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Edward A. Palfrey.

1530. Born Louisiana.

Appointed Louisiana. 37.

Lieutenant-Colonel, 1862. Assistant Adjutant-General in Adjutant-General's Department, War Office, Richmond, Va.

John T. Shaaff.

1531. Born District Columbia.

Appointed District Columbia. 38.

Captain, A. C. subsistence General Villepigue's staff, District of Mississippi.

Lawrence S. Baker.

1535. Born North Carolina.

Appointed North Carolina. 42.

Brigadier-General, July 23, 1863. Commanding Second Military District, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia. 1862.

Joseph C. Ives.

1540. Born New York.

Appointed Connecticut. 5.

Colonel, Aide-de-Camp to President of Confederate States, Richmond, Va.

George B. Anderson.

1545. Born North Carolina.

Appointed North Carolina. 1o.

Brigadier-General, June 9, 1862. Commanding brigade, D. H. [64] Hill's Division, Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Mortally wounded September 17, 1862, at Sharpsburg; died October 16, 1862, at Raleigh, N. C.

Henry Deveuve.

1547. Born Louisiana.

Appointed New Jersey. 12.

Captain, Engineer officer to Major-General Loring, First Corps, Army of Mississippi.

George B. Cosby.*

1552. Born Kentucky.

Appointed Kentucky. 17.

Brigadier-General, January 20, 1863. Commanding brigade of cavalry, Stephen D. Lee's Division, Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and Eastern Louisiana.

Robert B. Thomas.

1553. Born Kentucky.

Appointed Mississippi. 18.

Major, February, 1862, Assistant Adjutant-General to Brigadier-General Finnegan, commanding District of Florida.

Matthew L. Davis.

1556. Born North Carolina.

Appointed North Carolina. 21.

John H. Forney.

1557. Born North Carolina.

Appointed Alabama. 22.

Major-General, October 27, 1862. (1st) Commanding brigade in Army of Northern Virginia; (2d) commanding District of Gulf in 1862; (3d) commanding District in Trans-Mississippi Department, 1863-‘65.

Marshall T. Polk.

1558. Born North Carolina

Appointed at Large. 23.

Lieutenant-Colonel, February, 1863. Chief of artillery, Polk's Corps (Army of Mississippi), Army of Tennessee.

Philip Stockton.

1568. Born New Jersey.

Appointed New Jersey. 33.

Colonel, June, 1862. Chief of ordnance, Army of Mississippi, in 1862. Afterwards commanding arsenal at San Antonio, Texas.

Arthur P. Bagby.*

1574. Born Alabama.

Appointed at Large. 39.

Brigadier-General, March 1, 1864. Commanding brigade of cavairy [65] (1863) in Texas; in 1864 commanding division, Army of Western Louisiana.

Richard V. Vonneau.

1577. Born South Carolina.

Appointed Alabama. 42.

Captain Confederate States; afterward Major and Chief Confederate States. 1853.

William R. Boggs.*

1582. Born Georgia.

Appointed Georgia. 4.

Brigadier-General, November 4, 1862. Chief of staff to Lieutenant-General E. Kirby Smith (1864), Trans-Mississippi Department.

John S. Bowen.

1591. Born Georgia.

Appointed Georgia. 13.

Major-General, May 25, 1863. Commanding in 1863 Third Brigade, First Division, Army of Mississippi; in 1863 commanding Fourth Division, Western Department. Died July 16, 1863.

James L. White.

1603. Born Florida.

Appointed Florida. 25.

Major, Nineteenth South Carolina Infantry.

Benjamin Allston.

1604. Born South Carolina.

Appointed South Carolina. 26.

Colonel Fourth Alabama Infantry. Adjutant-General to Lieutenant-General E. Kirby Smith, Trans-Mississippi Department.

John R. Chambliss.

1609. Born Virginia.

Appointed Virginia. 31.

Brigadier-General, December 19, 1863. Commanding cavalry brigade, W. H. Lee's Division, Army of Northern Virginia. Killed August 16, 1864, at Deep Bottom, Va.

Henry B. Davidson.

1611. Born Tennessee.

Appointed Tennessee. 33.

Brigadier-General, August 18, 1863. Commanding cavalry brigade, Wheeler's Corps, Army of West.

Henry H. Walker.

1619. Born Virginia.

Appointed Virginia 41. [66]

Brigadier-General, July 1, 1863. Commanding brigade (1863), A. P. Hill's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Wounded; in 1864 commanding Depot of Supplies, Southern Virginia.

John B. Hood.

1622. Born Kentucky.

Appointed Kentucky. 44.

General (temporary rank), July 18, 1864. (1st) Commanding division, Longstreet's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Commanding corps in Army of Tennessee, in 1864. Commanding Army of Tennessee July 18, 1864; August 15, 1864, commanding Department of Tennessee and Georgia. January 23, 1865, relieved, at his own request, of command Army of Tennessee.

James A. Smith.

1623. Born Tennessee.

Appointed at Large. 45.

Brigadier-General, September 30, 1863. Commanding brigade, Cleburne's Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee.

Thomas M. Jones.*

1625. Born Virginia.

Appointed Virginia. 47.

Brigadier-General, 1862. Commanded brigade in Army of West; later commanded brigade in Department of Alabama and Western Florida.

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