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Crest, subst., 1) the helmet topping an armorial ensign: “like coats in heraldry, due but to one and crowned with one c.” Mids. III, 2, 214. “this is the very top, the height, the c., or c. unto the c., of murder's arms,” John IV, 3, 46.
2) coat-armour: “when tyrants' --s and tombs of brass are spent,” Sonn. 107, 14. “each fair instalment, coat and several c.” Wiv. V, 5, 67. “what is your c.? a coxcomb?” Shr. II, 226. “old Nevil's c., the rampant bear,” H6B V, 1, 202. “thou hast stroke upon my c.” Tit. I, 364 (cf. Lucr. 828).
3) any badge: “let's write good angel on the devil's horn; 'tis not the devil's c.” Meas. II, 4, 17. “beauty's c. becomes the heavens well,” LLL IV, 3, 256 (i. e. the brightness which is the badge of beauty). it (the horn) “was a c. ere thou wast born,” As IV, 2, 15.
4) helmet: “his lance, his battered shield, his uncontrolled c.” Ven. 104. “no plume in any English c.” John II, 317. H4A V, 4, 72. H6A IV, 6, 10. V, 3, 25. Troil. IV, 5, 143. Mcb. V, 8, 11.
5) the top: “this night whose black contagious breath already smokes about the burning c. of the old, feeble and day-wearied sun,” John V, 4, 34. cf. IV, 3, 46.
6) the raised head and neck of certain animals: his (the horse's) “braided hanging mane upon his compassed c. now stand on end,” Ven. 272. “high c., short ears,” Ven. 272 “throwing the base thong from his bending c.” Ven. 272 “now for the bare-picked bone of majesty doth dogged war bristle his angry c.” John IV, 3, 149. they (the horses) “fall their --s,” Caes. IV, 2, 26. -- Figuratively of men: “which makes him prune himself, and bristle up the c. of youth against your dignity,” H4A I, 1, 99. “and make him fall his c. that prouder than blue Iris bends,” Troil. I, 3, 380. “when they shall see his c. up again,” Cor. IV, 5, 225.
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