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337. Other indefinite pronominal adjectives are: ἕτερος, -α_, -ον: with article, the other, one of two, the one (Lat. alter, alteruter); without article, other, another, a second (alius). By crasis (69) ἅ_τερος, θά_τερον, etc. ἑκάτερος, -α_, -ον: each (of two) uterque; pl. either party, both parties, as utrique. ἕκαστος, -η, -ον: each, each one, every, every one, used of more than one (quisque). μόνος, -η, -ον: alone, only, sole. πᾶς (299): all, entire, every. The negatives οὐδείς, μηδείς (349 b) no one (poetical οὔτις, μήτις, in prose only οὔτι, μήτι, declined like τὶς; accent 186), Lat. nemo, nullus. οὐδέτερος, μηδέτερος neither of two (Lat. neuter).

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