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Fairly, 1) beautifully, gracefully, finely: “and that unfair which f. doth excel,” Sonn. 5, 4 (== with respect to beauty, by beauty). “after some oration f. spoke,” Merch. III, 2, 180. “thou offerest f. to thy brother's wedding,” As V, 4, 173. “I'll have them very f. bound,” Shr. I, 2, 146. Rom. III, 2, 84. “the true blood which peepeth f. through it,” Wint. IV, 4, 148. “the unworthiest shows as f. in the mask,” Troil. I, 3, 84. “this purpose, that so f. shows,” Ant. II, 2, 147.
2) in a good and legible hand: Shr. III, 1, 70. III, 2, 62. John IV, 1, 38. R3 III, 6, 2.
3) in a becoming manner, decently, honourably: “f. spoke,” Tp. IV, 1, 31. “f. offered,” Wint. IV, 4, 389. “f. answered,” H8 III, 2, 179. “my chief care is to come f. off from the great debts,” Merch. I, 1, 128. “to be said an honest man and a good housekeeper goes as f. as to say a careful man and a great scholar,” Tw. IV, 2, 11. “thou doest thy office f.” H5 III, 6, 148. “we should dress us f. for our end,” IV, 1, 10. “now you're f. seated,” H8 I, 4, 31. “would I were f. out on't,” V, 3, 109. “what Troy means f. shall be spoke aloud,” Troil. I, 3, 259. “furnish you f. for this interchange,” III, 3, 33. “he bears all things f.” Cor. IV, 7, 21. “how f. this lord strives to appear foul,” Tim. III, 3, 31.
4) kindly, gently: “they parted very f. in jest,” Gentl. II, 5, 14. “then f. I bespoke the officer,” Err. V, 233. “f. let her be entreated,” R2 III, 1, 37. “speak, my fair, and f., I pray thee,” H5 V, 2, 177. “how long f. shall her sweet life last?” R3 IV, 4, 352 (== without danger from foul practices). “they are f. welcome,” Tim. I, 2, 182. “I shall accept them f.” Tim. I, 2, 182 “my extent to the players, which must show f. outward,” Hml. II, 2, 391. “greet them f.” Per. V, 1, 10.
5) auspiciously, fortunately: “f. met,” Meas. V, 1. H5 V, 2, 10. “heavens so shine, that they may f. note this act of mine,” Tw. IV, 3, 35. “my fortunes every way as f. ranked as Demetrius',” Mids. I, 1, 101. “our soldiers stand full f. for the day,” H4A V, 3, 29. “such a day, so f. won,” H4B I, 1, 21. “we f. hope,” H5 V, 2, 18. “fair desires f. guide them,” Troil. III, 1, 48. “a second hope, as f. built as Hector,” IV, 5, 109. Probably in this passage also: “let them say 'tis grossly done; so it be f. done, no matter,” Wiv. II, 2, 149 (== so as to bid fair to make its fortune?)
6) well, finely: “we may blow our nails together, and fast it f. out,” Shr. I, 1, 109. “you gave us the counterfeit f. last night,” Rom. II, 4, 48.
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