IV. a list of Mr. Whittier's Poems,

Arranged Chronologically.

This list follows the dates given with the poems. In the few cases where the dates have not been determined exactly, the poems are placed in the group with which they were published, when collected in volumes. The order is by years, and no attempt has here been made to preserve the exact order of composition under the year.

1825The Exile's Departure.
The Deity.
The Vale of the Merrimac.
1828The Sicilian Vespers.
The Earthquake.
The Song of the Vermonters.
1829The Spirit of the North.
Judith at the Tent of Holofernes.
The Drunkard to his Bottle.
The Past and Coming Year.
1830The Fair Quakeress.
The Vaudois Teacher.
The Star of Bethlehem.
The Frost Spirit.
1831Isabella of Austria.
The Fratricide.
The Cities of the Plain.
Stanzas: ‘Bind up thy tresses.’
To William Lloyd Garrison.
To a Poetical Trio in the City of Gotham.
1833The Female Martyr.
The Missionary.
The Call of the Christian.


Extract from ‘A New England Legend.’
Toussaint L'Ouverture.
1834Mogg Megone.
The Crucifixion.
Hymn: ‘O Thou whose presence went before.’
The Slave-Ships.
To the Memory of Charles B. Storrs.
A Lament.
1835The Demon of the Study.
The Yankee Girl.
The Hunters of Men.
Stanzas for the Times.
The Prisoner for Debt.
1836A Day.
Clerical Oppressors.
A Summons.
To the Memory of Thomas Shipley.
The Moral Warfare.
The Fountain.
Hymns from the French of Lamartine.
Hymn: ‘O Holy Father, just and true.’
The Pastoral Letter.
Lines on the Death of S. Oliver Torrey.
The Familist's Hymn.
Pennsylvania Hall.
Album Verses.
The Farewell of a Virginia Slave Mother.
The Quaker of the Olden Time.
1839The New Year.
The Relic.
The World's Convention.
1840To——, with a copy of Woolman's Journal.
1841The Cypress Tree of Ceylon.
St. John.


The Exiles.
Funeral Tree of the Sokokis.
The Norsemen.
The Merrimac.
Lucy Hooper.
To a Friend.
Leggett's Monument.
The Gallows.
1843The Knight of St. John.
Cassandra Southwick.
The New Wife and the Old.
Hampton Beach.
To J. P.
Chalkley Hall.
Massachusetts to Virginia.
The Christian Slave.
Seed-Time and Harvest.
To the Reformers of England.
The Human Sacrifice.
1844The Pumpkin.
The Bridal of Pennacook.
To Massachusetts.
The Sentence of John L. Brown.
To Faneuil Hall.
1845New Hampshire.
At Washington.
To my Friend on the Death of his Sister.
The Shoemakers.
The Fishermen.
The Lumbermen.


1846The Ship-Builders.
The Pine-Tree.
Lines from a Letter to a Young Clerical Friend.
To Ronge.
The Branded Hand.
The Reformer.
To a Southern Statesman.
Daniel Neall.
A Letter supposed to be written by the Chairman of
the Central Clique at Concord, N. H.
The Freed Islands.
1847The Lost Statesman.
The Angels of Buena Vista.
Barclay of Ury.
To Delaware.
Song of Slaves in the Desert.
The Huskers.
The Drovers.
Daniel Wheeler.
My Soul and I.
To my Sister.
The Wife of Manoah to her Husband.
The Angel of Patience.
What the Voice said.
A Dream of Summer.
My Thanks.
Randolph of Roanoke.
1848The Slaves of Martinique.
The Curse of the Charter Breakers.
The Wish of To-Day.
The Poor Voter on Election Day.
The Crisis.
The Reward.
The Holy Land.


The Peace Convention at Brussels.
1849Calef in Boston.
To Pius IX.
On Receiving an Eagle's Quill from Lake Superior.
Our State.
To Fredrika Bremer.
The Men of Old.
The Christian Tourists.
The Lakeside.
Autumn Thoughts.
The Legend of St. Mark.
1850The Well of Loch Maree.
In the Evil Day.
The Hill-Top.
To Avis Keene.
A Sabbath Scene.
Lines on the Portrait of a Celebrated Publisher.
All's Well.
The Chapel of the Hermits.
The Prisoners of Naples.
To my Old Schoolmaster.
In Peace.
To ——. Lines written after a Summer Day's Excursion.
What State Street said.
The Cross.
First-Day Thoughts.
Questions of Life.
The Disenthralled.


The Peace of Europe.
Summer by the Lakeside.
My Namesake.
The Dream of Pio Nono.
The Hero.
Official Piety.
1854The Voices.
William Forster.
Charles Sumner.
The Rendition.
The Haschish.
The Fruit Gift.
Maud Muller.
The Hermit of the Thebaid.
Letter from a Missionary of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
The Kansas Emigrants.
A Memory.
1855The Barefoot Boy.
My Dream.
Flowers in Winter.
Arisen at Last.
For Righteousness' Sake.
Inscription on a Sun-Dial.
1856The Ranger.
The Mayflower.
The Conquest of Finland.
The New Exodus.
A Lay of Old Time.
A Song, inscribed to the Fremont Clubs.
A Fremont Campaign Song.
What of the Day.
A Song for the Time.


The Pass of the Sierra.
The Panorama.
Burial of Barber.
To Pennsylvania.
Mary Garvin.
1857Moloch in State Street.
The First Flowers.
The Sycamores.
Mabel Martin.
Skipper Ireson's Ride.
The Garrison of Cape Ann.
The Last Walk in Autumn.
The Gift of Tritemius.
1858To James T. Fields.
The Palm-Tree.
From Perugia.
Le Marais du Cygne.
The Eve of Election.
The Old Burying Ground.
The Sisters.
The Pipes at Lucknow.
The Swan Song of Parson Avery.
Telling the Bees.
A Song of Harvest.
George B. Cheever.
The Cable Hymn.
1859Kenoza Lake.
The Preacher.
The Red River Voyageur.
The Double-Headed Snake of Newbury,.
‘The Rock’ in El Ghor.
In Remembrance of Joseph Sturge.
The Over Heart.
My Psalm.
The Memory of Burns.
Brown of Ossawatomie.
On a Prayer Book.
The Prophecy of Samuel Sewall.


For an Autumn Festival.
1860The Truce of Piscataqua.
The Shadow and the Light.
My Playmate.
The River Path.
The Summons.
The Quaker Alumni.
The Quakers are out.
1861To William H. Seward.
Thy Will be done.
To John C. Fremont.
A Word for the Hour.
‘Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott.’
Cobbler Keezar's Vision.
Our River.
A Legend of the Lake.
1862Amy Wentworth.
At Port Royal.
The Cry of a Lost Soul.
Mountain Pictures.
To Englishmen.
The Watchers.
The Waiting.
The Battle Autumn of 1862.
Astraea at the Capitol.
1863The Proclamation.
The Answer.
To Samuel E. Sewall and Harriet W. Sewall.
A Memorial.
Andrew Rykman's Prayer.
The Countess.
Barbara Frietchie.
Anniversary Poem.
Hymn sung at Christmas by the Scholars of St.Helena's Island, S. C. Mithridates at Chios.
1864The Vanishers.


What the Birds said.
The Brother of Mercy.
The Wreck of Rivermouth.
Bryant on his Birthday.
Thomas Starr King.
Hymn for the Opening of Thomas Starr King's House of Worship.
Lines on leaving Appledore.
To the Thirty-ninth Congress.
The Changeling.
The Grave by the Lake.
Kallundborg Church.
Hymn for the Celebration of Emancipation at Newburyport.
Laus Deo.
The Mantle of St. John de Matha.
The Peace Autumn.
The Eternal Goodness.
The Common Question.
Our Master.
Abraham Davenport.
Lines on a Fly Leaf.
The Maids of Attitash.
The Dead Ship of Harpswell.
Letter to Lucy Larcom.
1867George L. Stearns.
The Worship of Nature.
Freedom in Brazil.
The Palatine.
The Tent on the Beach.
1868The Hive at Gettysburg.
Divine Compassion.
The Clear Vision.
The Meeting.
The Two Rabbins.
Among the Hills.
The Dole of Jarl Thorkell.


Hymn for the House of Worship at Georgetown.
An Autograph.
1869Howard at Atlanta.
The Pageant.
In School-Days.
To Lydia Maria Child.
My Triumph.
Nauhaught, the Deacon.
The Prayer-Seeker.
The Laurels.
A Spiritual Manifestation.
To Lucy Larcom.
1871The Sisters.
The Robin.
The Singer.
How Mary Grew.
My Birthday.
1872The Pressed Gentian.
A Woman.
The Pennsylvania Pilgrim.
The Three Bells.
King Volmer and Elsie.
The Brewing of Soma.
Hymn for the Opening of Plymouth Church.
1873Conductor Bradley.
John Underhill.
A Mystery.
In Quest.
The Friend's Burial.
The Prayer of Agassiz.
A Christmas Carmen.
The Golden Wedding of Longwood.


A Sea Dream.
Hazel Blossoms.
1875‘I was a Stranger and ye took me in.’
The Two Angels.
The Healer.
Child Songs.
The Library.
A Farewell.
1876June on the Merrimac.
Sunset on the Bearcamp.
Centennial Hymn.
1877Giving and Taking.
Hymn of the Dunkers.
The Henchman.
In the ‘Old South.’
Red Riding Hood.
The Witch of Wenham.
The Problem.
Fitz-Greene Halleck.
King Solomon and the Ants.
In Response.
At School Close.
1878The Seeking of the Waterfall.
At Eventide.
Oriental Maxims.
The Vision of Echard.
William Francis Bartlett.
Hymn of the Children.
1879The Khan's Devil.
The Trailing Arbutus.
The Dead Feast of the Kol Folk.
Our Autocrat.
Bayard Taylor.
The Emancipation Group.


The Landmarks.
1880My Trust.
The Lost Occasion.
Voyage of the Jettie.
A Name.
Tile King's Missive.
St. Martin's Summer.
The Minister's Daughter.
The Jubilee Singers.
1881Within the Gate.
The Book.
Rabbi Ishmael.
The Rock Tomb of Bradore.
By their Works.
The Word.
The Memory.
1882The Bay of Seven Islands.
An Autograph.
An Easter Flower Gift.
The Wishing Bridge.
Storm on Lake Asquam.
On a Fly-Leaf of Longfellow's Poems.
At Last.
A Greeting.
The Poet and the Children.
The Mystic's Christmas.
1883Our Country.
St. Gregory's Guest.
How the Women went from Dover.
What the Traveller said at Sunset.


A Summer Pilgrimage.
Winter Roses.
1884The Light that is felt.
The Two Loves.
‘The Story of Ida.’
Samuel E. Sewall.
Sweet Fern.
Abram Morrison.
Birchbrook Mill.
Lines written in an Album.
1885Hymns of the Brahmo Somaj.
The Two Elizabeths.
The Wood Giant.
The Reunion.
An Artist of the Beautiful.
A Welcome to Lowell.
1886How the Robin came.
Banished from Massachusetts.
The Homestead.
The Bartholdi Statue.
Norumbega Hall.
To a Cape Ann Schooner.
Samuel J. Tilden.
A Day's Journey.
1887On the Big Horn.
A Legacy.
1888The Brown Dwarf of Riigen.
Lydia H. Sigourney, Inscription on Tablet.
One of the Signers.
The Christmas of 1888.
1889The Vow of Washington.
O. W. Holmes on his Eightieth Birthday.
1890R. S. S., At Deer Island on the Merrimac.
Burning Drift-Wood.
The Captain's Well.


To G. G.
Milton, on Memorial Window.
The Last Eve of Summer.
To E. C. S.
1891James Russell Lowell.
Preston Powers, Inscription for Bass-Relief.
The Birthday Wreath.
Between the Gates.
1892An Outdoor Reception.
The Wind of March.
To Oliver Wendell Holmes.
[Date unknown.] The Home-Coming of the Bride.
Mrs. Choate's House-Warming.

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