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lay. . .aboard (1) “lay knife aboard,” make an attack, board (cf. BOARD 1) Rom. II. iv. 216; (2) board (a vessel) 2H6 IV. i. 25 “I lost mine eye in laying the prize aboard” ; lay apart, aside, put away from one AYL. IV. iii. 45, Wint. IV. i. [ii.] 57, R2 II. ii. 3, H5 II. iv. 78, Cor. I. i. 203; lay by, (1) put aside or away from one Ado V. i. 64 “to lay my reverence by,” H5 I. ii. 276, Troil. II. iii. 87; (2) come to a stand, ‘stand’ 1H4 I. ii. 40; lay down, (1) bring to bed of a child, H8 I. iii. 40 “a speeding trick to lay down ladies” ; (2) formulate, prescribe Ado IV. i. 238 “in better shape Than I can lay it down in likelihood,” 1H4 I. ii. 167 “I will lay him down such reasons,” 2H4 I. iii. 35 “To lay down likelihoods and forms of hope,” H5 I. ii. 137 “lay down our proportions” ; (3) wager, stake, Oth. IV. ii. 12 “Lay down my soul at stake” ; lay for, lie in wait for Tim. III. v. 117; lay forth, (1) bring out and display Shr. IV. iii. 62; (2) lay out for burial H8 IV. ii. 172; lay home to, attack, press hard Ham. III. iv. 1; lay it on, do it in good style Tp. III. ii. 164, Wint. IV. ii. [iii.] 43; lay off, steer away from the shore Tp. I. i. 55; lay on, (1) impose Shr. V. ii. 130 “laying on my duty” ; (2) apply a coat of (paint), always in fig. context AYL. I. ii. 113 “that was laid on with a trowel” (i.e. laid on thick), Tw.N. I. v. 260 “beauty . . . whose red and white Nature's own . . . hand laid on,” Wint. V. iii. 49 “the colour's Not dry.—My lord, your sorrow was too sore laid on . . . So many summers dry” ; lay out, expend Tw.N. III. iv. 225 “I have . . . laid my honour too unchary out” † (old edd. “on't”); lay to, bring into action Tp. IV. i. 253; lay up, (1) put away 2H4 V. i. 94 “like a wet cloak ill laid up” ; (2) to incapacitate, ‘do for’ AYL. I. iii. 7.
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