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Broil, subst., 1) tumult, noisy quarrel, contention: “leave this peevish b.” H6A III, 1, 92. “in this civil b.” H6B IV, 8, 46. “stop, or all will fall in b.” Cor. III, 1, 33. “when wasteful war shall statues overturn, and --s root out the work of masonry,” Sonn. 55, 6. “civil --s,” H6A I, 1, 53. “take delight in --s,” III, 1, 111. IV, 1, 185. H6C V, 5, 1. R3 II, 4, 60. Rom. I, 1, 96 (Qq. brawls). Lr. V, 1, 30.
2) war, combat, battle: “new --s to be commenced in strands afar remote,” H4A I, 1, 3. “the tidings of this b. brake off our business,” I, 1, 47. “moved with remorse of these outrageous --s,” H6A V, 4, 97. “the vaunt and firstlings of those --s,” H6A V, 4, 97. “their soldier, and being bred in --s,” Cor. III, 2, 81. “say to the king the knowledge of the b. as thou didst leave it,” Mcb. I, 2, 6. “feats of b. and battle,” Oth. I, 3, 87.
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