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آثِرٌ آثر One who relates, or recites, a tradition, narrative, or story, or traditions, &c., as received, or heard, from another, or others; a narrator thereof. (T, S, * L.) The saying of 'Omar, on his being forbidden by Mohammad to swear by his father, مَا حَلَفْتُ بِهِ ذَاكِراً وَلَا آثِرًا, means I did not swear by him uttering (the oath) as proceeding in the first instance from myself, nor repeating (it) as heard from another particular person. (A'Obeyd, T, S, TA.) ― -b2- أَفْعَلُ هذَا آثِرًا مَّا, (IAar, T, S, K,) and آثِرًاwithout ما, (IAar, T,) and ↓ آثِرَ ذِى أَثِيرٍ , (S, K,) mean I will do this the first of every thing. (S, K. *) And in like manner, after لَقِيتُهُ[I met him, or it], one says, آثِرًا مَّا, [and ↓ آثِرَ ذِى أَثِيرٍ ,] and ↓ أَوَّلَ ذِى أَثِيرٍ , (M, K,) and آثِرَ ذَاتِ يَدِى, (M,) or ذَاتِ يَدَيْنِ, (K,) and ذِى يَدَيْنِ, (IAar, M, K,) and ↓ أَثِيرَةَ ذِى أَثِيرٍ , and ↓ ذِى أثِيرَيْنِإُِثْرَةَ , (K,) and ↓ آثِرَ ذِى أَثِيرَيْنِ , (M, as from Lh,) or ↓ ذِى أَثِيرَيْنِأَثَرَ , (K,) and ↓ ذِى أَثِيرَيْنِ , ↓ إِِثْرَ and مَّاإِِثْرَةً : (Lh, M, K:) or, as some say, ↓ الأَثِيرُ signifies the daybreak, or down; and ↓ ذُو أَثِيرٍ , the time thereof. (M, TA.) Fr says that اِبْدَأْ بِهذَا آثِرًا مَّا, and ↓ آثِرَ ذِى أَثِيرٍ , and ↓ أَثِيرَ ذِى أَثِيرٍ , signify Begin thou with this first of every thing. (TA.) One says also, اِفْعَلْهُ, آثِرًا مَّا, (T, M, TA,) and مَّاإِِثْرًا , (M, TA,) meaning Do thou it [at least], if thou do nothing else: (T, M, TA:) or, as some say, do thou it in preference to another thing, or to other things: ماbeing redundant, but [in this case] not to be omitted, because [it is a corroborative, and] the meaning of the phrase is, do thou it by choice, or preference, and with care. (M, TA.) Mbr says that the phrase خُذْ هذَا آثِرًا مَّاmeans Take thou this in preference; i. e., I give it thee in preference; as though one desired to take, of another, one thing, and had another thing offered to him for sale: and ماis here redundant. (T, TA.)

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