[Works known to the authors, not necessarily attributed by them to Hippocrates.]

Littré vol. Name. Bacchius. Celsus. Erotian.
1 περὶ ἀρχαίης ἰητρικῆς2   X X
2 περὶ ἀέρων ὑδάτων τόπων X X X
" προγνως1τικόν X X X
" περὶ διαίτης2 ὸξέων X X X
" ἐπιδημίαι 1 X X X
3 ἐπιδημίαι 3 X X X
" περὶ τῶν ἐν κεφαλῇ τραυμάτων X X X
" κατ̓ ἰητρεῖον X X X
" περὶ ἀγμῶν ? X X
4 περὶ ἀρθρῶν X X X
" μοχλικόν X   X
" ὰφορις1μοί X X X
" ὃρκος2     X
" νόμος2     X
5 ἐπιδημίαι 2 X X X
"    " 4     X
"    " 5   X X
"    " 6 X   X
"    " 7     X
" περὶ χυμῶν X X X
" προρρητικὸν 1 X   X
" Κωακαὶ προγνώς1εις2   X  
6 περὶ τέχνης2 X X X
" περὶ φύς1ιος2 ἀνθρώπου     X
" περὶ διαίτης2 ὑγιεινῆς2   X  
" περὶ φυς1ῶν   X X
" περὶ χρής1ιος2 ν̔γρῶν X   X
" περὶ νούς1ων 1 X   XX
" περὶ παθῶν   X  
" περὶ τόπων τῶν κατ ἄνθρωπον X   X
" περὶ ἱερῆς2 νούς1ου X   X
" περὶ έλκῶν     X
" περὶ αἱμορροἴδων     X
" περὶ ς1υρίγγων   X X

[p. xxxix]

Littré vol. Name. Bacchius. Colsus. Erotian.
6 περὶ διαίτης 1     XX
"    " 2   X XX
"    " 3     XX
" περὶ ἐνυπνίων      
7 περὶ νούς1ων 2   X XX
" περὶ νούς1ων 3     XX
" περὶ τῶν ἔντος2 παθῶν   X XX
" περὶ γυναικείης2 φύς1ιος2      
" περὶ ἑπταμήνου      
" περὶ ὀκταμήνου      
" περὶ γονῆς2     XX
" περὶ φύς1ιος2 παιδίου X   X
" περὶ νούς1ων 4      
8 περὶ γυναικείων 1 and 2     X
" περὶ ἀφόρων     X
" περὶ παρθενίων      
" περὶ ἐπικυής1ιος2      
" περὶ ἐγκατατομῆς2 ἐμβρύον      
" περὶ ἀνατομῆς2      
" περὶ ὀδοντοφυΐῃς2      
" περὶ ἀδένων      
" περὶ ς1άρκων     XX
" περὶ ἑβδομάδων     XX
9 προρρητικὸν 2   X X
" περὶ καρδίης2 ? X  
" περὶ τροφῆς2     X
" περὶ ὄψιος2      
" περὶ ὀς1τέων φν́ς1ιος2 X   XX
" περὶ ἰητροῦ      
" περὶ εὐς1χημος1ύνης2      
" παραγγελίαι     XX
" περὶ κρις1ίων      
" περὶ κρις1ίμων      
" ἐπις1τολαί      
" πρες1βευτικός2     X
" ἐπιβώμιος2     X
70   23 ? 25 49

Erotian knew also περὶ τραυμάτων καὶ βελῶν, now lost. The double XX means "by quotation, but not in the list."

[p. xl] N.B.--The list of Bacchius is made by noting where in the Hippocratic collection occur the strange words upon which he commented ; that of Celsus by a comparison of similar passages ; that of Erotian from his list, by noting where occur the γλῶς1ς1αι explained by him, and from fragments in scholia (see E. Nachmanson's edition, pp. 99 foll.). Of course the list of Celsus is dubious from its nature, and Bacchius may have known many more treatises than those we are sure he did know.

The recently discovered history of medicine called Menon's Iatrica1 contains several references to Hippocrates. Diels is of opinion that they are very erroneous.2

In V. the writer says that according to Hippocrates diseases are caused by "airs" (φῦς1αι), a statement which seems to be taken from περὶ φυς1ῶν, VI. 98 foll. Littré, and the doctrine is described in V. and VI. In VII. Hippocrates is said to hold doctrines which are taken from Nature of Man, VI. 52 foll. Littré. In VIII. occur references to Places in Man, VI. 276, 294 Littré, and Glands, VIII. 564 Littré. In XIX. occur references to Nature of Man, VI. 38 Littré, but the physician named is Polybus.

1 Edited by H. Diels, Berlin, 1893. The work was probably written by a pupil of Aristotle.

2 See Diels, p. xvi, note 1, and in Hermes XXVIII., pp. 410 foll.

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