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1Mrs. Mae D. Frazar

Mr. Benjamin F. Freeman

2Mrs. Charles H. Frye

3Miss Emma Frye

Mrs. Stephen M. Fuller

Miss Anna S. Gage

45Mrs. Barbara Galpin

6Mr. Merle S. Getchell

7Mr. Joseph J. Giles

8Mr. J. Frank Giles

9Mr. B. W. Gillette

10Mrs. Eunice M. Gilmore

11Mr. Howard A. Gilson

12Mrs. Mary E. Gilson

13Mr. Valentine E. Gilson

14Col. Edward Glines

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Goodrich

Mr. Frank W. Goodrich

Mr. George A. Gordon

15Mr. Henry C. Graves

Mrs. Emma Walter Gray

Rev. Francis A. Gray

Mr. Walter F. Grieves

1617Mr. Nelson H. Grover

Mrs. Emma P. Hadley

Mr. Henry S. Hadley

Miss Mary A. Haley

18Mr. John E. Hall

Mrs. Alice S. Hanson

19Mr. J. Torr Harmer

20Mr. Albert L. Haskell

2122Mrs. Mary M. Haven

Mr. Frank M. Hawes

Mrs. Harriet F. Hawes

Mr. Levi L. Hawes

Mrs. Mary D. Hawes

23Mr. Joseph O. Hayden

24Miss Edith B. Hayes

Mrs. Emma S. Hayes

2526Mr. John S. Hayes

27Miss Lydia Y. Hayes

Mrs. Helen E. Heald

28Mrs. Charles M. Hemenway

29Mrs. Caroline E. Henderson

30Mr. John Herbert

31Mrs. Georgiana Hill

32Mr. Herbert P. Hill

Mr. William H. Hilling

33Mr. William H. Hodgkins

34Mr. Frank S. Holden

Mrs. Florence E. Holmes

Mr. John Albert Holmes--

Mr. William B. Holmes

Mr. Charles W. Hopkins

Mr. James R. Hopkins

35Miss Isabel F. Horne

36Mr. Frederick C. Hosmer

Mr. George M. Houghton

37Mr. J. C. Howard

38Mr. O. C. Hubbard

39Mrs. Anna H. Hunkins

S40Miss Agnes M. Hunt

Mr. James F. Hunt

41Mr. Charles H. Hunter

Mrs. Ella Ruth Hurd

42Mr. George H. Ireland

43Mr. Fred D. Irish

44Mrs. Ann E. Johnson

45Miss Edith Johnson

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Johnson (nee Hammond

4647Mr. Melville D. Jones

48Mr. William P. Jones

Miss Mary H. Joyce

49Mr. Frank W. Kaan

50Mr. James E. Kelly

51Mr. Isaac B. Kendall

Mr. Andrew M. Kidder

Mr. Arthur T. Kidder

Mr. George A. Kimball

Mrs. George A. Kimball

Miss Marion Knapp

52Mrs. O. S. Knapp

5354Mrs. Alice E. Lake

55Miss Elsie S. Lake

Mr. F. DeWitt Lapham

Mrs. F. DeWitt Lapham

56Mrs. Anna S. Leighton

57Mr James H. Leighton

58Mrs. Catherine Libby

Mr. Charles P. Lincoln

5960Mr. Charles S. Lincoln

61Mrs. Emma A. Lincoln

Mr. Williston Lincoln

6263Mr. George E. Littlefield

64Mr. Samuel T. Littlefield

Mrs. Samuel T. Littlefield

$65Mr. Ernest S. Loring

66Mrs. Ernest S. Loring

6768Mr. George F. Loring

69Mrs. Sarah F. Loring

70Mrs. Martha P. Lowe

Mrs. Mabel F. Luce

71Mr. Robert Luce

72Miss Eliza F. McKay

73Miss Mary M. McKay

74Mr. G. Roscoe Marsh

75Mr. George L. Marshall

76Mr. Seth Mason

Prof. David L. Maulsby

Mrs. David L. Maulsby

Mrs. Caroline L. Maynard

77Mrs. E. A. Maynard

78Mr. Walter C. Mentzer

Mr. Fred H. Merrifield

Mr. Frank E. Merrill

79Mrs. May J. Miller

Mrs. Harriet G. Minot

80Mr. Walter H. Mitchell

81Mr. William P. Mitchell

Mr. Horace H. Morse

Mrs. John E. A. Mulliken

82Mr. Arthur B. Munroe

83Mr. Edwin F. Nealley

84Mr. WTilliam M. Newton

85Mr. G. Leslie Nichols

86Mr. John L. Nichols

87Mrs. John L. Nichols

Miss Mary E. Northup

88Mr. Thomas T. O'Malley

Mrs. Sarah M. Osgood

Mr. Henry D. Padelford

89Mr. Harold P. Palmer

9091 Mr. Frederick W. Parker

Mrs. Frederick W. Parker

92Mrs. Clara B. Parkhurst

Mr. Melville C. Parkhurst

93Mr. Charles E. Parks

94Mr. Edward L. Pease

Mrs. Ella Worth Pendergast

Mr. George H. Pengergast

Mrs. Leila Colby Pennock

95Mr. Nathan L. Pennock

Hon. Albion A. Perry

Dr. Eugenie M. Phillips

Mr. Richard E. Pickthall

96Mr. Luther B. Pillsbury

Mrs. Mary A. Pillsbury

1 Resigned.

2 Resigned.

3 Resigned.

4 s

5 Resigned.

6 Resigned.

7 Resigned.

8 Resigned.

9 Resigned.

10 Life members.

11 Resigned.

12 Resigned.

13 Resigned.

14 Life members.

15 Resigned.

16 Charter members.

17 Resigned.

18 Resigned.

19 Life members.

20 Charter members.

21 Charter members.

22 Resigned.

23 Life members.

24 Resigned.

25 Charter members.

26 Deceased.

27 Resigned.

28 Charter members.

29 Deceased.

30 Resigned.

31 Resigned.

32 Resigned.

33 Deceased.

34 Resigned.

35 Deceased.

36 Resigned.

37 Resigned.

38 Charter members.

39 Resigned.

40 Resigned.

41 Resigned.

42 Deceased.

43 Deceased.

44 Resigned.

45 Charter members.

46 Charter members.

47 Resigned.

48 Charter members.

49 Charter members.

50 Resigned.

51 Deceased.

52 Deceased.

53 Resigned.

54 Charter members.

55 Resigned.

56 Charter members.

57 Charter members.

58 Deceased.

59 Charter members.

60 Deceased.

61 Resigned.

62 Charter members.

63 Life members.

64 Life members.

65 Charter members.

66 Resigned.

67 Resigned.

68 Charter members.

69 Charter members.

70 Deceased.

71 Charter members.

72 Resigned.

73 Deceased.

74 Resigned.

75 Resigned.

76 Life members.

77 Resigned.

78 Resigned.

79 Resigned.

80 Resigned.

81 Resigned.

82 Charter members.

83 Resigned.

84 Deceased.

85 Resigned.

86 Resigned.

87 Resigned.

88 Resigned.

89 Resigned.

90 Charter members.

91 Life members.

92 Resigned.

93 Deceased.

94 Resigned.

95 Deceased.

96 Deceased.

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Frederick W. Parker (2)
John L. Nichols (2)
David L. Maulsby (2)
Ernest S. Loring (2)
Samuel T. Littlefield (2)
F. DeWitt Lapham (2)
George A. Kimball (2)
Mary A. Pillsbury (1)
Luther Batchelder Pillsbury (1)
Richard E. Pickthall (1)
Eugenie M. Phillips (1)
Albion A. Perry (1)
Nathan L. Pennock (1)
Leila Colby Pennock (1)
George H. Pengergast (1)
Ella Worth Pendergast (1)
Edward L. Pease (1)
Charles E. Parks (1)
Melville C. Parkhurst (1)
Clara B. Parkhurst (1)
Harold P. Palmer (1)
Henry D. Padelford (1)
Sarah M. Osgood (1)
Thomas T. O'Malley (1)
Mary E. Northup (1)
G. Leslie Nichols (1)
WTilliam M. Newton (1)
Edwin F. Nealley (1)
Arthur B. Munroe (1)
John E. A. Mulliken (1)
Horace H. Morse (1)
William P. Mitchell (1)
Walter H. Mitchell (1)
Harriet G. Minot (1)
May J. Miller (1)
Frank E. Merrill (1)
Fred H. Merrifield (1)
Walter C. Mentzer (1)
Mary M. McKay (1)
Eliza F. McKay (1)
E. A. Maynard (1)
Caroline L. Maynard (1)
Seth Mason (1)
George L. Marshall (1)
G. Roscoe Marsh (1)
Robert Luce (1)
Mabel F. Luce (1)
Martha Perry Lowe (1)
Sarah F. Loring (1)
George F. Loring (1)
George E. Littlefield (1)
Williston Lincoln (1)
Emma A. Lincoln (1)
Charles S. Lincoln (1)
Charles P. Lincoln (1)
Catherine Libby (1)
James H. Leighton (1)
Anna S. Leighton (1)
Elsie S. Lake (1)
Alice E. Lake (1)
Oren S. Knapp (1)
Marion Knapp (1)
Arthur T. Kidder (1)
Andrew M. Kidder (1)
Isaac B. Kendall (1)
James E. Kelly (1)
Frank W. Kaan (1)
Mary H. Joyce (1)
William P. Jones (1)
Melville D. Jones (1)
Elizabeth T. Johnson (1)
Edith Johnson (1)
Ann E. Johnson (1)
Fred D. Irish (1)
George H. Ireland (1)
Ella Ruth Hurd (1)
Charles H. Hunter (1)
James F. Hunt (1)
Agnes M. Hunt (1)
Anna H. Hunkins (1)
O. C. Hubbard (1)
J. C. Howard (1)
George M. Houghton (1)
Frederick C. Hosmer (1)
Isabel F. Horne (1)
James R. Hopkins (1)
Charles W. Hopkins (1)
William B. Holmes (1)
John Albert Holmes (1)
Florence E. Holmes (1)
Frank S. Holden (1)
William H. Hodgkins (1)
William H. Hilling (1)
Herbert P. Hill (1)
Georgiana Hill (1)
John Herbert (1)
Caroline E. Henderson (1)
Charles M. Hemenway (1)
Helen E. Heald (1)
Lydia Y. Hayes (1)
John S. Hayes (1)
Emma S. Hayes (1)
Edith B. Hayes (1)
Joseph O. Hayden (1)
Mary D. Hawes (1)
Levi L. Hawes (1)
Harriet F. Hawes (1)
Frank M. Hawes (1)
Mary M. Haven (1)
Albert L. Haskell (1)
J. Torr Harmer (1)
Alice S. Hanson (1)
Elizabeth F. Hammond (1)
John E. Hall (1)
Mary A. Haley (1)
Henry S. Hadley (1)
Emma P. Hadley (1)
Nelson H. Grover (1)
Walter F. Grieves (1)
Francis A. Gray (1)
Emma Walter Gray (1)
Henry C. Graves (1)
George A. Gordon (1)
Frank W. Goodrich (1)
Elizabeth F. Goodrich (1)
Edward Glines (1)
Valentine E. Gilson (1)
Mary E. Gilson (1)
Howard A. Gilson (1)
Eunice M. Gilmore (1)
B. W. Gillette (1)
Joseph J. Giles (1)
J. Frank Giles (1)
Merle S. Getchell (1)
Barbara Galpin (1)
Anna S. Gage (1)
Stephen M. Fuller (1)
Emma Frye (1)
Charles H. Frye (1)
Benjamin F. Freeman (1)
Mae D. Frazar (1)
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