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Casualties of fifty Confederate regiments

From fox's
Regimental losses in the Civil War
showing remarkable percentages of losses at particular engagements based on official reports

Note—This list does not aim to include all the notable instances of remarkable casualties of regiments in the Confederate Army. It was based by Colonel Fox on available records where the numbers taken into action as well as the casualties were specified in official reports. The list is suggestive rather than complete, as many regiments omitted might with propriety claim to be included in any roll of ‘Fifty Fighting Regiments.’

REGIMENTBATTLEDIVISIONPresentKilledWoundedMissingPer Cent.
1st TexasAntietamHood's2264514182.3
21st GeorgiaManassasEwell's2423814676.0
26th North CarolinaGettysburgHeth's8208650271.7
6th MississippiShilohHardee's4256123970.5
8th TennesseeStone's RiverCheatham's4444126568.2
10th TennesseeChickamaugaJohnson's3284418068.0
Palmetto SharpshootersGlendaleLongstreet's3753921567.7
17th South CarolinaManassasEvans'28425164166.9
23d South CarolinaManassasEvans'2252712266.2
44th GeorgiaMechanicsvilleD. H. Hill's5147126465.1
2d N. C. BattalionGettysburgRodes'2402912463.7
16th MississippiAntietamAnderson's2282711763.1
27th North CarolinaAntietamWalker's3253116861.2
6th AlabamaSeven PinesD. H. Hill's63291277559.0
15th VirginiaAntietamMcLaws'128116458.5
8th GeorgiaAntietamHood's17613721657.3
1st S. C. RiflesGaines' MillA. P. Hill's5378122556.9
10th GeorgiaAntietamMcLaws'148156956.7
18th North CarolinaSeven DaysA. P. Hill's3964517956.5
3d AlabamaMalvern HillD. H. Hill's3543716356.4
17th VirginiaAntietamPickett's5572456.3
7th North CarolinaSeven DaysA. P. Hill's4503521856.2
12th TennesseeStone's RiverCheatham's29218137956.1
9th GeorgiaGettysburgHood's3402716255.0
5th GeorgiaChickamaugaCheatham's3532716754.9
16th TennesseeStone's RiverCheatham's377361551654.9
4th North CarolinaSeven PinesD. H. Hill's67877286654.4
27th TennesseeShilohHardee's350271154854.2
12th South CarolinaManassasA. P. Hill's27023121254.0
4th VirginiaManassasJackson's180187953.8
4th TexasAntietamHood's200109753.5
27th TennesseePerryvilleCleburne's21016841253.3
1st South CarolinaManassasA. P. Hill's2832512653.3
49th VirginiaFair OaksD. H. Hill's424321702252.8
12th AlabamaFair OaksD. H. Hill's4085915652.6
7th South CarolinaAntietamMcLaws'2682311752.2
7th TexasRaymondJohn Gregg's3062213651.6
6th South CarolinaFair OaksD. H. Hill's5218818151.6
15th GeorgiaGettysburgHood's3351915251.0
11th AlabamaGlendaleLongstreet's357491211150.7
17th GeorgiaManassasHood's200109150.5
3d North CarolinaGettysburgJohnson's3122912750.0
4th VirginiaChancellorsvilleTrimble's35514155348.4
1st MarylandGettysburgJohnson's4005214048.0
8th MississippiStone's RiverJackson's2822011347.1
32d VirginiaAntietamMcLaws'158155745.5
18th MississippiAntietamMcLaws'186107344.6
14th South CarolinaGaines' MillA. P. Hill's5001819743.0
33d North CarolinaChancellorsvilleA. P. Hill's4803216741.4
5th AlabamaMalvern HillD. H. Hill's225266640.8

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