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Later, as they relate, Osiris carne to Hor us from the other world and exercised and trained him for the battle. After a time Osiris asked Hor us what he held to be the most noble of all things. When Florus replied, β€˜To avenge one's father and mother for evil done to them,’ Osiris then asked him what animal he considered the most useful for them who go forth to battle; and when Horus said, β€˜A horse,’ Osiris was surprised and raised the question why it was that he had not rather said a lion than a horse. Horus answered that a lion was a useful thing for a man in need of assistance, but that a horse served best for cutting off the flight of an enemy and annihilating him. When Osiris heard this he was much pleased, since he felt that Horus had now an adequate preparation. It is said that, as many were continually transferring their allegiance to Horus, Typhon's concubine, Thueris, also came over to him ; and a serpent which pursued her was cut to pieces by Horus's men, and now, in memory of this, the people throw down a rope in their midst and chop it up. [p. 49]

Now the battle, as they relate, lasted many days and Horus prevailed. Isis, however,to whom Typhon was delivered in chains, did not cause him to be put to death, but released him and let him go. Horus could not endure this with equanimity, but laid hands upon his mother and wrested the royal diadem from her head ; but Hermes put upon her a helmet like unto the head of a cow.

Typhon formally accused Horus of being an illegitimate child, but with the help of Hermes to plead his cause it was decided by the gods that he also was legitimate. Typhon was then overcome in two other battles. Osiris consorted with Isis after his death, and she became the mother of Harpocrates, untimely born and weak in his lower limbs.1

1 Cf. 377 b, infra.

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