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1 قَحَبَ ذ , aor. يَقْحُبُ, (S, ISd, O, Msb, K,) with damm, (S,) like يَكْتُبُ, (O,) the verb being of the class of نَصَرَ, (K,) inf. n. قُحَابٌ (S, * O, * K) and قَحْبٌ, (K,) both of the inf. ns. mentioned by ISd; (TA;) and ↓ قحّب , inf. n. تَقْحِيبٌ; (K;) He coughed; (S, ISd, O, K;) said of a camel, but only of one that has the disease termed نُحَاز, or such as is soft and plump; (ISd, TA;) and of a man, or of an old man, and of a dog: (TA:) or قُحَابٌ signifies the coughing of horses and of camels and sometimes of human beings: (S, O, TA:) or it is originally of camels, and metaphorically of others than camels: in the T it is expl. in a general manner, without restriction, as syn. with سُعَالٌ: (TA:) or قَحَبَ signifies سَعَلَ مِنْ لُؤْمِهِ [app. meaning he coughed by reason of his ungenerousness; as an ungenerous man is wont to do when a request is made to him]. (Msb.) [See also قُحَابٌ below.] 2 قَحَّبَ see the preceding paragraph. قَحْبٌ ذ an inf. n. of 1 [q. v.]. (ISd, K.) -A2- And Attacked by coughing; (AZ, O, K;) applied in this sense to an old man. (O.) ― -b2- And, applied to a man, and so قَحْبَةٌ applied to a woman, Who coughs much, and is extremely aged, or old and infirm: or [simply] who coughs much, whether or not extremely aged or old and infirm. (TA.) ― -b3- The former signifies also Advanced in age; (O, K;) applied to an elder; like قَحْرٌ and قَحْمٌ: (O:) and the latter, aged, or extremely aged, or old and infirm, applied to a woman; (T, O, K, TA;) like قَحْمَةٌ: (T, TA:) and advanced in age as applied to a ewe or she-goat (T, ISd, TA) and other kind of animal: (ISd, TA:) and the people of El-Yemen thus name a woman advanced in age: (T, TA:) or they thus name a woman; and they say, لَا تَثِقْ بِقَوْلِ قَحْبَةٍ [Confide not thou in the saying of a woman]. (A, TA.) ― -b4- And the former, (A,) or the latter, (IDrd, O, K,) In a corrupt, or disordered, state of the interior of the body, (IDrd, A, O, K,) by reason of disease (دَآء), (IDrd, O, K,) or by reason of medicine (دُوَآء [app. a mistranscription for دَآء]). (So in a copy of the A.) ― -b5- And قَحْبَةٌ signifies also A prostitute, or fornicatress: (IDrd, T, ISd, O, Msb, K, TA:) accord. to IDrd, from the same word in the sense next preceding; (O, Msb;) but the Arabs knew not this appellation: (O:) or because, in the Time of Ignorance, the prostitute used to give permission to those who desired her by her coughing; (Az, TA;) or because she makes a sign by coughing, or by making a reiterated hemming in her throat: (ISd, Msb, K, TA:) or, (K, TA,) accord. to J (Msb, TA) and others, (TA,) it is post-classical: (S, O, Msb, K, TA:) but Ibn-Hilál says, in the Kitáb es-Siná'ateyn, that it is a proper [not a tropical] appellation of her who makes gain by prostitution: (TA:) the pl. is قِحَابٌ, like كِلَابٌ pl. of كَلْبَةٌ. (Msb.) قَحْبَةٌ ذ fem. of قَحْبٌ [q. v.] -A2- And A cough: [and so قُحَابٌ used as a simple subst.:] thus in the phrase بِهِ قَحْبَةٌ [In him is (i. e. he has) a cough]: (K, TA:) and thus in the phrase بِالدَّابَّةِ قَحْبَةٌ [In the beast, or horse or the like, is a cough]. (TA.) قُحَابٌ ذ an inf. n. of 1 [q. v., and often used as a simple subst., like قَحْبَةٌ q. v.]. (ISd, K, &c.) ― -b2- And A corrupt, or disordered, state of the interior of the body. (IDrd, Msb, TA.) One says to him who is hated, (T, TA,) or to the elder, (TA,) وَرْيًا وَقُحَابًا [May God inflict upon thee an abscess, and a corrupt, or disordered, state of the interior of the body]: (T, TA:) and to him who is beloved, (T, TA,) or to the young man, (TA,) عَمْرًا وَشَبَابًا [May God grant thee continuance of life, and youthful vigour]. (T, TA.) سُعَالٌ قَاحِبٌ ذ A vehement coughing. (K.)

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