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1 يُمِنَ ذ , (T, M, K,) and يَمِنَ, (M, K,) He was prosperous; fortunate; lucky. (T, M, K.) 3 يَامَنَ ذ : see 3 in art. شأم in two places. 4 أَيْمَنَهُ ذ He made it to incline towards the right: see an ex. voce سِنٌّ (near the end of the paragraph). ― -b2- أَيْمَنَ: see أَشْأَمَ in two places. ― -b3- أَيْمَنْتُ إِِبِلِى: see أَيْسَرْتُ. 5 تَيَمَّنَ ذ He was placed on his right side in the grave. (TA, voce عَلْبَى.) ― -b2- تَيَمَّنَ بِهِ i. q. تَبَرَّكَ بِهِ [q. v.]. (S.) ― -b3- فُلَانٌ يُتَيَمَّنُ بِرَأْيِهِ, i. e. يُتَبَرَّكُ بِهِ, (T,) app. One is fortunate in, or derives a blessing from, his counsel. ― -b4- He augured good by it, or from it; or looked for good fortune, or a blessing, from it; syn. تَبَّرَكَ بِهِ: (Mgh, Msb, &c:) opposed to تَشَأءَمَ بِهِ, in the K, art. طير; and in Bd, xvii. 14; and well known. ― -b5- تَيَمَّنَ بِكَلِمَةٍ [He augured good from the word], (Har, p. 488,) and بِكَلَامٍ. (Msb. in art. فأل.) 6 تَيَامَنَ ذ : see تَشََّامَ. ― -b2- تَيَامَنُوا: see 3 in art. يسر. يُمْنٌ ذ Prosperity; good fortune; good luck; auspiciousness; (T, S, M, K;) contr. of شُؤْمٌ, (M,) and of نَحْسٌ. (L, art. سعد.) يُمْنَةٌ ذ : its pl. seems to be يُمَنٌ. See بُرْدٌ. اليَمِينُ ذ The location that is on the right. ― -b2- يَمِينٌ also, The south. See سَرْحٌ. ― -b3- يَمِينُ also signifies A covenant (Bd, and Jel in lxviii. 39) confirmed by an oath. (Bd, ibid.) يَمِينُ ا@للّٰهِ The oath by attestation of God: see أَيْمُ ا@للّٰهِ, and عَهْدُ ا@للّٰهِ. ― -b4- حَلَفْتُ يَمِينًا [I swore, or have sworn, an oath]. (T, S, M, voce أَمِينٌ, which see. You say, يَمِينَ ا@للّٰهِ لَا أَفْعلُ (as in some copies of the S [meaning, حَلَفْتُ يَمِينَ ا@للّٰهِ]): or يَمِينُ ا@للّٰهِ (as in other copies [meaning, يَمِينُ ا@للّٰهِ قَسَمِى]). See a similar form of oath voce حَرَامٌ. ― -b5- يَمِينًا صَادِقَةً لَأَفْعَلَنَّ: see زَعْمةٌ. يَمَانٍ ذ A garment of Yemen: see a verse voce تَسْهِيمٌ. يَمَانِىٌّ ذ and يَمَانُونَ: see تِهَامِىٌّ. يَامِنٌ ذ : see يَاسِرٌ. أَيْمَنُ ذ [The right, as opposed to the left; see Kur, xix. 53, xx. 82, and xxviii. 30:] contr. of أَيْسَرُ; and [in like manner] ↓ مَيْمَنَةٌ is contr. of مَيْسَرَةٌ. (S.) ― -b2- أَيْمَنُ, contr. of أَشْأَمُ, as signifying The right, opposed to the left: and as signifying Lucky, or auspicious: pl. أَيَامِنُ. See أَشْأَمُ. ― -b3- It is also used in the sense of يُمْنٌ: see أَشْأَمُ. ― -b4- Also More, and most, lucky, or auspicious, or happy: see 8 in art. فئل. أَيْمُنٌ ذ , used only in swearing, is a sing. noun, not a particle, nor pl. of يَمِينٌ: and is derived from يُمْنٌ. (Mughnee.) الأَيَامِنُ ذ : see an ex. of this word, voce ثَابِرٌ. مَيْمَنَةٌ ذ The right wing of an army. See أَيْمَنُ. مَيْمُونٌ ذ Fortunate; happy; (T, M, MA, KL;) blest. (T.) See an ex. voce عَرِيكَةٌ. تَيَمُّنٌ ذ The having [or receiving] a blessing. (K L.) تِيمَنَّا ذ for تَأْمَنَّا: see أَمِنَهُ.

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