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خَمَسَ U ( n. ac. خَمْس 1 ),
a. Took a fifth of.
b. I ( n. ac. خَمْس 1 ), Was the fifth, made five.
خَمَّسَ II ,
a. Formed a pentagon.
b. Did five times or on the fifth day; brought forth her fifth ( female ).
أَخْمَسَ IV ,
a. Became five.
خَمْس 1 [ fem. ],
a. Five.
خَمْسَة 1t [ mas. ],
a. Five. — خُمْس 3 , خُمُس 10 , ( pl. أَخْمَاْس 38 ), A fifth; the fifth.
مَخْمَس 17 ,
a. see 24 .
خَاْمِس 21 ,
a. Fifth.
خُمَاْس 24 ,
a. By fives.
خُمَاْسِيّ 24yi ,
a. Quinqueliteral ( word ).
b. A youth five spans high.
خَمِيْس 25 ,
a. Army consisting of five divisions: vanguard, centre, right wing, left wing, rearguard.
b. Five cubits long.
c. [ art. ], ( pl. أَخْمِسَة 15t , أَخَاْمِسُ 37 , أَخْمِسَآءُ 68 ), Thursday: the fifth day of the week.
N. P. خَمڤسَ I ,
a. Five cubits long.
b. Rope of five strands.
N. P. خَمَّسَ II ,
a. Pentagonal.
خَمْسُوْن , خَمْسِيْن
a. Fifty.
a. Hot wind ( common to Egypt ).
عِيْد الخَمْسِيْن
a. Pentecost.
يَوْم الخَمِيْس
a. see 25 (c) .

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