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Subdue, 1) to overcome, to overpower, to vanquish: “their cheer is the greater that I am --d,” Ado I, 3, 74. “a peace is of the nature of a conquest, for then both parties nobly are --d,” H4B IV, 2, 90. “you fly from your oft --d slaves,” H6A I, 5, 32. “tugged for life and was by strength --d,” H6B III, 2, 173. “by many hands your father was --d,” H6C II, 1, 56. “if he do resist, s. him at his peril,” Oth. I, 2, 81. “thou hast --d his judgment too,” Ant. III, 13, 36. “with those hands . . . s. my worthiest self,” IV, 12, 47. “could this carl have --d me,” Cymb. V, 2, 5.
2) to bring into subjection: “having --d the Saxons,” H5 I, 2, 46. H5 I, 2, 46 “John of Gaunt, which did s. the greatest part of Spain,” H6C III, 3, 82.
In a moral sense, == to prevail over, to subjugate, to render submissive; absol.: “his --ing tongue,” Compl. 120. With an object: “the accident . . . did her force s.” Compl. 248. “pensived and --d desires,” Compl. 248 “this virtuous maid --s me quite,” Meas. II, 2, 186. IV, 2, 84. LLL I, 2, 187. IV, 1, 40. Wint. IV, 4, 587. H6A I, 2, 109. Oth. I, 3, 112. II, 3, 346. V, 2, 348. Cymb. I, 1, 136. With to: “her infinite cunning --d me to her rate,” All's V, 3, 217. “his large fortune . . . --s and properties to his love and tendance all sorts of hearts,” Tim. I, 1, 57. “'twould s. my father entirely to her love,” Oth. III, 4, 59. --d to == subject to, subjugated by: “my nature is --d to what it works in, like the dyer's hand,” Sonn. 111, 6. “this man's threats, to whom I am --d,” Tp. I, 2, 489. “my heart's --d even to the very quality of my lord,” Oth. I, 3, 251. “his face --d to penetrative shame,” Ant. IV, 14, 74 (not showing any trace of its former pride).
3) to crush, to oppress, to tame, to disable: “being once --d in armed tail,” Troil. V, 10, 44. “to make him worthy whose offence --s him,” Cor. I, 1, 179. “nothing could have --d nature to such a lowness but his unkind daughters,” Lr. III, 4, 72.
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