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Jan. 16-Feb. 20: Scouts about Franklin

PENNSYLVANIA--75th Infantry.

Jan. 19-22: Expedition from Memphis to Marion, Ark.

ILLINOIS--4th and 11th Cavalry (Detachments). INDIANA--7th Cavalry (Detachment). WISCONSIN--2d Cavalry (Detachment).

Jan. 23-27: Scout from Cumberland Gap

NORTH CAROLINA--2d Mounted Infantry.

Jan. 25: Expedition from Irish Bottom to Evans Island

TENNESSEE--1st Infantry.

Jan. 26-Feb. 11: Expedition from Memphis into S. E. Arkansas and N. E. Louisiana

ILLINOIS--4th, 5th, 11th and 12th Cavalry. INDIANA--7th Cavalry. MISSISSIPPI--1st Mounted Rifles. NEW YORK--11th Cavalry. WISCONSIN--2d Cavalry. UNITED STATES--3d Colored Cavalry.

Jan. 28: Action, Athens

TENNESSEE--7th Mounted Infantry. Union loss, 6 wounded, 20 missing. Total, 26.

Jan. 28-31: Expedition from Strawberry Plains to Clinch Mountain, and skirmish

MICHIGAN--10th Cavalry (Co. "M"). OHIO--2d Heavy Arty. (Detachment).

Feb. 1: Skirmish, McLemore's Cove

TENNESSEE--6th Mounted Infantry.

Feb. 5: Skirmish near McMinnville

MISSOURI--44th Infantry (Detachment). TENNESSEE--5th Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 3 wounded.

Feb. 6: Affair, Corn's Farm, Franklin County

MISSOURI--42d Infantry (Detachment).

Feb. 7: Scout on Hernando Road

MISSISSIPPI--1st Mounted Rifles (Detachment).

Feb. 9: Skirmish near Memphis

ARKANSAS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). IOWA--1st Cavalry (Detachment). MISSOURI--2d Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 2 killed, 4 wounded, 6 missing. Total, 12.

Feb. 10: Affair near Triune

TENNESSEE--14th Cavalry (Detachment).

Feb. 15-16: Scout from Nashville on Nolensville Pike

TENNESSEE--14th Cavalry (Detachment).

Feb. 16: Attack upon Athens

OHIO--2d Heavy Arty. (Detachment).

Feb. 16: Attack upon Sweetwater

OHIO--2d Heavy Arty. (Detachment). Union loss, 60 missing.

Feb. 20-24: Expedition to Greenville and Warrensburg

TENNESSEE--4th Infantry.

Feb. 21-22: Skirmishes near Greenville

TENNESSEE--4th Infantry.

March 1: Skirmish near Philadelphia

TENNESSEE--7th Mounted Infantry.

March 2-4: Operations about Athens

TENNESSEE--7th Mounted Infantry.

March 3-5: Reconnoissance from Cumberland Gap toward Jonesville, Va.

NORTH CAROLINA--2d Mounted Infantry.

March 3-11: Expedition from Memphis into Northern Mississippi

ILLINOIS--4th, 5th and 12th Cavalry. INDIANA--7th Cavalry. IOWA--1st Cavalry. NEW YORK--11th Cavalry. WISCONSIN--2d Cavalry. ARKANSAS--2d Cavalry. Union loss, 3 killed, 1 wounded. Total, 4.

March 5: Skirmish, Tazewell

NORTH CAROLINA--2d Mounted Infantry.

March 8: Skirmish, Jackson County

(No Reports.)

March 18: Skirmish, Livingston

(No Reports.)

March 19: Skirmish, Celina

(No Reports.)

March 21-April 25: Expedifion from East Tennessee into S. W. Virginia and Western North Carolina (Stoneman's)

KENTUCKY--11th and 12th Cavalry. MICHIGAN--10th and 11th Cavalry. OHIO--12th Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--15th Cavalry. TENNESSEE--8th, 9th and 13th Cavalry; Battery "E" Light Arty.

March 22: Skirmish, Celina

(No Reports.)

March 25: Skirmish, Brawley Forks

(No Reports.)

March 28: Skirmish, Germantown

NEW YORK--11th Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 2.

March 31: Skirmish, Magnolia

(No Reports.)

April 1: Skirmish, White Oak Creek

(No Reports.)

April 3: Skirmish, Mount Pleasant

(No Reports.)

April 14: Skirmish, Mount Pleasant

(No Reports.)

April 18: Skirmish near Germantown

NEW YORK--11th Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 6 killed, 2 wounded, 7 missing. Total, 15.

April 19-23: Expedition from Memphis to Brownsville, Miss.

ILLINOIS--4th and 11th Cavalry. UNITED STATES--3d Cavalry (Colored).

April 23-26: Expedition from Pulaski to Rogersville, Ala.

MICHIGAN--8th Cavalry (Detachment).

April 27: Affair on Mississippi River near Memphis

Destruction of Steamer "Sultana" with returning prisoners of war and discharged soldiers. Union loss, 1,238.

May 5-13: Expedition from Pulaski to New Market, Ala.

INDIANA--5th Cavalry.

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