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2d Infantry, Capt. D. A. Oakey, had three flags and two staffs from which the colors had been shot off. This regiment turned out some 50 men. Present with it were Adjutant J. A. Fox, Quartermaster M. M. Hawes, Chaplain A. H. Quint, Capt. H. M. Comey, Capt. G. J. Thompson, Capt. G. A. Thayer.

3d Infantry, belonging to Plymouth and Bristol counties, had 4 commissioned officers to carry its four colors. Lieut.-Col. James Barton outranked the other officers on the ground.

4th Infantry, Col. Henry Walker, 30 men.

5th Infantry turned out very strongly, having some 300 men in line and two flags. Col. G. H. Pierson was in command.

6th Infantry, Lieut.-Col. Melvin Beal, 30 men, four colors.

7th Infantry, a Bristol County regiment, 40 men, carrying two colors; was commanded by Maj. J. B. Leonard.

8th Infantry, Col. B. F. Peach, Jr., of Lynn, 60 men, two colors.

9th Infantry, Col. P. R. Guiney, 30 men.

10th Infantry, Lieut.-Col. J. B. Parsons, 10 officers, 20 men, two flags.

11th Infantry, Lieut.-Col. T. H. Dunham, Jr., seven colors, 50 men.

12th Infantry, Lieut.-Col. B. F. Cook, four colors, 6 officers, 50 men.

13th Infantry, Col. S. H. Leonard, 100 men, three colors.

15th Infantry, Lieut.-Col. I. H. Hooper, 7 officers, 15 men, two colors.

17th Infantry, Col. Henry Splaine, 9 officers, 100 men, 5 colors.

18th Infantry, Maj. Thomas Weston, 10 officers, 20 men, three colors.

19th Infantry, Col. Edmund Rice, 13 officers, 60 men, five colors. Three of the color bearers were one-armed.

20th Infantry, Col. F. W. Palfrey, 9 officers, 50 men, two colors.

21st Infantry, 25 men, 6 colors. Accompanying the color bearers of this regiment was Sergeant Thomas Plunkett, who had both arms shot off at Fredericksburg.

22d Infantry, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Sherwin, 100 men, four colors.

23d Infantry, Col. J. W. Raymond, 30 men, three colors.

25th Infantry, Col. James Tucker, 50 men, three colors.

Third Battalion Rifles, Capt. M. S. McConville, 10 men, one flag.

26th Infantry, Col. A. B. Farr, 12 officers, 20 men, four colors.

27th Infantry, Adjutant J. W. Holmes, 2 officers, 12 men, three colors.

28th Infantry, Capt. John Miles, 50 men, six colors.

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