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Record, subst. (recórd and récord indiscriminately) 1) memory, remembrance: “that r. is lively in my soul,” Tw. V, 253. “every action whereof we have r.” Troil. I, 3, 14. “we have r. that very well it can,” Cor. IV, 6, 49. “the r. of what injuries you did us, though written in our flesh, we shall remember as things but done by chance,” Ant. V, 2, 117. Especially memory preserved by history: “so should my shame still rest upon r.” Lucr. 1643. “O that r. could with a backward look show me your image in some antique book,” Sonn. 59, 5. “thy r. never can be missed,” 122, 8. “and on r. left them the heirs of shame,” R3 V, 3, 335 (Q1. 2 in r.). “what strange, which manifold r. not matches?” Tim. I, 1, 5. “when men revolted shall upon r. bear hateful memory,” Ant. IV, 9, 8. “have got upon me a nobleness in r.” IV, 14, 99.
2) that which preserves memory; a memorial: “nor Mars his sword nor war's quick fire shall burn the living r. of your memory,” Sonn. 55, 8. thy (time's) “--s and what we see doth lie,” 123, 11. “brief abstract and r. of tedious days,” R3 IV, 4, 28.
3) something set down in writing for the purpose of preserving its memory: “burn all the --s of the realm,” H6B IV, 7, 16. “from the table of my memory I'll wipe away all trivial fond --s,” Hml. I, 5, 99. “hath as oft a slanderous epitaph as r. of fair act,” Cymb. III, 3, 53. in r., and upon r. == set down, registered: “to fine the faults whose fine stands in r.” Meas. II, 2, 40. “my villany they have upon r.” Ado V, 1, 247. “if thy offences were upon r.” R2 IV, 230. “is it upon r.?” R3 III, 1, 72.
4) witness: “heaven be the r. to my speech,” R2 I, 1, 30.
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