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July 3-11: Exp. from Beaver Creek into S. W. Virginia (Pound Gap Expedition)

ILLINOIS--Battery "M" 2d Light Arty.; 65th Infantry (6 Co's). KENTUCKY--10th Cavalry (2d Battalion); 14th (1 Co. Mounted) and 39th Mounted Infantry. OHIO--McLaughlin's Squadron Cavalry. Union loss, 1 killed, 22 wounded, 6 missing. Total, 29.

July 4: Affair, Rocky Hill Station

Burning Depot.

July 4: Skirmish, University Place

KENTUCKY--6th Cavalry.

July 4: Engagement, Green River Bridge, Tebb's Bend

MICHIGAN--25th Infantry (5 Co's). Union loss, 6 killed, 23 wounded. Total, 29.

July 5: Skirmish, Bardstown

UNITED STATES--4th Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 25.

July 5: Skirmish, Woodburn

KENTUCKY--26th Infantry.

July 5: Skirmish, Franklin

(No Reports.)

July 5: Skirmish, Lebanon

KENTUCKY--20th Infantry. MICHIGAN--9th Cavalry, and unorganized Detachments of Recruits, etc. Union loss, 3 killed, 16 wounded, 360 missing. Total, 379.

July 6: Skirmish, Pond Creek, Union County

ILLINOIS--65th Infantry (Detachment). KENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry (Detachment).

July 7: Skirmish, Cummings' Ferry

(No Reports.)

July 7: Skirmish, Shepherdsville

INDIANA--63d Infantry. MICHIGAN--Battery "F" 1st Light Arty. Loss, 5 missing.

July 8: Skirmish, Cummings' Ferry

MICHIGAN--9th Cavalry (Detachment).

July 9: Skirmish, Brandenburg

INDIANA--Home Guard. Union loss, 2 killed, 2 wounded, 45 missing. Total, 49.

July 10: Skirmish, Martin's Creek

KENTUCKY--1st Cavalry (Detachment).

July 15-16: Occupation of Hickman

ILLINOIS--18th Infantry (Co. "K"). MISSOURI--4th Cavalry (Detachment). UNITED STATES--Ram "Monarch."

July 22-27: Exp. from Clinton, in pursuit of Biffles, Forrest's and Newsome's Cavalry

ILLINOIS--2d Cavalry. KENTUCKY--15th Cavalry. MISSOURI--4th Cavalry. UNITED STATES--3d Cavalry.

July 25: Skirmish near New Hope Station

OHIO--12th Cavalry (Detachment). Loss, 1 wounded.

July 25-Aug. 6: Operations in Eastern Kentucky against Scott

ILLINOIS--112th Infantry. KENTUCKY--1st, 10th and 14th Cavalry (Detachments). MICHIGAN--8th and 9th Cavalry. OHIO--2d and 7th Cavalry; 45th Infantry. TENNESSEE--5th East Cavalry; Battery "B" Light Arty.; 1st and 2d East Infantry.

July 25: Skirmish, Williamsburg

OHIO--44th Mounted Infantry (Detachment).

July 26: Skirmish, London

OHIO--44th Mounted Infantry.

July 27: Skirmish, Richmond and Manchester Cross Roads

OHIO--44th Mounted Infantry.

July 27: Skirmish near Rogersville

OHIO--2d and 7th Cavalry (Detachments).

July 28: Action, Richmond

ILLINOIS--112th Infantry. KENTUCKY--10th Cavalry. OHIO--2d and 7th Cavalry.

July 29: Action, Paris

ILLINOIS--118th Infantry (Detachment). Henshaw's Indpt. Battery Light Arty. (Section). INDIANA--15th Indpt. Battery Light Arty. (Section). MICHIGAN--23d Infantry.

July 29: Skirmish, Winchester

Picket attack.

July 30: Skirmish, Irvine, Estill County

KENTUCKY--14th Cavalry. Union loss, 4 killed, 5 wounded, 10 missing. Total, 19.

July 31: Skirmish, Stanford

KENTUCKY--32d Infantry.

July 31: Skirmish, Lancaster

KENTUCKY--1st, 10th and 14th Cavalry. OHIO--2d and 7th Cavalry. MICHIGAN--8th and 9th Cavalry.

July 31: Skirmish, Paint Lick Bridge

KENTUCKY--1st, 10th and 14th Cavalry. OHIO--2d and 7th Cavalry. MICHIGAN--8th and 9th Cavalry.

Aug. 1: Skirmish, Smith's Shoals, Cumberland River

KENTUCKY--1st and 10th Cavalry.

Aug. 1: Exp. from Columbus to Hickman

IOWA--4th Cavalry (1 Co.); 32d Infantry (Co's "B" "I").

Aug. 1: Skirmish, Paris

ILLINOIS--Henshaw's Indpt. Battery Light Arty.

Aug. 1: Skirmish, Lancaster

KENTUCKY--1st, 10th and 14th Cavalry. MICHIGAN--8th and 9th Cavalry. OHIO--2d and 7th Cavalry.

Aug. 18: Skirmish near Crab Orchard

(No Reports.)

Aug. 18: Skirmish near Albany

(No Reports.)

Aug. 27: Skirmish, Clark's Neck

KENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry.

Aug. 27: Skirmish, Carter County

KENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry.

Sept. 1-10: Exp. from Paducah to Conyersville, Tenn

ILLINOIS--111th Infantry (4 Co.'s.).

Sept. 10: Skirmish, Brimstone Creek

KENTUCKY--1st Mounted Infantry.

Sept. 11: Skirmish, Greenville

OHIO--2d Cavalry.

Sept. 20-30: Exp. from Paducah to McLemoresville, Tenn

ILLINOIS--101st (Detachment) and 111th Infantry. KENTUCKY--15th Cavalry. MISSOURI--4th Cavalry.

Sept. 22: Skirmish, Marrowbone Creek

KENTUCKY--39th Mounted Infantry.

Oct. 6: Action, Glasgow

KENTUCKY--37th Mounted Infantry. Union loss, 3 wounded, 100 missing. Total, 103.

Oct. 6: Skirmish, Morgan County

OHIO--5th Indpt. Battalion Cavalry.

Oct. 8-11: Reconn. from Olympian Springs

INDIANA--6th Cavalry (Detachment).

Oct. 10: Skirmish, Saylersville

KENTUCKY--14th Infantry.

Oct. 12: Skirmish, West Liberty

OHIO--5th Indpt. Battalion Cavalry.

Oct. 22: Skirmish near Volney

KENTUCKY--3d Cavalry; 36th Infantry. NEW HAMPSHIRE--6th Infantry (Detachment). Loss, 1 wounded.

Oct. 30: Skirmish, Saylersville

KENTUCKY--14th Infantry.

Nov. 26: Skirmish, Cumberland River

KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry (Detachment).

Nov. 27: Skirmish near LaFayette

KENTUCKY--3d Cavalry (Detachment).

Nov. 27: Skirmish, Monticello

(No Reports.)

Nov. 30: Skirmish, Saylersville

KENTUCKY--14th and 35th Infantry.

Dec. 1: Skirmish, Saylersville

KENTUCKY--14th Infantry, Pickets.

Dec. 1-10: Affair at Jackson

Picket Attack.

Dec. 3: Skirmish, Greeneville

KENTUCKY--35th Infantry.

Dec. 5-10: Scouts from Columbus

(No Reports.)

Dec. 7: Skirmish, Creelsborough

KENTUCKY--13th Cavalry.

Dec. 8: Skirmish, Scottsville

KENTUCKY--52d Infantry (Detachment).

Dec. 10: Affair, Mount Sterling

KENTUCKY--40th Infantry. Picket attack.

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