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1Mr. Henry W. Pitman

2Mr. Chester A. Polsey

3Mr. George S. Poole

4Mrs. Charles G. Pope

5Rev. Levi M. Powers

6Hon. George O. Proctor

7Mr. William H. Ralph

8Mrs. William H. Ralph

9Hon. Frank H. Raymond

10Mrs. Clara B. Reed

11Mr. Edwin F. Reed

12Mr. James F. Reynolds

Mrs. R. H. Rhodes

13Mr. Charles F. Rice

Mrs. Isaac Rich

Mr. Samuel T. Richards

Mr. W. C. Richardson

Mrs. W. C. Richardson

Mrs. Carrie E. Robertson

Mr. Charles S. Robertson

14Mr. Albert M. Robinson

15Mr. Warren J. Robinson

16Mr. Cromwell G. Rowell

Mr. Christopher E. Rymes

17Mrs. Clara B. Sackett

Mr. Stephen D. Salmon

Miss Adaline L. Sanborn

1819Mr. Charles E. Sanborn

20Mr. Clifton P. Sanborn

21Mr. Daniel W. Sanborn

Mr. J. Walter Sanborn

Mrs. Lillian K. H. Sanborn

Mr. William A. Sanborn

22Mrs. Abbie M. Sanderson

Mr. Aaron Sargent

Mr. A. Eugene Sargent

23Mr. Charles W. Sawyer

24Mr. Walter S. Sawyer

25Mrs. Amelia J. Sears

2627Mr. Charles I. Shepard

28Mr. George C. Skilton

Mr. Arthur A. Smith

29Miss Marie T. Smith

30Mrs. Nellie P. Smith

31Mrs. Sarah A. Smith

32Mr. Winthrop Smith

Mr. Lemuel H. Snow

33Mrs. A. G. Sollers

3435Mr. Gordon A. Southworth

3637Mrs. Gordon A. Southworth

38Miss Mary E. Stiles

39Mr. Frederic W. Stone

40Mrs. S. A. Stone

41Miss Sara A. Stone

42Judge Isaac Story

43Mr. Isaac M. Story

44Miss Annie G. Stover

45Miss Amy B. Sylvester

46Mrs. Clara A. Sylvester

47Mr. John E. Sylvester

48Mrs. Clara Taytor

49Mrs. Isadore Taylor

50Mr. Frank A. Teele

51Miss Jeanette P. Teele

52Mr. Edward F. Thayer

53Mrs. Francis E. Thornton

54Mr. Elmer E. Tilden

55Mrs. Elmer E. Tilden

56Miss Helen Tinker

5758Rev. Anson Titus

Mr. Andrew Tower

Miss Harriet E. Tuell

596061Mr. Albert Tufts

62Miss Alice M. Tufts

Mr. Francis Tufts

Miss Martha B. Tufts

63Mrs. Mary L. Tufts

Mr. Timothy Tufts

64Mr. William Fuller Tufts

65Miss Minnie S. Turner

66Mr. Augustus Underhill

67Mrs. Augustus Underhill

Mr. Herbert E. Valentine

68Mr. William Veazie

69Miss Anna P. Vinal

70Miss Louise A. Vinal

71Mrs. S. Augusta Vinal

7273Mr. Quincy A. Vinal

74Mr. George I. Vincent

75Mr. Rufus R. Wade

7677Mr. George M. Wadsworth

78Miss Lizzie F. Wait

79Mrs. Mary E. Walker

80Mr. Lewis A. Wallon

81Mr. W. Fred Walters

82Mrs. W. Fred Walters

Miss Elizabeth A. Waters

83Mr. William E. Weld

84Miss Mina J. Wendell

8586Mr. J. Frank Wellington

Mrs. Hansom D. Wentworth

8788Hon. L. Roger Wentworth

89Mr. Thomas S. Wentworth

90Mr. Charles A. West

91Mrs. Charles A. West

92Miss Alice L. Westgate

93Mr. George A. Whipple

94Dr. Horace C. White

95Mr. J. Harvey White

Mr. W. W. White

96Mr. Charles T. C. Whitcomb

97Mr. William A. Whitehouse

9899Mrs. William A. Whitehouse

100Mrs. George Whiting

Mr. James F. Whitney

101Mr. B. Frank Wild

102Mr. Charles F. Wilder

103Mrs. Frances A. Wilder

104105Mr. William J. Willard

106Mr. Charles Williams, Jr.

107Mr. B. T. Williston

108Mrs. B. T. Williston

Mrs. Mary E. Winning

Mr. Albert E. Winship

109110Mrs. Amelia Wood

111Miss Katherine W. Wood

112Mr. James H. Woods

Mr. John M. Woods

113Mrs. Lucy A. Woods

114Miss Grace M. Wright

Mr. Alphonso A. Wyman

1 Resigned.

2 Resigned.

3 Life members.

4 Resigned.

5 Resigned.

6 Life members.

7 Resigned.

8 Resigned.

9 Charter members.

10 Resigned.

11 Resigned.

12 Resigned.

13 Resigned.

14 Resigned.

15 Resigned.

16 Deceased.

17 Resigned.

18 Deceased.

19 Life members.

20 Resigned.

21 Resigned.

22 Resigned.

23 Deceased.

24 Resigned.

25 Resigned.

26 Charter members.

27 Resigned.

28 Resigned.

29 Resigned.

30 Resigned.

31 Resigned.

32 Resigned.

33 Resigned.

34 Charter members.

35 Resigned.

36 Charter members.

37 Resigned.

38 Resigned.

39 Charter members.

40 Resigned.

41 Charter members.

42 Deceased.

43 Resigned.

44 Resigned.

45 Resigned.

46 Resigned.

47 Resigned.

48 Resigned.

49 Resigned.

50 Resigned.

51 Resigned.

52 Resigned.

53 Resigned.

54 Resigned.

55 Resigned.

56 Resigned.

57 Charter members.

58 Resigned.

59 Charter members.

60 Life members.

61 Deceased.

62 Resigned.

63 Resigned.

64 Deceased.

65 Resigned.

66 Resigned.

67 Resigned.

68 Deceased.

69 Charter members.

70 Charter members.

71 Charter members.

72 Deceased.

73 Charter members.

74 Deceased.

75 Deceased.

76 Charter members.

77 Resigned.

78 Resigned.

79 Deceased.

80 Resigned.

81 Resigned.

82 Resigned.

83 Resigned.

84 Life members.

85 Charter members.

86 Life members.

87 Charter members.

88 Life members.

89 Resigned.

90 Resigned.

91 Resigned.

92 Resigned.

93 Resigned.

94 Deceased.

95 Charter members.

96 Resigned.

97 Resigned.

98 Charter members.

99 Resigned.

100 Resigned.

101 Life members.

102 Resigned.

103 Resigned.

104 Charter members.

105 Resigned.

106 Life members.

107 Resigned.

108 Resigned.

109 Deceased.

110 Resigned.

111 Resigned.

112 Resigned.

113 Resigned.

114 Resigned.

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B. T. Williston (2)
William A. Whitehouse (2)
Charles A. West (2)
W. Fred Walters (2)
Augustus Underhill (2)
Elmer E. Tilden (2)
Sara A. Stone (2)
Gordon A. Southworth (2)
W. C. Richardson (2)
William H. Ralph (2)
Alphonso A. Wyman (1)
Grace M. Wright (1)
Lucy A. Woods (1)
John M. Woods (1)
James H. Woods (1)
Katherine W. Wood (1)
Amelia Wood (1)
Albert E. Winship (1)
Mary E. Winning (1)
Charles Williams (1)
William J. Willard (1)
Frances A. Wilder (1)
Charles F. Wilder (1)
B. Frank Wild (1)
James F. Whitney (1)
George Whiting (1)
W. W. White (1)
J. Harvey White (1)
Horace C. White (1)
Charles T. C. Whitcomb (1)
George A. Whipple (1)
Alice L. Westgate (1)
Thomas S. Wentworth (1)
L. Roger Wentworth (1)
Hansom D. Wentworth (1)
Mina J. Wendell (1)
J. Frank Wellington (1)
William E. Weld (1)
Elizabeth A. Waters (1)
Lewis A. Wallon (1)
Mary E. Walker (1)
Lizzie F. Wait (1)
George M. Wadsworth (1)
Rufus R. Wade (1)
George I. Vincent (1)
S. Augusta Vinal (1)
Quincy A. Vinal (1)
Louise A. Vinal (1)
Anna P. Vinal (1)
William Veazie (1)
Herbert E. Valentine (1)
Minnie S. Turner (1)
William Fuller Tufts (1)
Timothy Tufts (1)
Mary L. Tufts (1)
Martha B. Tufts (1)
Francis Tufts (1)
Alice M. Tufts (1)
Albert Tufts (1)
Harriet E. Tuell (1)
Andrew Tower (1)
Anson Titus (1)
Helen Tinker (1)
Francis E. Thornton (1)
Edward F. Thayer (1)
Jeanette P. Teele (1)
Frank A. Teele (1)
Clara Taytor (1)
Isadore Taylor (1)
John E. Sylvester (1)
Clara A. Sylvester (1)
Amy B. Sylvester (1)
Annie G. Stover (1)
Isaac M. Story (1)
Isaac Story (1)
Frederic W. Stone (1)
Mary E. Stiles (1)
A. G. Sollers (1)
Lemuel H. Snow (1)
Winthrop Smith (1)
Sarah A. Smith (1)
Nellie P. Smith (1)
Marie T. Smith (1)
Arthur A. Smith (1)
George C. Skilton (1)
Charles I. Shepard (1)
Amelia J. Sears (1)
Walter S. Sawyer (1)
Charles W. Sawyer (1)
Aaron Sargent (1)
A. Eugene Sargent (1)
Abbie M. Sanderson (1)
William A. Sanborn (1)
Lillian K. H. Sanborn (1)
J. Walter Sanborn (1)
Daniel W. Sanborn (1)
Clifton P. Sanborn (1)
Charles E. Sanborn (1)
Adaline L. Sanborn (1)
Stephen D. Salmon (1)
Clara B. Sackett (1)
Christopher E. Rymes (1)
Cromwell G. Rowell (1)
Warren J. Robinson (1)
Albert M. Robinson (1)
Charles S. Robertson (1)
Carrie E. Robertson (1)
Samuel T. Richards (1)
Isaac Rich (1)
Charles F. Rice (1)
R. H. Rhodes (1)
James F. Reynolds (1)
Edwin F. Reed (1)
Clara B. Reed (1)
Frank H. Raymond (1)
George O. Proctor (1)
Levi M. Powers (1)
Charles G. Pope (1)
George S. Poole (1)
Chester A. Polsey (1)
Henry W. Pitman (1)
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