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Doletamicam suam ita suis carminibus innotuisse ut rivales multos sibi pararit

What day was that, which all sad haps to bring,
White birdes to lovers did not aiwayes sing.
Or is I thinke my wish against the starres?
Or shall I plaine some God against me warres?
Who mine was cald, whom I lov'd more then any,
I feare with me is common now to many.
Erre I? or by my bookes is she so knowne?
'Tis so: by my witte her abuse is growne.
And justly: for her praise why did I tell?
The wench by my fault is set forth to sell.
The bawde I play, lovers tp her I guide:
Her gate by my hands is set open wide.
'Tis doubtfiill whether verse availe, or harme,
Against my good they were an envious charme.
When Thebes, when Troy, when Caesar should be writ,
Alone Corinna moves my wanton wit.
With Muse oppos'd would I my lines had done,
And Phcebus had forsooke my worke begun.
Nor, as use will not Poets record heare,
Would I my words would any credit beare.
Scylla by us her fathers rich haire steales,
And Scyllaes wombe mad raging dogs conceales.
Wee cause feete flie, wee mingle haires with snakes,
Victorious Perseus a wingd steedes back takes.
Our verse great Titys a huge space out-spreads,
And gives the viper curled Dogge three heads.
We make Enceladus use a thousand armes,
And men inthraild by Mermaids singing charmes.
The East winds in Ulisses baggs we shut,
And blabbing Tantalus in mid-waters put.
Niobe flint, Callist we make a Beare,
Bird-changed Progne doth her Itys teare.
Jove turnes himselfe into a Swanne, or gold,
Or his Bulles hornes Europas hand doth hold.
Proteus what should I name? teeth, Thebes first seed?
Oxen in whose mouthes burning flames did breede?
Heav'n starre Electra that bewaild her sisters?
The ships, whose God-head in the sea now glisters?
The Sunne turnd backe from Atreus cursed table?
And sweet toucht harpe that to move stones was able?
Poets large power is boundlesse, and immense,
Nor have their words true histories pretence,
And my wench ought to have seem'd falsely praisd,
Now your credulity harme to me hath raisd.

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    • George W. Mooney, Commentary on Apollonius: Argonautica, 4.448
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