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The army Committee of the Young men's Christian Association

acknowledge the receipt of the following contributions and supplies for the sick and wounded soldiers, during the month of July:

Mrs. Geo C Hannah, Charlotte county, Va, shirts drawers, pants, coats, &c.

Mrs. Collier Hutcheson and L M J, Wylliesburg, Charlotte, pillows, fly-brush, &c.

Ladies of Sumpter, S C, one box clothing, and one ditto wines, &c.

Mrs. Martha E Ward, Jennings Ordinary, sage, bandages and rags.

Mrs. P Buford, Bedford, turkey wings, slippery elm and lint.

Rev F M Barker, Hanover, eggs, 12 shirts, butter and rags.

From--, pkg of lint, bandages and rags.

Bbl and box of ice from --.

R J Smith, biscuit.

S Cottrell, lint and bandages.

Robert Burton, Christiansville, Va, turkey wings, socks, butter, ham and bread.

Mrs Julia M Nelson, Louisa 11 shirts, 5 pairs drawers, 2 pairs socks, jar butter, &c.

Mrs Wellington Gordon, Louisa, 70 lbs butter.

Rev John Cole, Culpeper, half bbl biscuits, bread and cakes.

From--, one jar butter.

Charlotte Ct Ho S A Society, shirts and drawers, ham, biscuit, eggs, &c.

Mrs W Gordon, Culpeper, 12 shirts.

From--, 2 bbls ice.

Christ's Church Albemarle, box of lint.

One box bread, biscuit, &c, from--.

Mrs Carter Braxton, Hanover, 4 pairs socks.

Dr W P Mosely, Buckingham, bandages, &c.

Ladies of Nottoway, pillow, shirts, drawers, &c.

Ladies of Mossingford Depot, coop of chickens, and bbl meal.

Sh S A Lociety, green peas, and cordial, black berry vinegar, ham, &c.

Mrs John E Perkinson, Amelia, biscuit, roast and fried chicken.

From--, bbl ice.

Mrs Dr Walker, Taylor, Bransford, and other ladies of Chesterfield, box eggs, bread, biscuit, &c.

Some Ladies of Rockingham, coop of chickens.

From--, one box hospital supplies.

From--, box ice.

E T Jeffress, Nottoway, lambs, onions, green peas, &c.

Ladies of Betria Church, Chesterfield, through Miss Kate Cox, 24 pillows, 24 shirts, drawers, pants, socks, comforts, cotton and linen rags, &c.

Mrs Martha E Ward, Nottoway, bread, biscuit, crackers, bandages, rags, and feathers.

C Barksdale, Mattoax Depot, shirts, old linen, butter, biscuit, 11 dozen eggs, and hominy.

Mrs M A Fowikes, Burksville, fresh meat, eggs, bread and biscuit, and butter.

W B Jones & Co, one tierce rice.

Ladies of Bacon Ford. Culpeper, pillows and pillow cases, sheets, towels, shirts and drawers, rags, bandages, and lint, wines, rasp. vinegar, jellies, &c.

Mrs Benj E Pope and other ladies of Southampton, feather pillows, shirts and drawers, pants, sheets, socks, lint, and bandages.

Misses Jones, Mattoax, America, blackberries and cherries.

Wylliesburg Soldiers' Aid Society, pillows, rags, &c.

From --, barrel cooked provisions, &c.

Congregation of Sugar Creek Church, Mecklenburg, N C, bandages, crackers, lint, &c.

From--, oil-cloth, ticking, and bed tick.

Mrs J L Lyon, Edgecomb, N C, lint, bandages, wool, rags, &c.

Mrs Ro J Smith, biscuit.

Citizens of Middlesex, through J H Hackney, shirts and drawers, socks, rags, &c.

Ladies of Buckingham Institute Soldiers' Aid Society, pickle, butter, soap, peas, snaps, hops, wines, and cordials, &c.

Mrs Jos Dyer, Roanoke, shirts and drawers, wines, &c.

Mrs S P Martin, Pittsylvania, lot of cotton and linen rags.

Mrs W Gorden, Louisa, shirts.

J Wilson, Milton, N C, potatoes, sheets, pillow cases, lint and bandages, tea, onions, &c.

Ladies of Red Oak Grove, Charlotte, box of sun dries, hams, 2 jars butter, 2 jars lard.

Mrs S M Chaffin and Rebecca Marlene, Charlotte, 8 pillows, pants, and rags.

From--, 12 shirts, 12 pairs drawers, lint and bandages.

From J Wilson, Milton, N C, potatoes, onions, bread, biscuit and rusk, tomatoes, and box butter.

From--, one box apples and pears.

Hogshead of ice and keg butter from--.

Mrs Hannibal Chandler and S L Lewis, Westmoreland, 5 lbs tea.

Mrs Lucy Baskerville, Mecklenburg, soap and bandages.

Mrs A E Lockett, Mecklenburg, wines and vinegar.

Mrs Watson, refugee at Salem, Va, package of lint.

Mrs N C McPhall, Charlotte, 14 bottles black berry vinegar and dried peaches.

Mrs A C Cross, Hanover, hops and sage.

Mrs E Griffin, lint.

From N C, one package lint.

Ladies of Culpeper C H, through Miss Bell Norris, biscuit, honey, preserves, cake, butter, sheets, shirts, bandages, &c,

Mrs M Blackwell and Owen Bransford, Buckingham, shirts and drawers, linen rags, pickle and butter, &c.

Ladies of Manny's Neck, Hertford, N C, through Jos D Barnes, coop chickens, 12 bottles wine, shirts and drawers, cotton and linen rags, dried peaches, &c.

One box per Express for Chimborazo Hospital.

Ladies' Aid Society, Lunenburg C H, 3 coops chickens, firkin butter, onions, pillows, shirts and drawers, wines, eggs, &c.

Ladies of Cumberland, through E S Brown, one box hospital supplies.

Mrs Boyle, Caswell county, N C, lint.

Mrs G P Luck and other ladies of Bedford, eggs, soap, shirts, vegetables, &c.

Miss N A Gresham, Chesterfield, wines, butter, tracts, &c.

J B Friend, Drake's Branch, ham, butter, &c.

--Barkedale, Halifax, bucket butter.

Mrs J L Scoggins, crackers, bread, bandages, rags, &c.

Mrs.--, Nansemond, one box hospital supplies.

From--, 5 bbls meal, &c.

Antioch Aid Society, through Col Scoggins, one box hospital supplies.

From--, via R & F R R, two boxes hospital supplies.

Mrs T G Coleman and sister, Halifax, shirts, drawers, rags, &c.

Miss Henning and Miss Michaels, one box hospital supplies.

Misses R G and E W Baker, Frederick's Hall, jollies, wine, honey, &c.

Two boxes hospital supplies via express.

Mrs Dulia S Willis, Rapids Station, pillows and pillow , sheets, towels, shirts, &c.

one bbl meal and one box hospital

Ladies' Association, through Mrs. Jane Conway and Miss Mary S Foushee, 100 shirts, 100 pillow cases, 100 towels, 12 coats, 6 hickory shirts, tea, rags, &c.

One coop chickens for Chimborazo hospital.

From--, one coop chickens, one box and one bbl hospital supplies.

From--, bbl buttermilk, &c.

Baileyville Relief Society, Powhatan, 34 chickens, 35 lbs butter, 15 doz eggs, vegetables, pickles, &c.

Mrs Spiller, King William county, bandages.

Mrs S E Wilkes, Diamond Grove, 23 doz eggs.

Mrs Nelson, lint, vials, &c.

C J Brook and Mrs L J Waring, Essex, one box hospital supplies.

Miss E Robb, Essex, 36 chickens.

Meads & Baker, arrow root, English rolled band ages, pearl tapioca, lint and adhesive plaster.

Thos B Evans and others, of Middlesex county, coop chickens, jar butter, biscuit, &c.

J D Brim & Co, Mecklenburg, through Mr Mason, one coop chickens and box hospital supplies.

Rea House, N C, through same, one box hospital supplies.

Northern Neck, shirts and drawers, cotton and linen rags, lint, &c.

Ladies' S A Society, Miscosukee, Fla, 70 shirts, 23 pairs drawers, socks, pants, black berry wine and cordial, can fruit, dried peaches, hops, gelatine, blk pepper, 116 lbs butter, bbl blackberry jam, barrel pickle, bacon, &c.

Mrs S E W kes, Diamond Grove, 18 hams.

Miss Wallace, sundry pkgs lint.

Upper Zion S A Society, Caroline county, 20 pair drawers, 9 shirts, &c.

Mrs Dr. Roper, Caroline, bag onions and potatoes.

Gray Bollers, Caroline, bag vegetables.

Mrs Fannie A Todd, Caroline, bandages and rags.

Mrs Chas W Gill, Bedford, biscuit, bandages, &c.

Mrs M J Bugg and Miss Eliza Barnes, Wylliesburg, one box hospital supplies.

Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society of Buckingham C H, one box and barrel hospital supplies.

One box and barrel hospital supplies for Miss Deborah Couch.

Mrs L B Mosely, Charlotte, one box hospital supplies.

Citizens of Orange, through J F King, of Louisa C H, coop of chickens, 2 bags potatoes, butter, and hams.

Ladies of Mount Laurel, Halifax, box of tomatoes, 2 barrels potatoes, beets, onions, cordial, &c.

One box hospital supplies, through Mr Mason.

Soldiers' Aid Society, Lexington, one box hospital supplies.

W D Reynolds, Norfolk, 12 eases claret and whiskey.

Three packages hospital supplies for Chimborazo Hospital.

One box hospital supplies from Pamplin's.

Two boxes supplies from Lynchburg.

From--, slippery elm, 2 quitts, shirts, drawers, &c.

Ladies of Kingsford, Tenn, one box hospital supplies.

Mrs Sally Watkins, shirts, drawers, lint, fruit, wines, &c.

F J Moses, Sumter, S C, blackberry brandy, rose water, cayenne pepper, &c.

Mrs H A Raffield, Sumter, S C, salve, &c.

Two boxes hospital supplies, for Richardson & Co.

Professor B Puryear, as the contributions of Miss E C Yancey and others in the vicinity of Randolph Macon College, 2 coops chickens, (80,) 2 jars butter, 6 pillows, sheets, &c.

T--, of Richmond, $50.

R O Morris, 190.

E S Joynes, 10.

Wm Shields, 20.

J A Hopkins, 5.

Charles Ellis, 25.

Elder Jas Garnett, Culpeper, 27.50.

Miss T A Garnett, Culpeper, 10.

Frank E Garnett, Culpeper, 10.

Joel Garnett, Culpeper, 10.

A wounded soldier, 10.

E Ruffin, Jr, 50.

Thomas Sampson, 50.

J G, 50.

Miss M E Scott, Orange, 20.

Miss Bettle C Alexander, Halifax, 25.

Miss J L Coleman, Halifax, 25.

Purcell, Ladd & Co, 100.

D H London, 180.

Mrs Henry Taylor, Louisa, 100.

Chas Harris, N C, 50.

From--, 20.

From--, 100.

Citizens of Buckingham C H and vicinity, 117.

A lady of Albemarle, 5.50.

Children's Fair, corner Leigh and Clay streets, 91.

Dr W J Moore, 15.

Jno Wickham, 50.

Wm Cowherd, Albemarle, 50.

George Manzy, 10.

C C Calvert, 10.

Mrs S H E Dupree, 10.

Through Mr Sleight, for a friend, 50.

Miss Margaret Coffman, Harrisonburg, Va., 10.

Eli Phleger, Christiansburg, 50.

J W Hampton, 10.

Young Misses of Gamble's Hill, part proceeds of Fair, 182.

Mrs Margaret C Lewis, Green county, through ‘"Enquirer,"’ 10.

Doct W J Pendleton, Louisa, 50.

Mallory, 18.

Employees of Fayetteville Arsenal and Armory, 746.

George Tany, Mecklenburg, 100.

K T and F, through J B Watkins, 150.

Mrs Mary Hill, 5.

Mr--, 5.

Capt Jno M Orr, A C S, 20.

Rev J D Thomas, 5.

Wigwam Debating Society, Amelia, 13.80.

Wigwam Confederate Guards, Amelia, 2.

Miss Allen, for Children's Fair on 7th st, between Marshall and Clay, 8.

Mrs C A Saunders, Culpeper, 10.

A friend, 10.

A friend, 5.

Mrs Boswell, Alexandria, 5.

Mrs Colston, Berkeley county, 5.

Wm M Watkins, jr, Charlotte C H, 100.

Episcopal Church, Charlotte C H, 21.40.

Jos A Hopkins, 2.50.

Samuel Gibbons, 20.

Samuel Watkins, Milton, N C, 50.

J S Calvert, 10.

John W Lampkin, Russell county, 20.

A J Porter, Nashville, Tenn, 50.

Prince George 25.


Mrs J C Murfree, 43.40.

S J Harrison, proceeds of winter course of Lectures, 462.95.

Mrs Lucy J Malone, proceeds of Fair, 552.70.

Peter Mayo, 10.

D M L, 50.

Kate Ellis, 8.

Wm Beale, for R H Bosher, 20.

Wm H Young, Columbus, Ga, 50.

A J Bowers, 20.

Ladies' Aid Society, Chowan, N C, through Doct R H Winborne, 50.

Robert T Hubbard, Buckingham, 10.

Miss Mary and Jane Nott and Virginia Bowers, proceeds of a Fair, 42.50.

B W Leigh, Mecklenburg, 20.

Miss Ida and Ella Cardwell, 23.

Mrs Spiller, King William, 5.

Chas J Fox, 4

G W Herring, Concert in Micosakee, Fla, 67.50.

Mrs Emily Rutherfoord, 30.

Mrs Emily Aylett, 20

Mrs Mollie Denoon, proceeds of Fair; 120.

Mr Walker, for E P Hairston, of Henry county, 100.

Mrs Henry, 10.

Mrs Taylor, 10.

C Walthall, proceeds of Fair, from young Misses on Canal street, 32.30

Stark & Cardoza, money found, 1.50.

A friend, 10.

Miss Compton, Lexington, Va, 5.

S W Rollins, Ga, 1.

Miss R B Murray, Caroline, 5.

City Council of Mobile, through Jos Mayo, Esq, 3,000.

Kent, Paine & Co, 150.

Little girls' and boys' Fair, corner Leigh and 5th streets, 58.

Mrs Kate H Friend, 20.

Gen John Echols, money found, 4.

Citizens of Buckingham C H and vicinity, through R K Irving, 40.

Wm Shields, 20.

Two ladies of Loudoun, through T F Grayson, 30.

Miss Jennie Kendrick, through J W Risin, 57.50.

R M Kent, Louisa, 20.

Mrs S G Kent, Louisa, 5.

Mrs M L Lane, Louisa, 40.

Contributions or supplies may be forwarded to Roger Martin, Sup't, or to Wm P Munford, Chairman Army Committee Y. M. C. A.

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Charlotte Ct Ho (1)
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Herring (1)
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Chas Harris (1)
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