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Yet I should hesitate to say of Gaius Caesar that he was raised to his most exalted position by good fortune, if he' had not himself testified to this. For when on the fourth day of January he put out from Brundisium in pursuit of Pompey,1 though it was the time of the winter solstice, yet he crossed the sea in safety ; for Fortune postponed the season. But when he found that Pompey had a compact and numerous army on land and a large fleet on the sea, and was well entrenched with all his forces, while he himself had a force many times smaller, and since his army with Antony and Sabinus was slow in coming, he had the courage to go on board a small boat and put out to sea in the guise of a servant, unrecognized by the captain and the pilot.2 But there was a violent [p. 341] commotion where heavy surge froni without encountered the current of the river, and Caesar, seeing the pilot changing his course, removed the cloak from his head and, revealing himself, said, ‘Go on, good sir, be brave and fear nothing! But entrust your sails to Fortune3 and receive her breeze, confident because you bear Caesar and Caesar's Fortune.’ Thus firmly was he convinced that Fortune accompanied him on his voyages, his travels, his campaigns, his commands ; Fortune's task it was to enjoin calm upon the sea,summer weather upon the winter-time,4 speed upon the slowest of men, courage upon the most dispirited, and (more unbelievable than these) to enjoin flight upon Pompey, and upon Ptolemy the murder of his guest, that Pompey should fall and Caesar should escape the stain of his blood.

1 Cf. Lucan, Pharsalia, v. 406 ff.

2 Cf. Moralia, 206 c-d, and note b in L.C.L. Vol. III. p. 226.

3 Cf. the metaphor of Tacitus, Historiae, i. 52 ‘ panderet modo sinum et venienti Fortunae occurreret.’

4 As above, 319 b: ‘Fortune postponed the season.’

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