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measure sb. (the sense ‘quantity (of drink),’ arising out of that of ‘unit of capacity’, develops into ‘carouse, toast’ in Mac. III. iv. 11, Oth. II. iii. 32)
1. distance of a fencer from his opponent, fig.=reach Gent. V. iv. 127 “Come not with in the of my wrath.”
2. something commensurate or adequate Cor. II. ii. 128 “He cannot but with fit the honours Which we devise him” ; satisfaction (of desire) 3H6 II. iii. 32 “measure of revenge.”
3. limit, restricted extent Rom. III. ii. 125 “no end, no limit, ,” Mac. V. vii. 102 [viii. 73] “in , time, and place,” Ant. III. iv. 8 “most narrow ” ; also in phr. “above , beyond all , out of ”=excessively.
4. moderation Mer.V. III. ii. 112 “In rain thy joy,” R2 III. iv. 8 “When my poor heart no keeps in grief.”
5. treatment meted out Meas. III. ii. 264 [257], All'sW. II. iii. 273 “hard and undeserved ,” 3H6 II. vi. 55 “Measure for measure.”
6. metre H5 V. ii. 138 “neither words nor measure.”
7. tune, melody John III. i. 304 “m-s to our pomp.”
8. rhythm or time of a piece of music Tw.N. V. i. 41 “the triplex, sir, is a good tripping measure.”
9. dance, esp. grave or stately dance Ado II. i. 81 “a full of state and ancientry,” R2 I. iii. 291, III. iv. 7, Rom. I. iv. 10, Ven. 1148 “tread the measures.”
10. stately gait or step Mer.V. II. vi. 11 “His tedious m-s,” Wint. IV. iii. [iv.] 760 “the of the court.”
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