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A Territory of the United States, is a group of islands in the North Pacific Ocean, discovered December, 1778, by Captain Cook, who, on Feb. 14, 1779, was killed here by the natives. These islands, called Hawaiian, or Sandwich, Islands, were united into a kingdom under Kamehameha I. Kamehameha II. and his Queen died in England in 1823. Under Kamehameha III. the kingdom was recognized by England, France, the United States, and other governments. A constitution was granted in 1840; revised in 1852. On the death of the King in 1854, he was succeeded by Kamehameha IV., his nephew; died 1863; succeeded by Kamehameha V.; died Dec. 11, 1872; succeeded by Prince Lunalilo, crowned Jan. 8, 1873; died 1874; succeeded by King Kalakaua; he by Queen Liliuokalani, his eldest sister, Jan. 20, 1891, who was dethroned January, 1893, when a provisional government was formed, in the interest of those advocating annexation to the United States. There are 56 miles of railway in the islands, and 250 miles of telegraph, and Honolulu is lighted by electricity. Area of the islands, 6,740 square miles—viz., Hawaii, 4,210; Maui, 760; Oahu, 600; Kauai, 590; Molokai, 270; Lauai, 150; Niihau, 97; Kahoolawe, 63. Population, 1884, 80,578; 1890, 89,990: 1900, 154,001. Honolulu, on the islland of Oahu, the capital; population, 20,487. At the discovery by Captain Cook, 1778, the population was probably 200.000.

John L. Stevens, United States minister at Hawaii, writes to his government in favor of annexation......Nov. 19, 1892

Detachment of marines (160 men), with [319] two pieces of artillery, from the United States ship Boston, lands at Honolulu......Jan. 16, 1893

Queen Liliuokalani dethroned......Jan. 16, 1893

[A provisional government established and commissioners sent to the United States to ask for annexation.]

Hawaiian commissioners arrive at Washington......Feb. 3, 1893

John L. Stevens, United States minister at Hawaii, assumes a protectorate pending instructions from Washington......Feb. 9, 1893

President Harrison, by message to the Senate, recommends annexation of the islands under a treaty concluded between Secretary Foster and the Hawaiian commissioners......Feb. 15, 1893

An envoy of Queen Liliuokalani arrives at Washington......Feb. 17, 1893

Princess Kaiulani reaches New York from England......March 1, 1893

President Cleveland withdraws the Hawaiian treaty......March 9, 1893

Ex-Queen Liliuokalani sends circulars to the different powers explaining her course, and protesting against the attempts to deprive her of her throne, etc.......March 9, 1893

Ex-Representative James H. Blount, of Georgia, sent on a special mission to Hawaii from the United States government......March 20, 1893

Commissioner Blount orders the United States flag lowered at Hawaii......April 13, 1893

Commissioner Blount appointed envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to the Hawaiian islands......May 9, 1893

Lorin A. Thurston, Hawaiian minister to the United States, presented to President Cleveland......June 9, 1893

Commissioner Blount arrives at Washington......Aug. 22, 1893

Albert S. Willis, of Kentucky, appointed minister......Sept. 8, 1893

Minister Willis presents his credentials to President Dole, of the provisional government......Nov. 7, 1893

Senator Hoar, of Massachusetts, offers a resolution requesting the President to transmit to Congress all correspondence and other papers relating to Hawaii; adopted......Dec. 6, 1893

President's message regarding Hawaiian affairs sent to the Senate......Dec. 18, 1893

Republic proclaimed and a constitution adopted......July 4, 1894

[Sanford B. Dole, elected president for the term 1894-1900.]

Ex-Queen Liliuokalani renounces her right to the throne of Hawaii......June 30, 1895

Treaty between the United States and Hawaii providing for annexation......June 16, 1897

[Ratified by Hawaii, Sept. 14, 1897.]

President Dole, of Hawaii, arrives in Washington as the guest of the United States......Jan. 26, 1898

Joint resolution for annexation of Hawaii passed......June 17, 1898

President McKinley approves the joint resolution annexing the Hawaiian Islands......July 7, 1898

Transfer of sovereignty......Aug. 12, 1898 Prince Kaiulani dies at Honolulu......March 6, 1899

Act providing a government for the Territory of Hawaii, to take effect June 14, 1900, approved......April 30, 1900

Governor Dole inaugurated......June 14, 1900

Wilcox elected Territorial representative in the United States House of Representatives......November, 1900


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