, Corporal Josiah Ely, Sergeant J. W. Hauxthall, private Joseph Lee, Sergeant James Stewart, Sergeant Henry Donnalson, Sergeant George Ellison, and private Hollanquist, Third Alabama.

Brigadier-General Colquitt reports, in like manner, N. B. Neusan, Color-Sergeant, J. J. Powell, W. W. Glover, H. M. James, and N. B. Lane, Color-Guard, Sixth Georgia; Corporal John Cooper, Corporal Joseph J. Wood, private J. W. Tompkins, privates B. C. La Prade, L. B. Lamnah, A. D. Simmons, W. Smith, J. M. Feltman, and J. C. Penn. Captain Arnold, Sixth Georgia regiment, who commanded a battalion of skirmishers at South Mountain and Sharpsburg, is entitled to the highest commendation for his skill and gallantry. Captain Garrison, commanding Twenty-eighth Georgia, was severely wounded at the head of his regiment. Captain Banning, Twenty-eighth Georgia regiment, was distinguished for his intrepid coolness, fighting in the ranks, with gun in hand, and stimulating his men by his words and example. W. R. Johnson and William Goff, Twenty-eighth Georgia, Sergeant J. L. Moore, privates W. A. Estes, J. S. Wingate, W. S. Walker, Isaac Hundley, Thomas Sudler, J. J. Gordon, Simson Williamson, Lieutenant B. A. Bowen, Lieutenant R. S. Tomme, Lieutenant L. D. Ford, First Sergeant Herring, Sergeant T. P. W. Bullard, Sergeant J. J. Adams, privates Mosely, McCall, J. M. Vause, J. Hutchings, Thomas Argo, J. S. Denniss, W. C. Claybanks, Joseph Herron, W. D. Tingle, and Corporal J. A. Lee, Thirteenth Alabama.

The officers commanding the Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth Georgia regiments report that it is impossible for them to make distinctions, where so many acted with distinguished bravery. In the Twenty-seventh, every commissioned officer, except one, was killed or wounded at Sharpsburg; and this sole survivor was unwilling to discriminate among so many brave men. Brigadier-General Doles (now commanding Ripley's brigade) pays a tribute to the memory of Major Robert S. Smith, Fourth Georgia, and speaks in the most complimentary terms of Colonel De Rosset, and Major Thurston, Third North Carolina, (the former severely, and the latter slightly, wounded,) and Captains Meares, McNair, and Williams, of the same regiment. Lieutenant-Colonel H. A. Brown, and Captain J. A. Hannell, acting Major of the First North Carolina regiment, are also highly commended. Lieutenant-Colonel Phil Cook, Captains Willis, De Graffenreid, and Lieutenants Hawkens, Bisel, Hulbert, Gay, (wounded,) Stephens, Exell, Snead, Cobb, (killed,) Macon, (severely wounded,) “all commended themselves to my special notice by their gallant and meritorious conduct.” Captain Rey, commanding Forty-fourth Georgia, and Captain Reid, Assistant Adjutant-General, are equally commended. Assistant Surgeon William P. Young remained on the field after he was wounded, caring for the wounded, and fell into the hands of the enemy. Privates Thomas S. Cartright, Joseph S. Richardson, and Henry E. Welch, Fourth Georgia, are mentioned with distinction. The first named fell with the colors of his regiment in his hand. Richardson was wounded. Privates R. Dudley Hill and Thomas J. Dinglers, two lads in the Forty-fourth Georgia, attracted, in an especial manner, the attention of their commander by their extraordinary daring. Lieutenant-Colonel Brown, of the First North Carolina regiment, who commanded in both battles in Maryland, says that all did their duty in his regiment, and he cannot discriminate.

The following officers and men, of Garland's brigade, are specially commended for their good conduct: Colonels D. R. McRae, Iverson, and Christie ; Lieutenant-Colonels Johnston and Ruffin. The latter was wounded three times at South Mountain, and exhibited the highest qualities of the officer and soldier. Captains Garret, Robinson, Brookfield, Adjutant J. M. Taylor, and Lieutenant Peirce, of the Fifth; Captain Atwell, (killed,) and Lieutenant Caldwell, of the Twentieth, conducted themselves with soldier-like gallantry. Lieutenants King, Ray, Malone, Duguid, Felton, and Sutten, Sergeants Riddick, Ingram, Pearce, Johnson, and Dennis, privates Hays, Ellis, Campbell, Hillard, and Rinsart, of the same regiment, are highly commended by their regimental commanders. Sergeant A. W. Fullenwider, John W. Glenn, C. W. Bennet, and privates E. F. Howell, and W. C. Watkins, of the Twenty-third North Carolina, exhibited extraordinary coolness and daring. Sergeant Fullen wider has been six times wounded during the war, but still lives to perform more heroic deeds. Private David Jones, Twentieth North Carolina, was specially distinguished as a bold and intelligent scout at South Mountain.

In Anderson's brigade, the field officers present in the battles, Colonel Tew, Second North Carolina, (killed,) Colonel Grimes, Fourth North Carolina, Colonel Bennett, (wounded,) and Lieutenant-Colonel W. C. Johnston, (slightly wounded,) both of the Fourteenth North Carolina, Colonel Parker, (severely wounded,) and Major Sellers, both of the Thirtieth North Carolina, are all worthy of the gratitude of their country, for gallant and meritorious services. Colonel Grimes was disabled, by the kick of a horse, from being with his regiment (Fourth North Carolina) at Sharpsburg, and unfit for duty for months afterward. The Fourth thus lost his valuable services. This gallant regiment, which has never been surpassed by any troops in the world, for gallantry, subordination, and propriety, was commanded by the heroic Captain Marsh, and, after his fall, by the equally heroic Captain Latham, who shared the same fate. All the officers of this noble regiment, present at Sharpsburg, were killed or wounded. Their names deserve to be preserved. Captains Marsh, Latham, and Osborne, Lieutenants Stansill, Colton, Allen, Parker, Brown, Weaver, Crawford, and Bonner, Sergeants John Troutman, and J. W. Shinn, Corporals

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H. A. Brown (3)
Joseph S. Richardson (2)
F. M. Parker (2)
Romney Marsh (2)
Latham (2)
W. C. Johnston (2)
W. R. Johnson (2)
C. F. Grimes (2)
William P. Young (1)
Joseph J. Wood (1)
J. S. Wingate (1)
Willis (1)
Simson Williamson (1)
A. S. Williams (1)
Henry E. Welch (1)
N. G. Weaver (1)
W. C. Watkins (1)
W. S. Walker (1)
J. M. Vause (1)
John Troutman (1)
J. W. Tompkins (1)
R. S. Tomme (1)
W. D. Tingle (1)
David Thurston (1)
C. C. Tew (1)
William Taylor (1)
J. M. Taylor (1)
Sutten (1)
Thomas Sudler (1)
James Stewart (1)
J. B. Stephens (1)
Stansill (1)
J. T. L. Snead (1)
William Smith (1)
Robert S. Smith (1)
A. D. Simmons (1)
J. W. Shinn (1)
W. H. Sellers (1)
Ruffin (1)
Rosset (1)
George Robinson (1)
Rinsart (1)
Riddick (1)
Rey (1)
J. A. Reid (1)
E. S. Ready (1)
J. T. Ray (1)
E. L. Randle (1)
J. J. Powell (1)
J. C. Penn (1)
Peirce (1)
James H. Pearce (1)
T. W. Osborne (1)
N. B. Neusan (1)
William P. Mosely (1)
J. L. Moore (1)
Gaston Meares (1)
D. R. McRae (1)
McNair (1)
McCall (1)
James Malone (1)
Joseph Lee (1)
J. A. Lee (1)
N. B. Lane (1)
L. B. Lamnah (1)
J. J. Lake (1)
B. C. La Prade (1)
R. H. King (1)
David Jones (1)
H. M. James (1)
Iverson (1)
Ingram (1)
J. Hutchings (1)
Isaac Hundley (1)
Hulbert (1)
E. F. Howell (1)
N. M. Howard (1)
Hollanquist (1)
Hillard (1)
R. Dudley Hill (1)
Joseph Herron (1)
Herring (1)
Harry T. Hays (1)
Hawkens (1)
J. W. Hauxthall (1)
J. A. Hannell (1)
Graffenreid (1)
J. J. Gordon (1)
William Goff (1)
W. W. Glover (1)
John W. Glenn (1)
Charles W. Gay (1)
Garrison (1)
Garret (1)
C. Garland (1)
A. W. Fullenwider (1)
Fullen (1)
L. D. Ford (1)
Felton (1)
J. M. Feltman (1)
W. A. Estes (1)
Josiah Ely (1)
George Ellison (1)
P. P. Ellis (1)
Duguid (1)
Henry Donnalson (1)
George Doles (1)
Thomas J. Dinglers (1)
J. S. Denniss (1)
Dennis (1)
C. V. Crawford (1)
John Cooper (1)
Phil Cook (1)
Colton (1)
A. H. Colquitt (1)
Thomas R. R. Cobb (1)
W. C. Claybanks (1)
Christie (1)
Thomas S. Cartright (1)
Reuben P. Campbell (1)
Caldwell (1)
T. P. W. Bullard (1)
E. V. Brookfield (1)
B. A. Bowen (1)
Bonner (1)
Bisel (1)
S. A. Bennett (1)
C. W. Bennet (1)
C. A. Battles (1)
Banning (1)
James B. Atwell (1)
J. A. Arnold (1)
Thomas Argo (1)
Archer Anderson (1)
James W. Allen (1)
J. J. Adams (1)
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