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‘Accidence, The’20
Adams, John56
Adams, William34
Alden, John2
Aldersey Street, Somerville25
American Navy, The81
Ames Street, Somerville42
Amherst College103
Amoskeag, Locks of50
Andersonville, Ga.23
Andros, Sir Edmund38
Appleton,—, Cross Street44
Arlington, Mass.15
Army of the Potomac, The23
Arnold, General Benedict86
Arnold, Mrs. Lilla E.76
Atlantic Monthly, The6
Auburn Ave., Somerville44
Austin, Ebenezer61
Ayer, John F.42, 77, 80, 85, 93
Ayers, George W.12, 23
Ayers, John22, 23
Ayers, Sally D.23
Ayers, Sally (Page)22, 23
Ayers, William22, 23
Bacon, Mrs. E. A. Lathrop8, 9, 10, 25
Bacon, Mrs. E. A. Lathrop, Poems of9
Bacon, Rev. Henry6, 8
Bacon, Rev. Henry, Memoir of9
Bacon, Henry, Jr.9, 10
Bailey, Ernest W.74
Bailey, Joshua22
Bailey, Mrs. Joshua22
Bailey House, The, Perkins Street44
Baird, Historian10
Baldwin, Loammi52, 53, 54, 55, 57
Ballou, Hosea, President Tufts College26
Bancroft, Historian92, 97
Barberry Lane42
Barrell, Joseph53
Barrett, Samuel, Jr., Schoolmaster, 172065
Bartlett's Address, 181360
Bates, Gov. John L., Address by77, 78, 86, 87, 92, 93
Bay State Colony, The14
Bedford, Mass.52
Belknap, Hon. Austin100, 101
Belknap, John100
Belknap, Robert W.101
Belknap, Ruth (Fay100
Bell, Dr. Luther V.2
Berlin, Germany11
Bernon, Gabriel12
Billerica, Mass.52, 54
Billerica Bridge54
Billerica Mills55
Binney, Captain Martin22, 23
Binney, Sally (Ayers23
Bird, Charles, Jr.42
Bishop of London38
Blessing of the Bay, The81
Blodgett, Daniel14
Blodgett, Samuel50
Bolbee, France12
Bolton, John, Homestead of45
Bonair Street, Somerville43, 44
Bonner Ave., Somerville46
Bonner, ‘Grandma’47
Bonner, William47
Boston Commercial Bulletin, The6
Boston Courier, The6
Boston Evening Transcript, The16
Boston & Lowell R. R.51, 55
Boston & Maine R. R.51
Boston Latin School20, 32
Boston Traveler, The2
BowLocks and Canal50, 57
Bowdoin College102
Bowdoin Family, The12
Bowdoin, Me.102
Bowles, John34
Brackenbury, John35
Brackenbury, Katherine35
Bradford, Alden89
Bradford, William2
Braintree, Mass.19, 33
Brastow Schoolhouse, The42
Brattle, William63
Breed's Hill90, 98
Brentnall, John, Schoolmaster, 172665
Brewer, Col.94
Brigden, Zechariah60
Brigham, Frances (Read)101
Brigham, Holloway101
Brigham, Jane P.101
Broadway Park100
Broadway, Somerville43, 44
Brooks, Elbridge Gerry7
Brooks, Elbridge Streeter7
Brooks, Elbridge Streeter, Fiction of7
Brooks, Elbridge Streeter, Works of7
Brooks Family, The, Medford66
Brooks, John53
Brooks's History of Medford61
Brooks, Peter56
Brooks, Phillips37
Brown, Captain, House of42
Brown, Rev. Joseph34
Bull Run, Battle of9
Bunker, Benjamin60
Bunker Hill73-99
Bunker Hill, Battle of14, 88, 89, 97
Bunker Hill Monument90
Burgoyne, Gen.86
Burnham, Nathan, Schoolmaster, 172765
Burr, Major John62
Burr, John Samuel, Jr.62
Burr, Rebecca62
Burr, Samuel, Schoolmaster, 170;62, 63
Burr, Sarah62
Byron, Lord31
Callendar, Captain John96
Cambridge, Mass.15, 82, 86, 88, 89, 91, 92, 96, 98
Camp Parole23
Canal Project, Result of49
Canal System, Plan of49

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