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Confederate dead. [from the Richmond, Va., dispatch, November 4, 1901.]

Buried in the Cemetery at Arlington.

Inscriptions on the Headboards.

That artificial leg, Again—Mr. Ballard Explains how it came into his Possession—Letter from a Lady on the same subject.

Accompanying this communication is appended a list of the Virginia Confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery at Arlington, Va. There are 264 Confederate dead there, of which thirty-three are Virginians.

The list is that of the actual inscriptions on the new headstones. These inscriptions have been obtained from the Confederate archives at Washington, and are as nearly accurate as possible. They are to stand for all time. This list has been prepared with great care, with the view that it will find its way into the public libraries throughout our Southland. [355]

The new headstones are of the finest white marble, twenty inches high, ten inches wide, and four inches thick. On each one is inscribed the number of the grave, the name of the soldier occupant, his company, his regiment, his State, and the letters C. S. A. (signifying Confederate States army).

The reburial in the Arlington Cemetery of the formerly scattered and inadequately marked Confederate dead in the District of Columbia was accomplished by the Charles Broadway Rouss Camp, of Washington, D. C., after about three years of hard work.

Having ascertained, upon investigation, the fact that their dead comrades were widely scattered and inadequately marked, the camp petitioned President McKinley, June 5, 1899, setting forth the deplorable conditions, and requesting remedial measures. The President said it was a matter in which he was deeply interested, and at once favorably endorsed our petition. The result was an act of Congress, approved June 6, 1900, appropriating 2,500 for the reburial and marking with appropriate headstones and suitable inscriptions.

Afterwards the government, with the approval of the committee of the camp, selected a separate plot in the new part of Arlington Cemetery, of an area of three and one-third acres, to which the remains of their comrades should be removed, and named it the ‘New Confederate Section.’

The execution of the work was begun about May 15, 1901, and completed about October 1, 1901, except the setting out of trees to adorn the grounds, which will be done some time this autumn or early next spring.

The expenditures upon the work thus far have been as follows:

The amount appropriated by Congress, June 6, 1600$2,500 00
The amount of requisition upon the annual appropriation2,500 00
The amount of additional requisition, about2,000 00
Total$7,000 00

The committee of the camp has been present and witnessed every stage of the disinterment, reinterment, and erection of the new headstones, and all has been most satisfactorily done.

The future care of this ‘New Confederate Section,’ in which the Confederates have been reburied, will be included in the annual appropriation for Arlington Cemetery by the United States Congress.

The committee of the Charles Broadway Rouss Camp, which accomplished this patriotic work, is as follows: [356]

Chairman Samuel E. Lewis, M. D., of the District of Columbia, commander of the camp.

Major E. Willoughby Anderson, of Virginia, first lieutenant commander.

Major Henry M. Marchant, of Texas, second lieutenant commander.

Captain William Broun, of Virginia, adjutant.

Captain John M. Hickey, of Tennessee.

Lieutenant N. C. Munroe, of Georgia.

Judge Silas Hare, of Texas.

Captain Julian G. Moore, of North Carolina.

From first to last of its work the committee of the Charles Broadway Rouss Camp has had the sympathy, encouragement, and aid of General Marcus J. Wright, Washington, D. C., and of General Stephen D. Lee, Columbus, Miss., and the zealous and able championship of Colonel Hilary A. Herbert, of Alabama, and of General John B. Gordon, of Georgia, the commander-in-chief of the United Confederate Veterans.

Here is the list of inscriptions on the headstones of the graves of the Virginia Confederate dead, in the new Confederate section:

No. Of grave.

23. Unknown, 103d Virginia militia, C. S. A.

37. W. H. Worley, Danville artillery, Virginia, C. S. A.

38. Corporal Winston Meredith, Jones' battery, Virginia H. A., C. S. A.

39. A. J. Mustain, company H, 21st Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

40. Wm. Holder, company H, 24th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

77. Samuel Moorman, company K, 7th Va. cavalry, C. S. A.

78. Captain E. W. Capps, company C, 15th Virginia cavalry, C. S. A.

79. Sergeant Robert Wood, company F, 19th Virginia infantry,

80. W. Hodgkins, company A, 115th Virginia militia, C. S. A.

117. J. A. Murphy, company C, 17th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

118. ——Loop, 19th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

119. Peter Moss, company B, 1st Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

120. A. T. Rea, company K, 19th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

145. T. H. Hudson, Page's battalion, Virginia artillery, C. S. A.

164. P. R. Scroggin, company B, 17th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

165. J. H. Chism, company H, 38th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

166. Noah Farmer, company C, 24th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

167. G. W. Hubbard, company D, 28th Va. infantry, C. S. A. [357]

168. Jno. Kirk, company H, 14th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

193. H. W. Crone, Page's Battallion, Virginia artillery, C. S. A.

194. W. H. Cole, company E, 7th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

212. G. W. Loop, company D, 11th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

213. Captain J. F. Jordan, company B, 13th Virginia cavalry, C. S. A.

214. Jno. Goodener, company A, 24th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

215. W. G. King, company K, 28th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

216. Robert Bibb, company E, 4th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

241. H. E. Lawhorne, Page's battallion, Virginia artillery, C. S. A.

259. Alexander Corder, company I, 49th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

260. H. T. Elam, company A, 11th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

261. G. W. Rice, company C, 11th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

262. H. R. Fones, company C, 47th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

263. G. Joyce, company B, 6th Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

264. Sergeant B. F. Kirby, company C, 61st Virginia infantry, C. S. A.

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