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[550] to write a critical history of, 162; Thomas's service in, 189; results of, 309; Sherman's tactics in, 340-343 Augusta, Ga., proposed destruction of, by Sherman, 317, 318, 333; Sherman's movement to, 332, 333, 337, 338

Austria, attitude in the Mexican affair, 385


Bank of South Carolina, effect of ‘brass’ on the cashier, 17

Baring Bros., 384

Bartlett, Miss, Harriet, married to S., 29

Bartlett, Prof. W. H. C., 26, 29, 74

Bates, Edward, U. S. Attorney-General, letter to S., Sept. 29, 1863, 93

Bayonet, the, superseded by the rifle, 145, 146

Bazaine, Marshal Francois A., occupation of Mexico, 391

Bean's Ferry, see Beard's Ferry.

Beard's Ferry, Tenn., proposal to obstruct roads at, 211

Beatty, Maj.-Gen., Samuel, in battle of Nashville, 263

Beauregard, Gen. Pierre G. T., possible movements by, 199, 311, 321, 322; Thomas's ability to defeat, 288; proposal that Thomas take the offensive against, 311, 312; westward movement, 321; proposed inveiglement of, across the Tennessee, 322

Benham, Capt., reports condition of Gen. Blunt's district, 93

Benicia,’ the, S. returns from Hawaii on, 431

Bennett's House, N. C., capitulation of Johnston at, 335, 351-353

Bentonville, N. C., battle of, 346 Bible, the inspiration of the, 8, 9

Bigelow, John, U. S. Minister to France, 383, 384, 391, 392; letter from Seward, Nov. 4, 1865, 384; share in the Mexican negotiations, 391, 392; letter from S., Feb. 25, 1866, 392

Big River, military operations on the, 51 Black Point, Cal., S. at, 188

Blair, Maj.-Gen. Frank P., Jr., S.'s friendship with, 31, 138; patriotism and courage, 31; introduces S. to Fremont, 48, 49; opinion of Fremont, 49; movement favoring his succeeding S. in command in Missouri, 59, 60; correspondence with Halleck, Aug. 11-12, 1862, 59, 60; letter to S., Aug. 13, 59; denies attempt to oust S., 59, 60; views on administration of the Missouri militia, 60; reveals plot to S., 86; in the Atlanta campaign, 122, 138

Blair, Montgomery, opinion of Fremont, 49; forwards request that F. P. Blair succeed S., 59

Bliss, Capt. Tasker H., aide-de-camp, staff of S., work on national defenses, 458-460

Bloody Canyon, Cal., a trial through, 431

Blow, Henry T., member of anti-Schofield committee from St. Louis to Washington, 58, 59, 425

Blue Island, Ill., labor riots at, 497, 498, 500

Blunt, Maj.-Gen. James G., at Cane Hill, 62; Hindman's movement against, 62; battle of Prairie Grove, 62-64; S.'s opinion of, 63, 64; promoted, major-general, 64; disgraceful condition of his district, 93; S. determines to, relieve , 93; the President's use of, 111, 112

Board of Ordnance and Fortification, its creation and work, 459, 485-487; S. president of, 459, 484, 485

Bonaparte, Jerome N., S.'s friendship with, 7, 8

Boonville, Mo., S. joins Gen. Lyon at, 35; battle of, 37

‘Border Guards,’ in Missouri, 78

Boston Mountains, military operations in the, 61

Boynton, Brig.-Gen. H. V., supports S. in the Thomas dispute, 297

Breckinridge, Maj.-Gen. John C., in the Sherman-Johnston negotiations, 351,352

Brentwood, Tenn., request for ammunition to be sent to, 187; proposal to send Smith to, 221, 223-225; S. proposes to stand at, 223-225; proposal to send Steedman to, 225; S.'s arrival at, 226; military operations near, 264, 270

Bristol, Ill., the Schofield family in, 1

Broadhead, Col. James O., attitude on emancipation, 90; supersedes Dick as provost-marshal-general, 96, 97; letter from S., 107, 108

Buchanan, James, a bet on the election of, 8

Buchanan County, Mo., alleged arming of disloyal persons in, 105

Buell, Maj.-Gen. Don C., Thomas's service under, 189

Bull Run, Va., battle of, 525

Bull's Gap, held by Longstreet, 115, 116

Bureau of Engineering, prepares plans of sea-coast defense, 484-486

Bureau of Ordnance, prepares plans for sea-coast defense, 484-486

Burnside, Maj.-Gen. Ambrose E., at Knoxville, 113, 114; wreck of his army, 113, 114; ordered to join the Army of the Potomac, 116; Fitz-John Porter's despatches to, 462

‘Bushwhackers,’ in Missouri, 78

Butler, Maj.-Gen. Benjamin F., demand that he relieve S. in Missouri, 94; the President's attitude toward, 98; not appointed to command in Missouri, 112


California, S. in, 188, 426, 430, 431; the great earthquake of 1871, 430, 431; obstruction of railroads in, 512

California,’ the, trip to Hawaii on, 431

Campbell, Congressman, 11

Campbell, J. A., assistant adjutant-general, Department of North Carolina, 368, 369, 372

Camp Independence, Cal., a trip to, 430, 431

Camp Jackson, Mo., secession militia at, 33, 34; capture of, 36, 37

Canby, Maj.-Gen. Edward R. S., S.'s meeting with in Florida, and subsequent relations with, 23, 24; commanding Department of the Columbia, 430; accompanies Sherman and S. in tour of the West, 430; commanding Division of the Pacific, 435; the Modoc outbreak, 435-437; killed, 437

Canby massacre,’ true history of the, 435-437

Cane Hill, Ark., Blunt at, 62

Cape Fear River, trip by Grant and S. from Hampton Roads to, 294, 295 (see also ‘Rhode Island’); military conference at, 346; military operations at, 346

Cape May, N. J., interview between Seward and S. at, 382

Caperton's Ferry, S. ordered by Thomas to defend, 162; the order contradicted by Sherman, 162; military movements via, 317

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