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  • 872. The battle of Hafrs-firth.
  • 874. Begins the settlement of Iceland.
  • cca. 897. Thrand and Ufeigh Grettir settle Gnup-Wardsrape.
  • cca. 900. Onund Treefoot comes to Iceland.
  • cca. 920. Death of Onund Treefoot.
  • 929. The Althing established.
  • 997 (?). Grettir born.
  • 1000. Christianity sanctioned by law.
  • 1004. Skapti Thorodson made law-man.
  • 1011. Grettir slays Skeggi; goes abroad, banished for three Years.
  • 1012. Slaying of Thorir Paunch and his fellows in Haramsey. Earl Eric goes to Denmark.
  • 1013. Slaying of Biorn at the Island of Gartar. Slaying of Thorgils Makson. Illugi Asmundson born. Death of Thorkel Krafla.
  • 1014. Slaying of Gunnar in Tunsberg. Grettir goes back to Iceland; fights with the men of Meal on Ramfirth-neck. Heath-slayings. Thorgeir Havarson outlawed. Fight with Glam the ghost.
  • 1015. Fight of Nesjar in Norway. Slaying of Thorbiorn Tardy. Grettir fares abroad. Burning of the sons of Thorir of Garth. Death of Asmund the Greyhaired.
  • 1016. Grettir meets King Olaf; fails to bear iron; goes east to Tunsberg to Thorstein Dromund. Slaying of Atli of Biarg. Grettir outlawed at the Thing for the burning of the sons of Thorir; his return to Iceland. Slaying of Thorbiorn Oxmain and his son Arnor.
  • 1017. Grettir at Reek-knolls. Law-suit for the slaying of Thorbiorn Oxmain. Grettir taken by the Icefirth churls.
  • 1018. Grettir at Liarskogar with Thorstein Kuggson his travels to the East to Skapti the lawman and Thorhall of Tongue, and thence to the Keel-mountain, where he met Hallmund (Air) for the first time.
  • 1019-1021. Grettir on Ernewater-heath.
  • 1021. Grettir goes to the Marshes.
  • 1022-1024. Grettir in Fairwoodfell.
  • 1024. Grettir visits Hallmund again.
  • 1025. Grettir discovers Thorirsdale.
  • 1025-1026. Grettir travels round by the East; haunts Madderdale-heath and Reek heath.
  • 1026. Thorstein Kuggson slain.
  • 1027. Grettir at Sandheaps in Bard-dale.
  • 1028. Grettir haunts the west by Broadfirth-dales, meets Thorod Snorrison.
  • 1028-1031. Grettir in Drangey.
  • 1029. Grettir visits Heronness-thing.
  • 1030. Grettir fetches fire from Reeks. Skapti the lawman dies.
  • 1031. Death of Snorri Godi and Grettir Asmundson.
  • 1033. Thorbiorn Angle slain.
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