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From Washington.

[Special Correspondence of the Dispatch.]
Washington, April 26.
The troops are retained at Annapolis to fortify and hold that place. It is to be the point of outlet. Gen. Scott has posted troops along the road from Annapolis to Washington, to keep that place as a base line of operation.

The object is to hem Maryland in on the Harrison road and at Annapolis, so as to reduce her to subjection.

All the public buildings are mined. Citizens are leaving in vast numbers. Provisions are scarce. The Banks are on the eve of closing.

The Black Republicans are impudent, and boasting that Maryland and Virginia will soon be sponged out!

Jim Lane and Cassius M. Clay assert that the Republican party was formed to wipe out slavery from one end of the country to the other.

Lane and his Border Ruffians meet at Willard's nightly, armed to the teeth, and pass through the building into the Church in the rear.

The disunion feeling is increasing.

The Massachusetts troops are required to watch the volunteers of the District!

President Lincoln has slept at Silver Spring for the last two weeks--hence the detachment of troops at old Blair's house.

Great efforts were made by the Government to retain Capt. John Lee, Gen. Johnson, Col. Magruder, Huger, and others.

The enthusiasm at the North is very great. Now the South can appreciate the brotherly love.

Gen. Scott is in his second childhood — has to be fed and carried about like an infant.

Correct list of Naval resignations, 1861.

Commodores.--L. Rossean, F. Forrest, J. Tatnall.

Captains.--V. M. Randolph, F. Buchanan, D. J. Ingraham, J. S. Nichols, G. A. Magruder, L. M. Powell, Sam Baum, W. F. Lynch.

Commanders.--S. S. Lee, W. C. Whittle, C. C. Turner, R. G. Robb, E. Fanand, C. H. McBlair, A. B. Fairfax, Wm. McBlair, R. L. Page, A. Sinclair, C. H. Kennedy, T. W. Brent, M. F., Maury, R. Semnes, John R. Tucker, T. R. Roots, E. M. Yard, H. J. Hartstene, T. T. Hunter, C. F. McIntosh.

Lieutenants.--C. F. Spotswood, F. B. Renhaw, J. H. North, R. B. Pegram, G. T. Sinclair, H. Lewis, G. W. Harrison, J. N. Moffitt, Washington Gwathmy, T. B. Huger, John Rutledge, C. R. Jones, J. Wilkinson, C. M. Morris, C. M. Fauntleroy, N. B. Fitzgerald, A. Barbot, J. S. Maury, C. W. Hays, R. Fairfax, W. A. Webb, C. C. Semnes, J. W. Bennett, W. H. Parker, J. P. Jones, W. P. Buckner, W. L. Powell, J. M. Brooke, John Kell, M. P. Jones, J. H. Rochelle, R. D. Minor, W. Sharp, J. Fry, H. Davidson, A. W. Johnson, R. R. Carter, O. F. Johnson, J. R. Eggleston, R. T. Chapman, T. P. Pelot, W. L. Bradford, J. M. Stribling, Phil Packer, W. E. Evens, T. B. Mills.

Surgeons.--W. F. Patten, W. A. Spotswood, L. W. Minor, J. T. Mason, R. F. Mason, J. F. Harrison, W. E. Carrington, C. H. Williamson, A. Lynch.

Assistant Surgeons.--H. W. M. Washington, A. S. Garnett, T. J. Charlton.

Paymaster.--R. T. Allison.

Seventy-two Southern midshipmen from the Naval School.

On the return of the ships from distant stations, the list of resignations will be greatly increased.

List of the "gallant heroes" who destroyed
the Norfolk Yard.

Com. H. Paulding, New York; Capt. C. Wilkes, of the late Exploring Expedition, New York, (volunteer.)

Commanders.--W. Walker, D. C., volunteer; T. A. Jenkins, Va., volunteer; John Rodgers, Md., volunteer; B. F. Sands, Ky., ordered; J. Alden, Maine, volunteer.

Lieutenants.--E. Parrott, N. H., ordered; Max Woodhule, N. Y., volunteer; Henry A. Wise, nephew of Gov. H. A. Wise, volunteer; Wm. Gibson, Md., volunteer; J. H. Russel, Md., volunteer; C. P. McGarey, N. C., ordered; A. W. Johnson, D. C., ordered; C. N. Morris, N. Y., volunteer.

To take the ships out, was legitimate duty; but to set fire to the property, and run the risk of burning Norfolk and Portsmouth, was cowardly in the extreme. Give these " heroes" all their honors!

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G. A. Magruder (2)
A. W. Johnson (2)
T. B. Huger (2)
E. M. Yard (1)
Max Woodhule (1)
C. H. Williamson (1)
Willard (1)
J. Wilkinson (1)
C. Wilkes (1)
W. C. Whittle (1)
W. A. Webb (1)
H. W. M. Washington (1)
W. Walker (1)
C. C. Turner (1)
John R. Tucker (1)
J. Tatnall (1)
J. M. Stribling (1)
W. A. Spotswood (1)
C. F. Spotswood (1)
G. T. Sinclair (1)
A. Sinclair (1)
W. Sharp (1)
R. Semnes (1)
C. C. Semnes (1)
B. F. Sands (1)
John Rutledge (1)
J. H. Russel (1)
L. Rossean (1)
T. R. Roots (1)
John Rodgers (1)
J. H. Rochelle (1)
R. G. Robb (1)
F. B. Renhaw (1)
V. M. Randolph (1)
W. L. Powell (1)
L. M. Powell (1)
T. P. Pelot (1)
R. B. Pegram (1)
H. Paulding (1)
W. F. Patten (1)
E. Parrott (1)
W. H. Parker (1)
R. L. Page (1)
Phil Packer (1)
J. H. North (1)
J. S. Nichols (1)
C. N. Morris (1)
C. M. Morris (1)
J. N. Moffitt (1)
R. D. Minor (1)
L. W. Minor (1)
T. B. Mills (1)
C. F. Mcintosh (1)
C. P. McGarey (1)
William McBlair (1)
C. H. McBlair (1)
R. F. Mason (1)
J. T. Mason (1)
W. F. Lynch (1)
A. Lynch (1)
Lincoln (1)
H. Lewis (1)
S. S. Lee (1)
John Lee (1)
Lane (1)
C. H. Kennedy (1)
John Kell (1)
M. P. Jones (1)
J. P. Jones (1)
C. R. Jones (1)
O. F. Johnson (1)
T. A. Jenkins (1)
D. J. Ingraham (1)
T. T. Hunter (1)
C. W. Hays (1)
H. J. Hartstene (1)
J. F. Harrison (1)
G. W. Harrison (1)
Washington Gwathmy (1)
A. S. Garnett (1)
J. Fry (1)
F. Forrest (1)
N. B. Fitzgerald (1)
C. M. Fauntleroy (1)
E. Fanand (1)
R. Fairfax (1)
A. B. Fairfax (1)
W. E. Evens (1)
J. R. Eggleston (1)
H. Davidson (1)
Cassius M. Clay (1)
T. J. Charlton (1)
R. T. Chapman (1)
R. R. Carter (1)
W. E. Carrington (1)
W. P. Buckner (1)
F. Buchanan (1)
J. M. Brooke (1)
T. W. Brent (1)
W. L. Bradford (1)
J. W. Bennett (1)
Sam Baum (1)
A. Barbot (1)
R. T. Allison (1)
J. Alden (1)
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