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take (2 see also TAKING vbl. sb. and ppl. adj.)
1. to strike R3 I. iv. 160 “ him over the costard with the hilts” ; with double obj. to give (a person a blow) Meas. II. i. 194, Shr. III. ii. 166, Tw.N. II. v. 76, H5 IV. i. 234 “I will take thee a box on the ear.”
2. to strike with disease Wiv. IV. iv. 33 “he blasts the tree, and t-s the cattle,” Ant. IV. ii. 37 “Now, the witch me” ; absol. Ham. I. i. 163 “then no planets strike, No fairy takes” (Ff “talk(e)s”).
3. to catch, meet, find Err. III. ii. 174, H5 IV. i. 239.
4. “ (it) on” one's “death, honour, salvation,” give a strong assurance, affirm vehemently Wiv. II. ii. 13, John I. i. 110, R2 V. iii. 11, 1H4 II. iv. 9, V. iv. 154.
5. “ on” or “upon” oneself, besides mod. senses of ‘undertake’ and ‘assume’, means (i) profess, pretend Err. V. i. 243 “took on him as a conjurer,” 2H4 IV. i. 60 “I not on me here as a physician,” Cym. V. iv. 185 “be directed by some that upon them to know” ; make believe Troil. I. ii. 151 “she t-s upon her to spy a white hair on his chin” ; pretend to know Lr. V. iii. 16 “ upon's the mystery of things” ; (ii) assume lofty airs Shr. III. ii. 217, IV. ii. 109, 1H6 I. ii. 71.
6. to assume, pretend Ham. II. i. 13 “Take you . . . some distant knowledge of him.”
7. to repair to (a place) for refuge Err. V. i. 36 “for God's sake, take a house!,” 94, Troil. V. iv. 21 “Fly not; for shouldst thou the river Styx, I would swim after.”
8. refl. or intr. to have recourse, betake oneself Gent. IV. i. 42 “have you anything to to?,” H5 III. ii. 127 “ere theise eyes of mine themselves to slumber,” Per. III. iv. 10 “A vestal livery will I take me to.”
9. to hear, learn John I. i. 21, Cor. III. i. 139 “No, more” ; chiefly in “take it” or “this of me”=let me tell you Shr. II. i. 191, H8 V. i. 30, Tit. II. i. 108, Tim. III. iv. 71; (pregnantly) to accept as true Lr. IV. vi. 145 “I would not take this from report.”
10. to receive without resistance, acquiesce in, put up with Ham. II. ii. 612 [604], Lr. II. ii. 106.
11. to accept (a person) as being, or suppose him to be so-and-so All'sW. III. v. 52 “He's bravely taken” (=regarded as a fine fellow), Tit. V. ii. 155 “The empress' sons I take them.”
12. to arrange, conclude (truce, peace) John III. i. 17 “ a truce,” H8 II. i. 85 “ peace,” Troil. II. ii. 75, Rom. III. i. 163, Ven. 82, Sonn. xlvii. 1 “a league is took.”
13. intr. to catch fire H5 II. i. 56.
14. =‘take effect’ Cor. II. ii. 113.
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