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Rest at Mt. Jackson. [from the Richmond, Va., dispatch, April 29, 1901.]

Confederate dead in beautiful Shenandoah Cemetery.

They appeal for assistance.

Daughters of the Confederacy would erect a Monument over these fallen Heroes—Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama troops sleep there.

To the Editor of the Dispatch.
The Shenandoah river, in the Valley of Virginia—the garden spot of Virginia—was called by the Indians ‘Minneha-ha,’ or, laughing waters. Situated on the bank of this beautiful stream is the town of Mount Jackson.

This little town had its numerous experiences during the war between the States, from 1861-‘65. It had its joys and sorrows. Around it clusters many sad recollections and the memory of many daring and chivalrous deeds which will never be forgotten by those who survive.

The people in the neighborhood were in the Confederacy heart and soul. The Confederate army established a large hospital here for the Southern soldiers. Many, many, were ministered to by the ladies of Mount Jackson and vicinity, and oft have they heard the sighs heaved by dying soldiers for loved ones at home. Those were trying times.

Hundreds sleep there.

Within a mile of this town is ‘Our Soldiers' Cemetery,’ where lie the remains of 500 or 600 Confederate heroes, who sleep their last sleep. Most of the Confederate States are represented by the dead sleeping there—brave men who died in a cause they knew to be right; soldiers who gave up their lives defending their country from an invading foe. They all had homes and friends somewhere, and their names should not be forgotten.

The very cause for which they died is an appeal to us, their survivors, to keep green the turf upon their graves and guard their last resting place from desecration. [322]

Their brave deeds and heroic self-sacrifice will be fresh in our memory as long as life shall last.

This sacred spot is being cared for by a little band of devoted ‘Daughters of the Confederacy,’ and now we appeal to the States represented by the brave men who lie in the cemetery to assist us in erecting a memorial to their memory, which will last as long as time endures.

If the eyes of any friends of these dear ones should fall upon these lines, we pray them not to turn a deaf ear to our pleadings, but remember the fallen heroes with a liberal contribution, which can be sent to myself.

Mrs. L. H. Rinker, Historian of the U. D. C. Chapter, Mt. Jackson. Va. Mrs. Monroe Funkhouser, President. Miss Elizabeth Brooke, Recording Secretary.

List of the dead.

Following is a list of the Confederate soldiers buried in ‘Our Soldiers Cemetery,’ at Mount Jackson, Shenandoah county, Va.


J. D. Brooks, company E, 9th Virginia regiment.

Agustus D. Pasley, company D, 13th Virginia regiment.

Joseph H. White, company F, 24th Virginia regiment.

James A. Woods, company A, 8th Virginia regiment.

A. J. Calven, company E, 24th Virginia regiment.

Robert McFarland, company K, 53d Virginia regiment.

E. M. Evans, company C, 34th Battalion Virginia regiment.

Wesley Fletcher, company B, 8th Virginia regiment.

Isaac Mills, Jr., company K, 13th Virginia regiment.

T. B. Hall, company B, 14th Virginia regiment.

J. W. Dalton, company F, 51st Virginia regiment.

Charles Spencer, company E, 15th Virginia regiment.

J. Baldwin, company D, 36th Virginia regiment.

Addison Whitesel, company H, 7th Virginia cavalry.

Charles Thompson, company I, 10th Virginia regiment.

H. Divers, company D, 16th Virginia regiment.

S. C. Utterbach, company G, 13th Virginia regiment. [323] B. T. Heatwold, company F, 13th Virginia regiment.

J. W. Woods, company E, 37th Virginia battalion.

Charles B. Glasscock, company B, 20th Virginia battalion.

Thomas F. Scott, company G, 52d Virginia regiment.

John Vaughn, company D, 14th Virginia regiment.

I. C. Perry, company G, 11th Virginia regiment.

Lieutenant R. P. Hefner, company G, 26th Virginia battalion.

Joseph B. Gaines, company L, 53d Virginia regiment.

R. Steele, company G, 60th Virginia regiment.

F. Belton, company F, 23d Virginia battalion.

W. H. Home, company C, 14th Virginia regiment.

J. H. Austin, company D, 5th Virginia regiment.

H. H. Propst, company F, 62d Virginia regiment.

John Rolison, company K, 22d Virginia regiment.

J. W. Kessucker, company E, 2d Virginia regiment.

Jesse Moss, company G, 51st Virginia regiment.

G. Richardson, company E, 4th Virginia regiment.

G. W. Massie, company D, 45th Virginia regiment.

W. H. Battle, company I, 6th Virginia cavalry.

R. Lawson, 14th Virginia cavalry.

C. C. Brown, 16th Virginia cavalry.

Lewis Hammock, Jackson's Horse artillery.

William Barton, Braxton's artillery.

Captain W. L. Hardee.

C. J. Vacas.

J. W. Walton, Fry's battery.

North Carolinians.

R. T. Cruise, company E, 26th regiment.

N. C. Hawis, company C, 23d regiment.

Harry Amos, company L, 21st regiment.

Alfred Brown, company G, 30th regiment.

Wesley Brown, company G, 30th regiment.

John Bowers, company F, 5th regiment.

James L. Hardister, company I, 5th regiment.

J. F. Page, company E, 37th regiment.

Moses Ellen, company D, 23d regiment.

John A. Hollen, company E, 2d regiment.

B. G. Hatcher, (Latham's Artillery).

Lieutenant D——C——company D, 16th regiment.

F. O. White, company A, 20th regiment. [324] George Maston, 27th regiment.

W. H. Midgett, company F, 33d regiment.

W. H. Hollifield, company F, 18th regiment.

J. O. J. Douglas, company K, 37th regiment.

W. G. Oliver, company E, 23d regiment.

F. Hensley, company K, 5th regiment.

J. Costner, company H, 37th regiment.

Andrew J. Brant, company D, 13th regiment.

John Raper, company I, 2d regiment.

Alfred G. Snipes, company E, 5th regiment.

Preston Lloyd, company E, 4th regiment.

Edward Hewitt, company G, 20th regiment.

J. D. Smith, company I, 35th regiment.

James Johnston, company E, Fourth regiment.

Eli W. Moore, company K, 6th regiment.

Daniel Masais, company E, 7th regiment.

Samuel Jackson, company D, 49th regiment.

Thomas Marron, company K, 16th regiment.

J. W. Edison, company C, 48th regiment.

G. W. Scarlett, company G, 14th regiment.

E. Girdman, company C, 2d regiment.

E. E. Harris, company E, 4th regiment.

W. G. Moore, company B, 5th regiment.

W. H. Holder, company C, 4th regiment.

J. D. Stephenson, company G, 1st regiment.

W. C. Profit, company G, 18th regiment.

David Serge, company C, 5th regiment.

E. W. Burrough, company A, 5th regiment.

G. W. M., company H, 37th regiment.

L. D. Matheson, company D, 25th regiment.

Hezekiah Credle, company F, 23d regiment.

John Dun, company D, 5th regiment.

B. Brown, company E, 28th regiment.

D. Pendergrass, company E, 7th regiment.

David Copeland, company—, 6th regiment.

T. Creasu, company C, 21st regiment.

T. J. Albert, company D, 45th regiment.

Joseph Parmer, company K, 2d regiment.

W. J. Jones, company A, 35th regiment.

Thomas U. Clarkson, company A, 30th regiment.

Harry D. Miller, company I, 5th regiment. [325]

J. F. Cox, company H, 14th regiment.

Wiley Suggs, company F, 14th regiment.

James Snow, company I, 18th regiment.

James Gough, company C, 2d regiment.

R. Doughtry, company F, 2d regiment.

J. C. Rogers, company D, 7th regiment.

William Dunlap, company A, 41st regiment.

Enos Britt, company I, 23d regiment.

H. F. Roberts, company H, 54th regiment.

B. F. Joiner, company H, 12th regiment.

V. Carld, company F, 57th regiment.

William G—B—, company A, 3d regiment.

I. I. Bryant, company G, 5th regiment.

R. Venable, company F, 23d regiment.

L. Smith, company C, 2d regiment.

Daniel Payne, company A, 7th regiment.

D. R. Cadgett, company E, 18th regiment.

J. M. Helly, 57th regiment.

H. C. Greeson, company A, 13th regiment.

J. R. Jones, company G, 14th regiment.

Green B. Little, company H, 1st regiment.

J. Sheffner, company K, 57th regiment.

Solomon Hunt, company K, 6th regiment.

L. Lechman, company F, 4th regiment.

W. A. Vaughan, company F, 53d regiment.

I. Dunn, company D, 1st regiment.

G. Ramsey, 54th regiment.

V. Carle, 57th regiment.


H. H. Saxin, company E, 10th Alabama regiment.

Wiley M. Hall, company B, 15th Alabama regiment.

Benjamin Rice, company I, 40th Alabama regiment.

B. Bush, company E, 3d Alabama regiment.

P. M. Robertson, company K, 48th Alabama regiment.

I. S. Howard, company H, 48th Alabama regiment.

Jackson Hix, company A, 15th Alabama regiment.

Thaddeus Harper, company B, 15th Alabama regiment.

W. T. Crow, company I, 9th Alabama regiment.

W. H. Weaver, company F, 15th Alabama regiment. [326]

C. C. Johnson, company L, 15th Alabama regiment.

Nathan T. Duke, company I, 15th Alabama regiment.

W. H. Perryman, company G, 47th Alabama regiment.

A. B. Blindly, company E, 12th Alabama regiment.

J. R. Harden, company F, 15th Alabama regiment.

Thomas H. Walden, company H, 15th Alabama regiment.

Thomas F. Luther, company C, 9th Alabama regiment.

S. M. Wiggins, company H, 15th Alabama regiment.

John Rodgers, company B, 61st Alabama regiment.

I. M. Porter, company K, 61st Alabama regiment.

Robert McIntosh, company K, 12th Alabama regiment.

J. B. Vial, company E, 5th Alabama regiment.

James Spencer, company A, 5th Alabama regiment.

A. J. Kehely, company C, 15th Alabama regiment.

Thomas G. Leslie, company K, 10th Alabama regiment.

B. R. Morgan, company A, 10th Alabama regiment.

John J. Riley, company C, 5th Alabama regiment.

William Mines, company F, 12th Alabama regiment.

John Porter, 12th Alabama regiment.

William Carraker, 15th Alabama regiment.

J. W. Bridges, 13th Alabama regiment.

T. S. Bryan, 13th Alabama regiment.

A. J. Gibson, 6th Alabama regiment.


John Hackett, company E, 60th regiment.

Thomas J. Wroten, company K, 21st regiment.

Martin McNain, company I, 12th regiment.

H. M. Thompson, company F, 53d regiment.

J. M. Figgens, company G, 23d regiment.

H. H. Reeves, company G, 31st regiment.

A. Gamble, company K, 60th regiment.

J. B. W. Aligood, company C, 26th regiment.

George W. Crawford, company H, 17th regiment.

H. E. Hunter, company E, 42d regiment.

J. J. Ryals, company D, 61st regiment.

Jesse Vaughn, company H, 20th regiment.

R. P. Prichett, company K, 53d regiment.

Benjamin Pendley, company E, 27th regiment.

James M. Carper, company C, 7th regiment. [327]

Joseph C. Moore, company H, 17th regiment.

Jasper Tavon, company—, 48th regiment.

M. T. Cason, company B, 50th regiment.

William Terry, company B, 15th regiment.

William Scarbor, company K, 28th regiment.

Green Brantly, company A, 28th regiment.

E. M. Smith, company I, 4th regiment.

W. T. Parker, company B, 18th regiment.

W. B. Oglesby, company D, 60th regiment.

G. R. Clayton, company K, 4th regiment.

W. D. T. Dennis, company A, 12th regiment.

J. M. Burkett, company E, 60th regiment.

James Gorden, company D, 51st regiment.

J. J. Castly, company F, 48th regiment.

Lieutenant J. M. Robertson, company C, 27th regiment.

J. A Smith, company H, 30th regiment.

M. Churl, company C, 38th regiment.

T. J. Stewart, company G, 38th regiment.

E. E. Godard, company E, 44th regiment.

Joel D. Cadwell, company G, 49th regiment.

E. Lenard, company B, 49th regiment.

John Ridley, company G, 14th regiment.

R. D. Tompkin, company E, 9th regiment.

J. Whaley, company F, 13th regiment.

T. D. Camerson, company G, 6th regiment.

Francis Mobley, company H, 13th regiment.

A. B. Scotts, company B, 13th regiment.

William R. Patterson, company K, 60th regiment.

S. J. Strickland, company E, 61st regiment.

F. Balls, company K, 10th regiment.

Sergeant J. R. Johns, company D, 21st regiment.

G. R. Clayton, company K, 4th regiment.

W. D. Watley, 21st regiment.

South Carolinians.

Jordon A. Burnett, company A, 22d regiment.

Jackson Robin, company E, 13th regiment.

A. Randolph, company A, 14th regiment.

James Dunbar, company E, 6th regiment.

G. C. Stillard, company G, 3d regiment. [328]

Daniel Burnett, company E, 27th regiment.

J. W. Adams, 2d regiment.

Charles Bramlett, company G, 3d regiment.

George Ford, company F, 23d regiment.

Benjamin Freeman, 13th regiment.

H. D. Hodell, company C.

George W. Ford, company F, 23d regiment.

F. J. Hancock, company H, 20th regiment.

A. B. Bigger, company A, 1st regiment.

J. T. Cront, company K, 20th regiment.

Mathew Jones, company D, 2nd regiment.

J. W. Frank, company E, 3rd regiment.

Samuel Grodrey, company E, 15th regiment.

J. G. Haltewanger, company C, 20th regiment.


E. W. Snider, Texas.

Josiah N. Martin, Louisiana.

William Vicker, Baltimore, Md.

J. Smith, Maryland.

P. M. Koonce, Tennessee.

Thomas P. Grey, Rockbridge artillery.

Moses Jenkins, company B, 8th artillery.

Godfrey Estlow, company K, 6th artillery.

D. O. Rawhn, 8th Louisiana artillery.

John L. Moise, company H, 17th artillery.

L. M. Atkins, company H, 5th artillery.

William C. Braddock, company I, 8th artillery.

C. Boatner, Phillips' Legion.

There are 112 graves unknown.

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