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Phillips, Wendell104
Phips, Samuel, Schoolmaster, 167434, 36, 38, 41, 60
Phipps, Emma61
Phipps, Katherine ( Brackenbury35
Phipps, Captain Samuel61, 63
Phipps, Solomon21, 34
Pillsbury, Harry N.66
Pillsbury, L. B.66, 74
Pillsbury, Mrs. Mary A.66
Piscataquog River50
Piscataquog Village50
Plymouth Colony, The81
Plymouth, Mass.7
Plymouth Rock78
Pomeroy, General Seth90
Pomfret, Conn.88
Poole, Captain Jonathan76
Pope School, The46
Porter, Jonathan52, 53
Potomac Canals, The54
Pottery, The, Somerville44
Powder House, The13, 81
Prescott, Col.86, 89, 90, 91, 93, 98, 99
Prescott Street, Somerville22, 42
Pritchard Family, The47
Private Schools, Charlestown60
Prospect Hill15, 25, 73, 92
Prospect Hill Church104
Prospect Hill Line of Intrenchments, Somerville, Marking of82
Prospect Hill Monument82, 85
Prospect Hill Park Celebration, The73
Prospect Hill Park, Dedication of73
Prospect Hill Park, Dedication Programme of77
Prospect Hill Tower, Commemorative Tablets74, 75, 76
Prospect Hill Schoolhouse46, 47
Prospect Street, Somerville47
Putnam, Rev. Dr. A. P.85
Putnam, Daniel94
Putnam, General Israel78-99
Putnam, Israel, Jr.94
Putnam's Flag86
Quarry Hill81
Queen Mary38
Quincy, Mass.7, 56
‘Rainbow, The’26
Randall, Mary L.103
Reading, Mass.15
Reed, General90
Reformation The10
Rehoboth, Mass.38
Rehoboth Baptist Church38
Revere, Paul27, 78
Revocation, The10
Revolutionary War, The15, 79
Richardson's Mill54
Robinson, Martha15
‘Rose of Sharon, The’9, 25, 27
Rouen, France11
Roxbury, Mass.100
Runey, Horace44
Runey, James S.45
Runey, John44, 45
Runey, John, House of44
Runey, Mrs. Maria M.45
Russell, Daniel60
Russell, Frank45
Russell, James, Recorder36
Russell, Thomas53
Rymes, Christopher E.22
Saint Lawrence River49, 52
Salem, Mass.40
Sanborn, David, House of47
Sanborn, David, Jr., House of47
Sanborn, Mrs. David47
Sandwich, England16
Sanitary Commission, The103
Sargent Ave., Somerville44
Sawyer, Mrs. Caroline M.27
Sawyer, Mrs. Caroline M., Poems of27, 28, 29, 30, 31
Sawyer, Dr. T. J.27
Scammans, Col.94
School Near Reading, First Outside ‘The Peninsula64
School, First, Charlestown15
School Fund, Charlestown, Beginnings of17
Schoolhouse, Town Hill, Description of64
School Street, Boston13
School Street, Somerville44
Scituate, Second Parish of16
Scott, Mrs. Julia H.27
Schuyler, Philip95
Sedgwick, Major17, 18
Sewall, Judge19, 20
Sewall, Samuel34
Shedd Place, The46, 47
Shepard, Isaac F.3
Shepard, Rev. Thomas32, 34
Ship Hercules16
Siege of Boston80
Sigourney Family, The12
Simsbury, Conn.19
Skilton, George43
Skilton, John43
Skilton Place, The43
Somerville Chapter, F. A. M.101
Somerville During Siege of Boston81
Somerville Historical Society1, 73, 74, 77, 81, 85, 102, 104
Somerville Historical Society, Officers of24, 48, 72
Somerville Hospital103
Somerville Journal5, 6, 76, 85
Somerville, Mass.15
‘Somerville Past and Present’37
Somerville Public Library22
Somerville Water Board22
Southampton, N. Y.103
‘Spinning Schools,’ Charlestown60
Sprague, Ralph16
Stark, General90
Starr, Comfort60
State House, Boston15
Stedman, John62
Stilson, William17
Stone Building, The46
Stone Family, The, House Owned by46
Stoneham, Mass.15
Stoneham, Mass., Set off, 172564
Storer, Ebenezer53
Stow, Elizabeth (Biggs19
Stow, John19
Stow, Nathan, Orderly Book of95, 96
Stow, Rev. Samuel, Schoolmaster, 165118,19
Stowers, Joanna40
Stowers, Richard40
Stratford, Conn.13
Stratton, John16
Sudbury, Mass.52
Sudbury, Mass., Causeway52
Sullivan, General78, 87
Sullivan, James49, 52, 53, 57

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