Summary of Book XXXVII

Lucius Cornelius Scipio the consul, with his brother Scipio Africanus as his lieutenant (Africanus had said that he would be his brother's lieutenant if the province of Greece were assigned to him, although it seemed that that province would be given to Gaius Laelius, who was very influential in the senate), started out to conduct the war against King Antiochus, and was the first of all Roman generals to cross to Asia. Regillus fought successfully with the royal fleet of Antiochus off Myonnesus, with the aid of the Rhodians. The son of Africanus was captured by Antiochus and restored to his father. When Antiochus had been conquered by Lucius Cornelius Scipio, with the assistance of Eumenes, son of Attalus and king of Pergamum, peace was granted him under this condition, that he should withdraw from all the districts on this side of the Taurus mountains. Lucius Cornelius Scipio, who had finished the war with Antiochus, was put on a level with his brother by the surname of “Asiaticus.” A colony was established at Bononia. Eumenes, by whose aid Antiochus had been defeated, had his kingdom enlarged. To the Rhodians too, who had also co-operated, certain cities were granted. Aemilius Regillus, who had defeated the prefects of Antiochus in a naval battle, celebrated a naval triumph. Manius Acilius Glabrio triumphed over Antiochus, whom he had driven out of Greece, and over the Aetolians.

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