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The election North--a Strong Electioneering Document.

The election in New York took place yesterday. The canvass has been a bitter one between the Republicans and Democrats, but the former, with the Government to back them, have not been able entirely to suppress their antagonists. The New York Caucasian publishes a ‘"Ten Years Record"’ of the Republican party, with a boldness which is likely to consign the editor to Fort Lafayette. The same paper publishes the following address:

The Government debt, in the year 1860, amounted to less than sixty millions dollars. Taxation was scarcely known or felt by the people; we were happy, prosperous, and contented, wanting nothing, fearing nothing, kind, considerate, loving one another as ‘"becometh brethren. "’ Our Government was the mightiest on the Globe. Vast in its extent, reaching from the Atlantic to the broad Pacific, from the frozen North to the sunny South, embracing within its limits almost every soil and every clime; rich in its mineral and agricultural resources; favored, it would seem, by a Divine Providence above any and all other nations on earth, we were at peace with all the world, and by our love of liberty and of law, of equity and of right, we had justly won for ourselves and for our country the proud appellation of ‘"The land of the free and the home of the brave."’ Such was our condition in 1860.

The North and South had lived together as a band of brothers for more than seventy years. A political party sprang up in the Northern States, whose motto was: ‘"I am better than thou. Thou shalt no longer control thy domestic concerns — Come, fellow thou me."’ They denounced their Southern brethren as thieves, liars, man-stealers, cut-throats, cowards, and pick-pockets. This Republican Abolition party disregarded the Constitution of our Fathers and the decisions of the Federal Courts. They said we have a progressive policy as well as a progressive religion. Their Chicago platform denied the legal existence of slavery in the Territories. This party declared that the Treaty of 1862 was null and void, and no law; that the acts by which we organized and protected the Territories of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi, were null and void, and no laws; that the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States was null and void and no law; that the Fugitive Slave law of 1850 was null and void, and no law; that there was no Constitution but the Chicago platform, and no law but their own will. Upon their sectional and unconstitutional platform they plant their Presidential nominee, Abraham Lincoln.

After we had lived happy and prosperously with the South for over seventy years, Mr. Lincoln had just learned the important fact that the States could not live together ‘"half slave and half free."’ Hence he was a fit representative of this Abolition Disunion party, and by them properly nominated for President of the United States. Our credulity was wrought upon by a false philosophy and false philanthropy; and to elevate the black man to a position God never intended him to occupy, alas! the people cast their votes for Abraham Lincoln, and he was elected President. The people of the South arraigned this party before their countrymen and the civilized world as a party laboring to subvert the Constitution and the laws of the country, and solemnly declared that if Mr. Lincoln was elected President they would secede from the Union. The Republican journals, politicians, and statesmen denounced them as cowards and traitors — that they could not secede if they would, and dare not if they could.

Mr. Lincoln was elected, and South Carolina seceded, just as she said she would do. They then told us ‘"she was out in the cold, and could not stand it three weeks. She had no money and could not carry her mails — that she was the only State that would secede,"’ and even the great man, Seward, told us that in less than ‘"six weeks she would be down on her knees begging to come back into the Union"’ Six weeks passed; she did not come back or beg to come back, and Georgia had also seceded. Mr. Seward and his party were false prophets. They again deceived us by saying that those were the only States that would secede from the Union--that they would soon come back — that if they did not, we would send down a few regiments and whip them back. Some men, whom we believed to have common sense, told us the New York Seventh regiment would whip them back into the Union.

Time passed on. State after State seceded from the Union, till we now find eleven States, by far the best portion of the country, out of the Union, and running a separate and independent Government. The lying journals, corrupt politicians, and dishonest statesmen of the North have deluded and cajoled us into the belief that there was nobody in the South, and if there were anybody there, they were great cowards — would run and would not fight — that in sixty days we could wipe them into the Gulf of Mexico. Under such delusive statements, thousands have rallied around our flag, and millions of money have been expended to save the sinking fortunes of the Empire, to restore the Union, to protect the Constitution, and enforce the laws. Corrupt and dishonest Government officials have stolen our money, robbed and defrauded our soldiery. Our Congress have long since ceased to legislate for the white man, but waste their imbecile energies in wrangling over the ‘"almighty nigger."’ --They divide our armies to give place to party Generals whose only known rule of warfare is to steal, plunder, and defraud their own troops. Defeat is the certain result of such machinations. We are told before battle that there is nobody to fight; but when compelled to fight with insignificant numbers against fearful odds, and are necessarily beaten, then we are told that we have done bravely — that the enemy's name is Legion. Beaten, routed, ruined, by the corrupt machinations of an imbecile dynasty at Washington, with an effrontery unheard of, we are told in substance that a great strategic military movement has been accomplished, that a defeat is better than a victory, as it will renew our sinking energies, and better prepare us for another battle ‘"on a new base of operations!" ’ Not a regiment in the army is full; they will not average over 500 men, yet they are not condensed, neither are they filled up. The more regiments the more officers, and the better the opportunity to steal and plunder the Government.

After the great battle before Richmond was fought, a new call was made for 300,000 more troops to put down this ‘"unholy rebellion."’ Mr. Lincoln has run the Government on the Nigger Platform less than two years, and our public debt at the end of the present year cannot be less than two billion dollars! God grant that the Government may last to the end of his time of office, but we fear it cannot. Many of his acts have been a complete violation and subversion of that Constitution he has sworn to support, and a direct and unwarrantable infringement upon the rights and liberties of the people.

‘"He has created a multitude of now offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance."’

‘"He has affected to render the military independent of and superior to the civil power. "’

‘"He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution and unac- knowledged by our laws, giving his ascent to these acts of pretended legislation."’

‘"For quartering large bodies of troops among us"’

‘"For imposing taxes on us without our consent."’

‘"For depriving us in many cases of the benefit of a trial by jury."’

‘"For abolishing our most valuable laws and altering fundamentally the powers of our Government."’

‘"A President whose character is marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."’

The Federal tax gatherer will soon be at our doors demanding a tithe of all we have, and whoever dares disobey the demands and requests of Mr. Lincoln, will be incarcerated in some one of the bastilles. Hence we must begin to ‘"light up the lamps of industry and economy."’

The New York Herald has a long, floundering leader, attacking the Republicans and the Confederacy. It winds up as follows:

‘ Just so long as we maintain the Union and the Constitution we have a good cause and a fair prospect of success. The moment we supersede the Constitution and transform the Union into an abolition society our cause is lost, and we have no right to compel the South to return to a Government which has really become what they imagined it to be when they rebelled.

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