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List of members Past and present

Somerville Historical Society

1Mr. Herbert L. Adams

2Mr. Winifred C. Akers

Mrs. Julia R; Aldrich

3Mrs. Harrison Aldrich

4Mrs. Hannah Allen

5Miss Abbie A. Anderson

Mrs. Ellen P. Angler

6Mrs. H. B. Armstrong

78Mr. Frank L. Arnold

9Mrs. E. C. Ashton

1011Mr. John F. Ayer

12Mrs. John F. Ayer

Miss Frances M. Aymer

Miss Jane H. Aymer

Mr. Oliver Bacon

13Mr. Ernest W. Bailey

14Mr. Harold C. Bailey

15Mr. Fred C. Baldwin

16Mr. John N. Ball

Mr. William L. Barber

17Mr. William M. Barber

Mrs. Annie R. Barker

Mr. James A. Barker

18Mrs. Sarah J. Battelle

1920Mr. George L. Baxter

21Mr. Dana W. Bennett

22Col. Edwin C. Bennett

232425Mr. James F. Beard

26Miss Alice Burt Berry

27Mr. William H. Berry

Mr. Norman W. Bingham, Jr.

28Mr. Edward A. Binney

29Mrs. Elizabeth Blodgett

30Dr. E. C. Booth

31Mr. Belding B. D. Bourne

32Mr. Charles E. Bowers

Mr. S. Z. Bowman

33Mr. Harry P. Bradford

34Mr. Charles E. Brainard

Mr. William E. Brigham

3536Mrs. Hannah S. Brine

37Miss Nellie P. Brine

38Mr. William Percival Brine

3940Mr. Elbridge L. Brooks

41Mrs. Elbridge L. Brooks

Mr. George E. Brown

4243Hon. George A. Bruce

44Mr. Francis Boyer

45Mrs. Francis Boyer

46Mr. William Buckley

47Mr. Walter H. Bullard

48Mr. John Haskell Butler

49Pres. Elmer H. Canen

Mrs. L. P. Carlisle

50Mr. Allen P. Carpenter

5152Mrs. Allen P. Carpenter

53Mrs. Emily L. Carr

Miss Florence E. Carr

54Mr. Martin W. Carr

55Dr. A. C. Carvill

Mrs. Harriett A. Chamberlain

56Mr. Russell T. Chamberlain

57Mr. Leonard R. Chandler

58Mr. Annette F. Chapman

59Mr. Daniel E. Chase

Mrs. J. Walter Christie

60Mr. Elijah C. Clark

61Mr. Herbert L. Clark

62Mr. Wilbur S. Clarke

63Mr. Walter M. Codding

Mr. James Cohen

64Mr. Adelbert E. Cole

65Mr. Charles W. Colman

66Mr. Simon Connor

67Mr. William J. Corthell

68Mr. Edward Cox

69Mr. Edward S. Cox

70Mrs. Emma S. Cox

71Mr. William H. Cushman

7273Mr. Alfred M. Cutler

Mr. James R. Cutler

Mrs. Richard E. Cutler

74Mr. S. Newton Cutler

75Dr. Charles K. Cutter

Mr. Charles X. Dalton

Mrs. Charles X. Dalton

76Mrs. William E. Daniels

77Mr. Samuel C. Darling

Mr. Joshua H. Davis

78Dr. Roland A. Davis

Mr. James F. Davlin

7980Mr. Howard Dawson

Mr. Israel H. DeWolff

81Mr. George H. Derby

82Mr. Roswell C. Downer

8384Mr. Frank E. Dickerman

85Mr. George H. Dickerman

Mr. Quincy E. Dickerman

86Mrs. Quincy E. Dickerman

87Prof. A. E. Dolbear

88Mrs. Nellie Bradshaw Downer

89Mr. Edward W. Doyle

Miss Sarah M. Draper

90Mrs. Alma L. Durell

Mr. John H. Dusseault

Mr. Samuel C. Earle

91Miss Maverette E. Eddy

Mrs. Helen P. Edlefson

92Mr. Albert W. Edmands

93Mrs. Lucy Stone Edmands

9495Mr. Charles D. Elliot

Miss Clara Z. Elliot

9697Mrs. Emily J. Elliot

Miss Mary E. Elliot

Mrs. Charlotte P. Emerson

98Mr. John S. Emerson

99Mr. C. C. Farrington

100Miss Rebecca Fillebrown

101Mr. Frank E. Pitts

Mrs. Harriet A. Pitz

102103Mr. Otto Fleishner

104Mrs. Annie L. Fletcher

105Mr. William K. Fletcher

106Mrs. Mary B. Flint

107Mr. Warren F. Flint

108Mr. J. Henry Flitner

109Mr. Charts C. Folsom

Mr. Sam Walter Foss

1 Resigned.

2 Resigned.

3 Resigned.

4 Charter members.

5 Resigned.

6 Resigned.

7 Resigned.

8 Decreased.

9 Resigned.

10 Charter members.

11 Life members.

12 Charter members.

13 Resigned.

14 Resigned.

15 Resigned.

16 Resigned.

17 Resigned.

18 Resigned.

19 Charter members.

20 Life members.

21 Resigned.

22 Decreased.

23 Decreased.

24 Charter members.

25 Life members.

26 Life members.

27 Resigned.

28 Resigned.

29 Decreased.

30 Charter members.

31 Resigned.

32 Resigned.

33 Resigned.

34 Resigned.

35 Charter members.

36 Resigned.

37 Resigned.

38 Resigned.

39 Decreased.

40 Charter members.

41 Resigned.

42 Resigned.

43 Charter members.

44 Resigned.

45 Resigned.

46 Life members.

47 Resigned.

48 Resigned.

49 Decreased.

50 Charter members.

51 Charter members.

52 Resigned.

53 Resigned.

54 Decreased.

55 Charter members.

56 Resigned.

57 Decreased.

58 Resigned.

59 Decreased.

60 Resigned.

61 Resigned.

62 Resigned.

63 Life members.

64 Charter members.

65 Resigned.

66 Decreased.

67 Resigned.

68 Decreased.

69 Decreased.

70 Decreased.

71 Resigned.

72 Charter members.

73 Life members.

74 Life members.

75 Charter members.

76 Resigned.

77 Resigned.

78 Resigned.

79 Charter members.

80 Decreased.

81 Life members.

82 Resigned.

83 Resigned.

84 Life members.

85 Decreased.

86 Decreased.

87 Resigned.

88 Decreased.

89 Resigned.

90 Resigned.

91 Resigned.

92 Resigned.

93 Life members.

94 Charter members.

95 Life members.

96 Charter members.

97 Life members.

98 Life members.

99 Resigned.

100 Resigned.

101 Resigned.

102 Charter members.

103 Resigned.

104 Resigned.

105 Resigned.

106 Resigned.

107 Resigned.

108 Resigned.

109 Resigned.

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Quincy E. Dickerman (2)
Charles X. Dalton (2)
Allen P. Carpenter (2)
Elbridge L. Brooks (2)
Francis Boyer (2)
John F. Ayer (2)
Harrison Aldrich (2)
Harriet A. Pitz (1)
Frank E. Pitts (1)
Julia (1)
Sam Walter Foss (1)
Charts C. Folsom (1)
J. Henry Flitner (1)
Warren F. Flint (1)
Mary B. Flint (1)
William K. Fletcher (1)
Annie L. Fletcher (1)
Otto Fleishner (1)
Rebecca Fillebrown (1)
C. C. Farrington (1)
John S. Emerson (1)
Charlotte P. Emerson (1)
Mary E. Elliot (1)
Emily J. Elliot (1)
Clara Z. Elliot (1)
Charles D. Elliot (1)
Lucy Stone Edmands (1)
Albert W. Edmands (1)
Helen P. Edlefson (1)
Maverette E. Eddy (1)
Samuel C. Earle (1)
John H. Dusseault (1)
Alma L. Durell (1)
Sarah M. Draper (1)
Edward W. Doyle (1)
Roswell C. Downer (1)
Nellie Bradshaw Downer (1)
A. E. Dolbear (1)
George H. Dickerman (1)
Frank E. Dickerman (1)
Israel H. DeWolff (1)
George H. Derby (1)
Howard Dawson (1)
James F. Davlin (1)
Roland A. Davis (1)
Joshua H. Davis (1)
Samuel C. Darling (1)
William E. Daniels (1)
Charles K. Cutter (1)
S. Newton Cutler (1)
Richard E. Cutler (1)
James R. Cutler (1)
Alfred Morton Cutler (1)
William H. Cushman (1)
Emma S. Cox (1)
Edward S. Cox (1)
Edward Cox (1)
William J. Corthell (1)
Simon Connor (1)
Charles W. Colman (1)
Adelbert E. Cole (1)
James Cohen (1)
Walter M. Codding (1)
Wilbur S. Clarke (1)
Herbert L. Clark (1)
Elijah C. Clark (1)
J. Walter Christie (1)
Daniel E. Chase (1)
Annette F. Chapman (1)
Leonard R. Chandler (1)
Russell T. Chamberlain (1)
Harriett A. Chamberlain (1)
A. C. Carvill (1)
Martin W. Carr (1)
Florence E. Carr (1)
Emily L. Carr (1)
L. P. Carlisle (1)
Elmer H. Canen (1)
John Haskell Butler (1)
Walter H. Bullard (1)
William Buckley (1)
George A. Bruce (1)
George E. Brown (1)
William Percival Brine (1)
Nellie P. Brine (1)
Hannah S. Brine (1)
William E. Brigham (1)
Charles E. Brainard (1)
Harry P. Bradford (1)
S. Z. Bowman (1)
Charles E. Bowers (1)
Belding B. D. Bourne (1)
Edward C. Booth (1)
Elizabeth Blodgett (1)
Edward A. Binney (1)
Norman W. Bingham (1)
William H. Berry (1)
Alice Burt Berry (1)
Edwin Clark Bennett (1)
Dana W. Bennett (1)
James F. Beard (1)
George L. Baxter (1)
Sarah J. Battelle (1)
James A. Barker (1)
Annie R. Barker (1)
William M. Barber (1)
William L. Barber (1)
John N. Ball (1)
Fred C. Baldwin (1)
Harold C. Bailey (1)
Ernest W. Bailey (1)
Oliver Bacon (1)
Jane H. Aymer (1)
Frances M. Aymer (1)
E. C. Ashton (1)
Frank L. Arnold (1)
H. B. Armstrong (1)
Ellen P. Angler (1)
Abbie A. Anderson (1)
Hannah Allen (1)
Winifred C. Akers (1)
Herbert L. Adams (1)
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