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Following this, Sarapion asked the guides why it is that they call the treasure-house, not the house of Cypselus the donor, but the house of the Corinthians. When they were silent, as I think, for lack of any reason to give, I laughed and said, ‘What knowledge or memory do we imagine these men have still remaining, when they are utterly dumbfounded by your high-flown talk ? As a matter of fact, we heard them say earlier that when the despotism wras overthrown, the Corinthians wished to inscribe both the golden statue at Olympia and the treasure-house here with the name of their city, and the people of Delphi accordingly granted this as being a fair request, and gave their consent; but the Eleans refused out of ill-will, and the Corinthians voted that the Eleans should not be allowed to take part in the Isthmian Games. Consequently, from that time on [p. 295] there has been no competition from Elis at these games. The slaying of the Molionidae by Heracles near Cleonae1 is not, as some think, a cause contributing in any way to the exclusion of the Eleans. On the contrary, it would have been appropriate for them to exclude the Corinthians, if they had taken offence against them for this reason.’ That was all I said.

1 Cf. Apollodorus, Bibliotheca, ii. 7. 2.

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