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Now all these things were put into the dishes which were served up as propomata: pepper, green leaved myrrh, galingal, Egyptian ointment. Antiphanes says—
If any one buys pepper and brings it home,
They torture him by law like any spy.
And in a subsequent passage he says—
Now is the time for a man to go and find pepper,
And seed of orach, and fruit, and buy it, and bring it here.
And Eubulus says—
Just take some Cnidian grains, or else some pepper,
And pound them up with myrrh, and strew around.
And Ophelion says—
Pepper from Libya take, and frankincense,
And Plato's heaven-inspired book of wisdom.
[p. 110] And Nicander says, in his Theriaca—
Take the conyza's woolly leaves and stalks,
And often cut new pepper up, and add
Cardamums fresh from Media.
And Theophrastus, in his History of Plants, says—“Pepper indeed is a fruit: and there are two kinds of it; the one is round, like a vetch, having a husk, and is rather red in colour; but the other is oblong, black, and full of seeds like poppy-seeds. But this kind is much stronger than the other. Both kinds are heating, on which account they are used as remedies for, and antidotes against, hemlock.” And in his treatise on Suffocation, he writes—“And people who are suffocated are recovered by an infusion of vinegar and pepper, or else by the fruit of the nettle when crushed.” But we must recollect that, properly speaking, there is no noun of the neuter gender among the Greeks ending in ι, except μέλι alone; for the words πέπερι, and κόμμι, and κοῖφι are foreign.

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