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لِيطٌ ذ is a pl. of ↓ لِيطَةٌ , (S, K,) as also لِيَاطٌ and أَلْيَاطٌ; (K;) [the last being a pl. of pauc.; or rather, لِيطٌ is a coll. gen. n., of which لِيطَةٌ is the n. un.;] and signifies The bark, rind, or peel, that adheres to a tree: or, accord. to Az, that is beneath the upper bark, rind, or peel: (TA:) or the covering, exterior part, skin, peel, rind, bark, or the like, of anything: (K:) and particularly, of a cane, or reed; (L;) or this is termed ↓ لِيطَةٌ ; (K:) or this last word signifies a piece, or portion, of the exterior part of a cane, or reed; (S, L;) or a sharp piece thereof, mentioned in a trad. as used for cutting the throats of sparrows: (TA:) also, of a spear-shaft; (L;) or this, too, is termed ↓ لِيطَةٌ : (K:) and of a bow; i. e. the upper and exterior part thereof, that is oiled and made smooth; (TA;) or the exterior part of a bow is termed ↓ لِيطَةٌ : (K:) and of a [beetle of the kind called] جُعَل: (TA:) and of anything that is hard and strong; and ↓ لِيطَةٌ signifies a piece, or portion, of the exterior part of any such thing. (L.) ― -b2- Hence, (TA,) (tropical:) The skin: (K, TA:) pl. أَلْيَاطٌ. (TA.) ― -b3- (tropical:) The external skin; or exterior of the skin: as in the saying, رَجُلٌ لَيِّنُ اللِّيطِ (tropical:) a man soft in the external skin, or exterior of the skin: also meaning (tropical:) soft to the feel. (TA.) ― -b4- (tropical:) Colour; (S, K, TA;) as also ↓ لَيْطٌ (K) and ↓ لِيَاطٌ : (TA:) and particularly of the sun; as also ↓ لِيَاطٌ . (TA.) You say, هُوَ أَنْوَرُ مِنْ لِيطِ الشَّمْسِ (tropical:) He is brighter than the colour of the sun. (TA.) And أَتَيْتُهُ وَلِيطُ الشَّمْسِ لَمْ يُقْشَرْ (tropical:) I came to him when the redness of the sun had not departed, in the beginning of the day. (TA.) ― -b5- (tropical:) What appears of the sky. (TA.) ― -b6- (tropical:) The natural disposition, or temper. (K, TA.)

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