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1 نَدَأَ ذ , aor. نَدَاَ , He hated a thing: or it is a mistake for نَذَأَ. (As, S, K.) -A2- نَدَأَ, (S, K,) aor. نَدَاَ , inf. n. نَدْءٌ (TA) He cast flesh-meat into the fire: (K:) or he buried it, (S, K,) or a cake of bread, (S,) in hot ashes, (S, K, TA,) that it might become thoroughly cooked, or baked. (S.) -A3- نَدَأَ, (K,) inf. n. نَدْءٌ, (TA,) He frightened. (K.) -A4- نَدَأَ He cast a person upon the ground. (K.) -A5- نَدَأَ عَلَيْهِمْ He came forth upon them. (K.) -A6- نَدَأَ المَلَّةَ He made, or prepared, the kind of fire called ملّة. (K.) Q. Q. 1 نَوْدَأَ ذ , inf. n. نَوْدَأَةٌ, He ran, with a slack pace: syn. عَدَا. (K.) نَدْأَةٌ ذ : see نُدْأَةٌ. نُدْأَةٌ ذ and ↓ نَدْأَةٌ Abundance of wealth, or of camels, or sheep &c.: (S, K:) like نُدْهَةٌ and نَدْهَةٌ: (S:) by some explained as consisting of twenty sheep or goats. (MF.) -A2- Also, both words, The rainbow: (S, K:) also called ↓ نَدِىْءٌ . (K.) ― -b2- Also, both words, A redness in the clouds towards the setting or rising of the sun: (K:) or a redness by the side of the sun at its rising or setting: (TA:) or, by the side of the place of its rising or setting: (T:) also called ↓ نَدِىْءٌ . (K.) ― -b3- Also, both words, A halo, or circle, round the sun or moon. (K.) ― -b4- Also, the former word, نُدْأَةٌ, (tropical:) A streak in flesh-meat, differing in colour from the rest: (K:) such a streak in the flesh of a slaughtered camel: (T:) and, in the dual, two streaks inside the two thighs, having over them a thin, white, sinewy substance, resembling a spider's web, divided, one from the other, by a single muscle, and thus appearing like two muscles: asserted by more than one to be tropical. (TA.) ― -b5- What is above the navel, in a horse. (K.) -A3- A woollen thing, (TA,) also called دُرْجَة, which is stuffed into the tuel of a she-camel, [and into her vulva, as explained voce دُرْجَة,] and which is afterwards taken out when she has taken a liking for another camel's colt, (K,) or for the stuffed skin of a camel's colt prepared for her. (IAar.) [See دُرْجَة for a more full explanation.] -A4- One of several parts or portions of scattered herbage: (like نُفْأَةٌ: (TA:) also called ↓ نُدَأَةٌ : pl. نُدَأٌ. (K.) نُدَأَةٌ ذ : see preceding sentence. نَدِىْءٌ ذ , a subst., like طَبِيخٌ, [or rather an epithet in which the quality of a substantive predominates,] Flesh-meat, or bread, cooked, or baked, by being buried in hot ashes. (IAth, S.) لَحْمٌ نَدِىْءٌ Flesh-meat cooked, or baked, &c. (TA.) ― -b2- [See also نَدْأَةٌ, in two places.]

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