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2 كَتَّلَهُ ذ , inf. n. تَكْتِيلٌ, He made it (أَقِط [&c.]) into lumps, or compact pieces or portions. (TA.) ― -b2- And He, or it, fattened him. (Kr, TA.) 5 تَكَتَّلَ ذ It became compacted together in a mass; it became lumpy. See قِيدَ, art. قود. كُتْلَةٌ ذ A lump, or compact piece or portion, (S, M, * Msb, K,) of a thing, (Msb,) or of gum, &c., (S,) or of dates, and of clay, &c.: (M, K:) a piece, or portion, of dates packed together in a receptacle: (Mgh:) and a piece of flesh-meat. (K.) كتلة ذ i. q. زَبِيلٌ. (TA in art. حصن.) مِكْتَلٌ ذ A زِنْبِيل, (Msb, K,) or thing like a زِنْبِيل, [or زَبِيل,] (S,) holding fifteen measures of the quantity termed صَاع; (S, K;) it is a thing [or basket] made of palm-leaves, in which dates, &c., are carried. (Msb.) مُكَتَّلٌ ذ Round and compact; (K;) applied to a head: (TA:) short (S, K, TA) and strong: (TA:) a man thick in body, (K, TA,) compact therein, and inclining to shortness. (TA.)

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