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2965. πέρ (postpositive and enclitic) very, just, even. Cp. Epic πέρι very much, and περί in composition. In Attic prose πέρ is common only with relatives (338 c) and conjunctions.

ὅσπερ the very one who (i.e. none other), οἷός περ just such, ἔνθα περ just where, ὥσπερ just as, in the very way in which, (sometimes not very different from ὡς, to which it is related as ὅσπερ to ὅς), εἴπερ if really. καίπερ (Hom. καὶ . . . περ) however much, though, Epic ἠέ περ just as.

a. After other words especially in Epic and Lyric and in Aeschylus; as ““μένει τὸ θεῖον δουλίᾳ περ έν φρενίthe divine power remains in the mind though it be enslavedA. Ag. 1084, μάχετ᾽, ἀχνύμενός περ ἑταίρου he fought, (though) sore grieving for his comrade P 459, ὀψέ περ howbeit late Pind. Nem. 3. 80.

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