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Course, subst. 1) race, career: “what rounds, what bounds, what c., what stop he makes,” Compl. 109. “when he has run his c. and sleeps in blessings,” H8 III, 2, 398. “when he doth run his c.” Caes. I, 2, 4. “see the order of the c.” Caes. I, 2, 4
2) progress, passage, way: his (a river's) “strong c.” Ven. 960. “who with a lingering stay his c. doth let,” Lucr. 328. “nothing can affection's c. control,” Lucr. 328 “make war against proportioned c. of time,” Lucr. 328 “O time, cease thou thy c.” Lucr. 328 “by chance or nature's changing c. untrimmed,” Sonn. 18, 8. him in thy (time's) “c. untainted do allow,” 19, 11. “divert strong minds to the c. of altering things,” 115, 8. “perfected by the swift c. of time,” Gentl. I, 3, 23. when his (the river's) “fair c. is not hindered,” II, 7, 27. II, 7, 27 “what is the c. and drift of your compact?” Err. II, 2, 163. “this c. of fortune,” Ado IV, 1, 159. “the c. of true love never did run smooth,” Mids. I, 1, 134. cf. “their c. of love,” Rom. V, 3, 287. “in the common c. of all treasons,” All's IV, 3, 26. “all impediments in fancy's c. are motives of more fancy,” V, 3, 214. “that from the bloody c. of war your son may hie,” III, 4, 8. “restraining honesty from c. required,” Wint. I, 2, 245. “justice, which shall have due c.” III, 2, 6. cf. “the duke cannot deny the c. of law,” Merch. III, 3, 26. “o'erswell with c. disturbed thy shores,” John II, 338. “it makes the c. of thoughts to fetch about,” IV, 2, 24. “kept on his c.” R2 V, 2, 10. “found no c. of breath within your majesty,” H4B IV, 5, 151 (== current). “denied our c.” H6C V, 6, 22. “direct his c. as please himself,” R3 II, 2, 129. “draw forth your noble ancestry unto a lineal true-derived c.” III, 7, 200. “thus hath the c. of justice wheeled about,” IV, 4, 105. Cor. I, 1, 71. “steering with due c. towards Rhodes,” Oth. I, 3, 34. “whose icy current and compulsive c. ne'er feels retiring ebb,” III, 3, 454. “the lethargy must have his quiet c.” IV, 1, 54. -- “To bear one's c.:” H4A III, 1, 108. “To bend one's c.:” Err. I, 1, 118. H6C IV, 8, 58. R3 IV, 5, 14 (Ff power). “To hold one's c.:” Ven. 1193. Wint. IV, 4, 513. H5 III Chor. H5 III Chor. H6C V, 3, 19. “To keep a c.:” H6C V, 3, 1. V, 4, 22. “To make one's c.:” R3 IV, 4, 529 (Qq made away). Hml. I, 1, 37. “To take one's c.:” H4B IV, 2, 103. Caes. III, 2, 266.
A c. of the sun == a year (cf. Hml. III, 2, 165. Oth. III, 4, 71): “five hundred --s of the sun,” Sonn. 59, 6. “the yearly c. that brings this day about,” John III, 1, 81. “after so many --s of the sun enthroned,” H8 II, 3, 6. “a thousand complete --s of the sun,” Troil. IV, 1, 27. cf. “ourself, by monthly c., shall our abode make with you,” Lr. I, 1, 134 (i. e. every month alternately).
3) way, manner, habit: “to be aged in any kind of c.” Meas. III, 2, 238. “a prodigal c. is like the sun's,” Tim. III, 4, 12. “I could not answer in that c. of honour as she had made the overture,” All's V, 3, 98. “divert his grain from his c. of growth,” Troil. I, 3, 9. “in our circumstance and c. of thought 'tis heavy with him,” Hml. III, 3, 83. “meet the old c. of death,” Lr. III, 7, 101.
Plural --s == habits, way of life, conduct: “let him continue in his --s,” Meas. II, 1, 196. “bad --s,” R2 II, 1, 213. “all the --s of my life do show,” H4A III, 1, 42. “each heart being set on bloody --s,” H4B I, 1, 159. “the --s of his youth promised it not,” H5 I, 1, 24. “his addiction was to --s vain,” H5 I, 1, 24 “follow your envious --s,” H8 III, 2, 243. “his own --s will denote him,” Oth. IV, 1, 290. “that we have taken no care to your best --s,” Per. IV, 1, 39. “and bear his --s to be ordered by Lady Fortune,” IV, 4, 47.
4) process, order: “as it appears in the true c. of all the question,” Ado V, 4, 6. “whate'er the c., the end is the renown,” All's IV, 4, 36. “fourteen weeks before the c. of time,” John I, 113. “the plot and the general c. of the action,” H4A II, 3, 23. “with every c. in his particular,” H4B IV, 4, 90. “ere I had heard the c. of it so far,” IV, 5, 143. “to admit the excuse of time, of numbers and due c. of things,” H5 V Chor. H5 V Chor. “c. of direct session,” Oth. I, 2, 86.
In c. of, or in the c. of == in the progress, in the working, in consequence of: “who threats, in c. of this revenge, to do as much as ever Coriolanus did,” Tit. IV, 4, 67. “which doth give me a more content in c. of true delight,” Per. III, 2, 39. “in the c. of justice, none of us should see salvation,” Merch. IV, 1, 199. “you do not well in obstinacy to cavil in the c. of this contract,” H6A V, 4, 156. “thou canst not, in the c. of gratitude, but be a diligent follower of mine,” Cymb. III, 5, 121.
In c., as it seems, == the modern of course: “this being granted in c.” Meas. III, 1, 259
5) proceeding: “who should not upbraid our c.” Tp. II, 1, 287. “you know the c. is common,” Meas. IV, 2, 190. IV, 3, 153. Err. IV, 3, 96. Ado IV, 1, 214. LLL II, 25. Merch. IV, 1, 8. All's II, 5, 63. John III, 1, 178. H4B II, 1, 89. H6C III, 1, 25. R3 I, 4, 224. III, 1, 31. H8 V, 3, 35. Tim. III, 3, 41. V, 1, 106. Caes. II, 1, 162. Oth. I, 3, 111 “(--s). by c. of justice:” Meas. V, 35. “by c. of law:” H6B III, 1, 237. R3 I, 4, 192; cf. Merch. III, 3, 26 and H4B V, 2, 87. -- “To hold my very c.,” Lr. I, 3, 26 (== to do like me). to run a c.: “did entreat your highness to this c. which you are running here,” H8 II, 4, 216. “you shall run a certain c.” Lr. I, 2, 89. “to take a c.:” Wint. II, 3, 48. H6A IV, 1, 132. Troil. V, 3, 74. Cymb. V, 1, 3.
6) study, occupation: “a c. of learning and ingenious studies,” Shr. I, 1, 9. “shut myself up in some other c.” Oth. III, 4, 121. “stick to your journal c.” Cymb. IV, 2, 10.
7) the dishes placed at once upon the table; Mcb. II, 2, 39.*cf. Oth. IV, 2, 93. Cor. I, 5, 17.
8) bear-baiting: “bear-like I must fight the c.” Mcb. V, 7, 2. “I am tied to the stake, and I must stand the c.” Lr. III, 7, 54.
9) a sail: “set her two --s off to sea again,” Tp. I, 1, 53 (i. e. the main sail and fore sail). cf. Maincourse.
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