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Shift, subst. 1) change: “when Fortune in her s. and change of mood spurns down her late beloved,” Tim. I, 1, 84.
2) expedient, resource, contrivance, stratagem, trick: “danger deviseth --s, wit waits on fear,” Ven. 690. “a man here needs not live by --s, when in the streets he meets such golden gifts,” Err. III, 2, 187. “the cleanliest s. is to kiss,” As IV, 1, 78. “I'll find a thousand --s to get away,” John IV, 3, 7. now there rests no “other s. but this,” H6A II, 1, 75. “cursed be that heart that forced us to this s.” Tit. IV, 1, 72. “it is you that puts us to our --s,” IV, 2, 176. “dodge and palter in the --s of lowness,” Ant. III, 11, 63. In a bad sense, without any apposition: “guilty of treason, forgery and --s,” Lucr. 920. For s. or for a s. == to serve a turn: “thou singest well enough for a s.” Ado II, 3, 80. “an onion will do well for such a s.” Shr. Ind. 1, 126. “when he was made a shriver, 'twas for s.” H6C III, 2, 108.* to make s. or to make a s. == to contrive, to devise: “I hope I shall make s. to go without him,” Merch. I, 2, 97. you have made s. to run into it (my displeasure) All's II, 5, 39. “I'll make other s.” H4B II, 1, 169. “the rest of thy low countries have made a s. to eat up thy holland,” II, 2, 25. “I will make s. for one,” H6B IV, 8, 33. “I made a s. to cast him,” Mcb. II, 3, 46.
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