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August, 1863.

August 21, 1863.

U. S. brig. Bainbridge foundered. Only 1 man saved.

August 23, 1863.

U. S. gunboats Satellite and Reliance captured by Confederates at the mouth of the Rappahannock, Va.

September, 1863.

September 2, 1863.

Unsuccessful attempt to destroy by Union force, gunboats Satellite and Reliance, captured by the Confederates.

September 8-9, 1863.

An assault made on Fort Sumter by 400 men in 20 boats from the Federal fleet, under Commander T. H. Stevens. The sailors were defeated with the loss of 124.

September 8, 1863.

U. S. gunboats Clifton and Sachem, attached to an expedition under Gen. Franklin, grounded on the bar at Sabine Pass, Texas, and were captured by the Confederates.

October, 1863.

October 5, 1863.

Confederates attempt to destroy the New Ironsides with the torpedo-boat David.

26 to Nov. 10.--Bombardment of Fort Sumter.

October 30, 1863.

Heavy bombardment of Charleston, S. C.

November, 1863.

November 2, 1863.

Unsuccessful attempt upon Sumter by a boat expedition.

December, 1863.

December 6, 1863.

Monitor Weehawken founders in Charleston Harbor. Over 30 lives lost.

December 5, 1863.

Fight between the U. S. gunboat Marblehead and Confed. batteries on Stono River, S. C. Confederates defeated.

February, 1864.

February 2, 1864.

Capture and destruction of U. S. S. Underwriter, Actg. Master Westervelt, by Confed. attack under Comdr. J. T. Wood, in Neuse River, N. C.

February 18, 1864.

Federal sloop-of-war Housatonic sunk off Charleston, S. C., by Confed. submarine torpedo-boat H. L. Hunley.

February 16-29, 1864.

Bombardment of Fort Powell, Ala., by Adml. Farragut.

March, 1864.

March 6, 1864.

U. S. gunboat Peterhoff sunk by collision off Wilmington, N. C.

March 11-15, 1864.

A naval expedition from Brashear City captures camp, arms, and flag on Atchafalaya River, La.

April, 1864.

April 1, 1864.

U. S. Army stmr. Maple Leaf blown up by torpedo in St. John's River, Fla.

April 5, 1864.

Fight betweeen gunboats and guerrillas at Hickman, Ky.

April 12, 1864.

Adml. Porter's Red River fleet attacked at Blair's Plantation by 2000 Confed. infantry on shore, who are beaten off.

April 14, 1864.

Gunboat expedition from Butler's army captures prisoners and stores at Smith-field, Va.

April 19, 1864.

Attack on Federal vessels under Lieut.-Comdr. C. W. Flusser by Confed. ram Albemarle, Comdr. J. W. Cooke, at Plymouth, N. C.; sinking of U. S. S. South-field and death of Flusser.

April 23, 1864.

U. S. gunboat Petrel captured by Confederates on the Yazoo River.

April 25, 1864.

Confederates in strong force attacked 3 of Adml. Porter's gunboats on the Red River.

May, 1864.

May 6, 1864.

U. S. gunboat Commodore Jones blown up by Confed. torpedo in James River.

May 13, 1864.

Adml. Porter's fleet above Alexandria Falls released by Col. Bailey's dam.

June, 1864.

June 3, 1864.

Capture of U. S. S. Water Witch, Lieut.-Comdr. Austin Pendergrast by boat expedition under Lieut. J. P. Pelot, C. S. N., in Ossabaw Sound, Ga., Lieut. Pelot killed.

June 19, 1864.

The Confed. cruiser Alabama, Capt. Semmes, was sunk off the harbor of Cherbourg, France, by U. S. sloop-of-war Kearsarge, Capt. Winslow. 70 of the Confed. crew were taken on board the Kearsarge, and 115 reached England and France. 3 persons only were wounded on the Kearsarge.

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